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Recieved: 2004/10/03 01:55
Subject: [K-list] (no subject)
From: alicia steffes

On 2004/10/03 01:55, alicia steffes posted thus to the K-list:

 Hello to any new members and faithful long time ones, I hope you are all enjoying this season, autumn......it is a High K time with all its final harvest thoughts reclaiming there bounty , yet to fall into seed form. Its lovely isnt it to be a guest in this grand symphony of sounds , I wanted to say the reflective element of a magnificent wind that changes the perspective of weather and color amazes me. Earths Food
  If we could only close our eyes and see the love heavy in our hands ,if dropped like marbles would scatter ........the rain falls heavy hearing the wetness crashing into no place else to go Autumn rides high into the color chain of reds wildly dancing through the sky as if to wave ...............peace to all, Alicia                 


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