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Kundalini Gateway List F.A.Q.

Please read this if you are subscribing to the K-list. Thankyou for your time. Mystress.
Subscribing to the K-list is moderated.


About the K-List.

This document contains the posting guidelines and nettiquite for posting to the K-list, as well as other useful information about this list community.

Please take a moment to read it, and archive it for future reference. This list is set up differently from some other lists you may be on.

The K-list was created in June, 1996. It is the oldest and most successful Kundalini email list on the web, and has become a very strong and thriving community, even though it has moved servers and providers many times.


What is a Mailing List?.

A mailing list is a sort of e-mail discussion forum. Members can send email messages to the posting address, which are then forwarded to everyone who is on the membership list. Other members can then respond to the list or to the member privately. The latter is sometimes referred to as "taking it off line". A chain of messages on a particular topic is called a thread.

The subscription list is hidden. No one has access, except the moderators. If you choose to subscribe, you can be certain that your name and address will not be given to anyone. All identities are hidden, unless you choose to reveal yourself by posting.


List Intentions

  This list is for the free exchange of information, advice and friendship among those interested in, undergoing, or in any way involved with the awakening of Kundalini energy.

By the very nature of the phenomena, such a process touches upon every aspect of life. As a result, this list is set up to be a forum in which list members should feel able to post openly on any subject which is related to this topic.

Where two or more are gathered" works in cyberspace. The shared energy of the membership tends to increase the incidence of synchronicity on this list. Likely that same synchronicity brought you here. Welcome!

If you have questions about your process, or experiences you would like to share, in order to understand them better, feel free to post to the list about them. No matter how crazy your experiences seem, most likely there is someone on the list who has been there, too. You can also check the archives and see what has been posted about the topic, previously.

Subscribing to the Kundalini List.

  • Visit this web page to subscribe to the list, or to adjust your subscription.

    You will be asked to create a password. Do not use a valuable password, as it will be occasionally mailed back to you in plain text. Do choose one that is easy to remember, as you may be using it frequently.

    After subscribing, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Hit reply and sent it back, to confirm. Shortly thereafter, the moderators will approve your subscription.

    When your subscription has been confirmed, you will receive a welcome message containing important information. Please archive this message for your future reference.

    Subsciber Options:

    Subscriptions are offered in several forms. You can opt to receive individual posts by email, digests by email or set your subscription to no-mail and read the messages at the current, member-only archives page. If you choose the no-mail option you can still post to the list by email.

    When subscribed to the digest, the postings are grouped together and mailed to you at one time; either when the file reaches 42k in size, or when the oldest message is two days old. All posts will show up on both the regular list and on the digest, so there is no advantage to subscribing to both lists.

    The list has been set up so that you can easily adjust your own membership status, through the admin web page.


    *** Please respect the value of the moderators time, and don't ask us to do for you what you can more easily do it for yourself. Thankyou for this consideration.


    420 members as of Dec. 2004, before the move

    The subscription list is hidden. No one has access, except the moderators. Your name and address will not be given to anyone, unless you choose to reveal yourself by posting.
    You are welcome to post under a pseudonym, in fact it is recommended.


    This is, and has always been a publicly archived list. Part of the list's intention and purpose, is for the list archives to be an ever-growing public resource for awakened people. The permanent archives are listed with Google and other search engines.

    The current year's posts are for members only, but all posts get moved to the permanent archives on the Kundalini-gateway website at the end of every year.

    Email addresses in the permanent archives are altered to be spam proof.

    Posting to the list is giving consent for your post to be archived. This consent cannot be revoked, later. If privacy is important to you please get a free email account and/or post under a pseudonym.

    It is our policy that the list archives retain their integrity, so archived messages are never deleted. In extreme circumstances you can send a request to the moderators asking for your name be deleted from past posts. If you ask us to take the time to do this, please consider making a donation to support the website and list.

    The option to delete your name and address cannot apply to the current years archives, which cannot be edited until they are moved to the main archive, annually.

    Searchable Past Years List Archives:

    Current year's archives:
    username and password protected, for members only:

    Username is your subscribed email address

    Users admin page:

    You can request a reminder of your password at the bottom of this page:

    This url appears at the bottom of every list post:
    Visit this page to adjust your subscription and user preferences.

    Posting Guidelines and Nettiquite for the Kundalini List:

        "When in Rome...."

    These guidelines were created by asking the original members, what kind of list they wanted and polling again periodically when the guidelines are in contention. They are by the community, and for the community. Time tested and true. Please respect them.

    1. Please remember to snip! Don't quote any more of a post in your reply than necessary. The optimum is not to quote anything at all except a line or two to put your comment in perspective. DO NOT post "I agree" notes to the list, especially do not post "I agree" notes which quote a long post.

    The list is set up so "reply" goes only to the author of the post to encourage members to send 'I agree" or "thank you for sharing" messages directly to the author, not to the list.

    Your fellow list members thank you for this consideration, especially those on the digest version of the list, and those in countries where bandwidth and phone time is charged by the minute. Additionally, unsnipped posts create a lot of additional expense of storage for hosting the permanent archives.

    2. Take "private" jokes, conversations, etc. off line. Do not post anything which is of interest to only one person, to the list address. Send it to them directly. Remember: everything which is posted to the list is rebroadcast to everyone who is subscribed to it. Keep this in mind, and post privately whenever appropriate. This is treating others with respect and consideration.

    3. Please do not send anything to the list that you have not written yourself. Brief quotes in the context of a conversation are acceptable, anything more, kindly provide a reference instead, or put it on a website and post the URL so people can look it up if they are interested. Please remember that this is a discussion list, not a library or soapbox for preaching.

    Do not send chain letters of any form, including virus warnings, charity requests, petitions, jokes, lucky charms or other warnings.

    Do not forward posts from another list. If you want to share a website, please send the URL, do not repost the content. Be respectful of the author's copyrights.
    Do not spam the list. Members who spam the list will be put on moderated status immediately, and possibly banned from the list altogether. If you wish to advertise your Kundalini-related services or website, then do so by adding a sig file of not more than three lines to the bottom of your list posts, so it appears to members when you *participate* in the list discussions.

    If you are uncertain whether your post is appropriate, feel free to send it to the moderators asking for them to redirect it to the list. You can also do so with messsages you desire to post anonymously. Do specify your request for your name and address to be removed before it is posted.

    Bandwidth is a shared resource, and must be prioritized for discussions about Kundalini, member's experiences, and support for those seeking assistance with their process. People who join the list agree to receive discussions about Kundalini. Some of them live in countries where they pay for phone charges, and bandwidth by the minute. They pay to receive your messages, please make it worth their while.

    4. Try to make the subject header convey the topic of the post accurately, especially if you are on the digest. This will really pay dividends to you and others. Take the extra 10 seconds. This will help the rest of the list members find the posts that are of interest to them. In addition, you will find that more people will read your post.

    5. Please exercise respectful discernment in your posting. This is a multi denominational, global cross-cultural list that is enriched by the variety of opinions and experiences of it's membership. Be respectful of the spiritual beliefs of other members. Every path is the right path, for the individual who is on it. Kundalini can be very sexual in its effects. This list is "all ages" so please move discussions about adult topics such as sexual Kundalini experiences to the adult-only list.

    6. Flame wars on this list are very rare, but at some times, postings can get emotionally charged. Particularly at full moons and solstices when the Earth energy runs high and many karmic issues are brought up to be resolved within individuals, it can spark passionate conflict on the list

    New members, in particular may find themselves feeling unusually reactive, due to othe "Shaktizap on line" effect of the list group energy field. (More info on that, below.)

    People who may be experiencing such a K. crisis need your patience and understanding. Try to resist the impulse to jump into the fray and fan the flames higher. If you cannot be compassionate, please remember you have a delete key. Also please remember that there are many empathically sensitive people on the list who would rather not feel your anger or aggressive energy.

    7.There are a few topics which are very emotionally charged, and seem to promote cyclical flame wars every time the topic comes up. Particularly, diet and world politics. As a result separate lists have been set up for these topics and any postings about them should be directed there instead of to the main K-list.

    For information about K-related lists visit:

    8. On a lighter note, this list should be viewed as a resource of trusted colleagues and fellow travellers. A lot has been said about the dangers of Kundalini. But there are also great wonders and joys which seem to increase proportionately with time and growth.

    Are you experiencing emotions in a different way than before? How so? Have you ever experienced synchronicity? What was your experience of awakening like? Other list members would be very interested in hearing about it. Do you view kundalini as a purely scientific process? How and why?

    Email addresses for the list.

    Post message:
    kundalist at

    Kundalist-unsubscribe at

    mod-squad at

    Posting to the list.

       The Posting address is:
    Kundalist at Any message sent to the posting address is automatically re-sent to every one on the list. Make sure that this is what you want to do!

    Posts should be sent in plain text format without Fancy fonts, styled text, HTML, backgrounds, colors or attachments of any kind. This is very important for the smooth function of the list, digest and archives. Inappropriately formatted emails will be automatically rejected by the list server, and returned to the author so they can be reposted when formatted correctly.

    Members using hotmail or other free email services need to adjust their mail settings to "plain text", or your message will go to the list, but as a blank post with a message that the content was forbidden.

    For those (especially Hotmail users) who have difficulty getting their posts through, here is a site that explains how to change your e-mail settings to plain text.

    In short, for Hotmail clients: Write your mail. click on "tools" click on "Rich-Text editor off " you will probably receive a message "Are you sure you want to do this?" Click "OK" and wait for text formatting tools to disappear .

    This will cause the little icons that allow you to add bells and whistles to your letter to disappear. Send.

    If you are using Outlook express, it sends an html copy of your post by default. You must adjust your settings before posting to the list:
    In the main window of Outlook, go to 'Tools' then 'Options' - there is a "Mail Format" tab at the top.
    Click that tab & the first option is "Compose in this message format:"
    Choose "Plain Text"
    Next, again go to 'Tools' then 'Options' and click on the 'SEND' tab.
    Untick the box that says "Reply to mails in the format in which they were sent".


    A REMINDER: The list is set up so that "reply" will send your post only to the author you are responding to, and "reply to all" will respond to the author and to the list. This is to encourage members to thank each other privately for sharing.

    Use "Reply to all" and then delete the author's address so as not to send duplicate copies.

    A hint: If you use your mail reader to automatically reply to posts which came from the list, you will be sending private email to whoever wrote that particular post. No one else will be able to see what you write.

    Please set your subscription to "no mail" if you are using an auto-responder while on vacation to avoid creating an endless loop and inconveniencing all members!

    **IF YOUR POSTS ARE NOT GETTING THRU TO THE LIST mostly likely the error is at your end.

    a) Check that you are clicking on reply to all and not just reply.
    b) Make sure you are sending mail to the correct posting address, not to the author or the owner address.
    c) Make sure you are posting from the same email address that you are subscribed from. If you try to post from a different address than is on the member list, the spam-filter will stop your post from getting through to the list until it is approved by the moderators.
    d) Make sure your post is plain text only, no HTML, styled text or attachments.
    e) Make sure your post is not longer than 22K
    f) Make sure the posting address is in the "to" rield, and there are not more than three recipients.
    g) If your mail was bouncing, you may have been unsubscribed. If you are getting list mail, then you are subscribed. If not, resubscribe yourself.

    Sometimes the list server is just slow, so wait a while to see if your post goes through rather than impatiently re- posting the same message many times, only to have them all show up to the list later.

    Web-only members.

    At this time, a web only option is not available. However, you can set your subscription to "no-mail" and read the list mail at the current archives. You will still be able to post to the list, but you will have to paste in the subject header and whatever part of the email you are responding to, that you wish to quote. Optimum: none at all. The current archives are for subscribers only, password protected. Archives are reformatted and moved to the public archives at year end. Posting to the list is giving consent for it to be added to the public archives. Posting under a pseudonym is encouraged, if privacy is an issue for you.


    On a lighter note, this list should be viewed as a resource of trusted colleagues and fellow travellers. A lot has been said about the dangers of Kundalini.

    But there are also great wonders and joys which seem to increase proportionately with time and growth.

    Are you experiencing emotions in a different way than before? How so? Have you ever experienced synchronicity? What was your experience of awakening like? Do you view kundalini as a purely scientific process? How and why?

    Other list members would be very interested in reading about it. Please feel free to introduce yourself and share about your Kundalini experiences and views... or to just lurk !

    Unsubscribing from the Kundalini List.

    UNSUBSCRIBING FROM THE KUNDALINI LIST. To unsubscribe send an email to

    Kundalist-unsubscribe at

    from the same address as you are subscribed from.

    *** If you send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to the posting address, your innocent and perfectly valid request will be sent throughout the world, possibly annoying other list members and making you look very inconsiderate.

    You can also unsubscribe by visiting the admin page
    The URL of the admin page is at the bottom of every list post.

    If you need to unsubscribe yourself from an account you can no longer access, write to the moderators.


    Most likely there was a problem with your server, or your mailbox overflowed, so your mail was bouncing. The list server automatically unsubscribes disabled addresses. Feel free to resubscribe yourself. If you want to see what you missed, check the current archives.

    List travels.

    The posting address for the K-list has changed over the history of the list. Originally established as the, June 1996. Relocated to, Dec. 31, 1998. Relocated again when, the host of moved it lists to Dec.1999. Relocated again to 17 Jan 2000 by the will of the members, who didn't like has now merged with, which then became The list moved again

    For information about how to subscribe to the new list, please email this autoresponder mailto:kundalist at

    Background to the List.

    by El Collie.
      In July, 1995, Haakon Rian Ueland began a sporadic digest-form Kundalini mailing list (the first one on the Internet to my knowledge). A few months later, Bill Peay put together the Kundalini Resource Center to provide a broader information base on the Internet. At that time, Bill introduced himself as KRC's webmaster and named Haakon as its host. In November '95, El Collie and C. Kress (who had been publishing the Kundalini-support newsletter Shared Transformation since 1993) created their website of the same name. In May '96, Richard Satin, one of the original Shared Transformation "Friends Online," volunteered to begin another Kundalini mail list (Haakon's was defunct by then). I sent Richard 50 email addresses of everyone who had by that time contacted Shared Transformation regarding Kundalini. Richard notified them all about the new K-list. About 30 of them responded, including Bill Peay, who gave the early list its home page on KRC, where it rapidly built up membership.


    The list began in June 1996. I joined the list late that August. I actually visited the site a few times and joined other lists, but with this one my inner voice said "wait." It knew what I did not, that this list would become a full time job for me and transform all my paradigms. Soon after I joined, Richard disappeared and later announced that he was not enjoying the job and wanted to pass it on. I had been informally stepping into the empty shoes already, soothing flame wars and chasing off disruptive people. I was willing to take on the rest of it but I had some things scheduled that would take a few months.

    In Feb 1997 Richard Satin turned over the list and the original website to me. On New Years Eve 1999 I moved the K-list and website from it's original address on the server, to a new server, and since then the K-list has moved many times and the site has been changed considerably and moved to this domain.

    Tending to this beautiful garden has been a wonderfully rewarding experience, and it is my resolve that the list shall exist for so long and there are people finding value in it. Some of those people in turn contribute to the list by volunteering to co-moderate the list or help with the website. This community is supported by me, and by donations.

    List owner and Moderators

    The K-list is not a moderated list. The Moderators role is mostly to handle the administrivia of running a large list, and to remind members of the list guidelines when it appears they have been forgotten.

    The guidelines are by the members, for the members. If one of the moderators, or a fellow list member reminds you of a guideline, do not take it personally. If you find yourself reacting emotionally, ask yourself what ego issue you are feeding, by not respecting the guidelines?

    We do not moderate the list or censor posts, altho in extremis the moderators can remove a troublemaker from the list or block them from posting. We consider that a very last resort, as sometimes members in K-crisis can behave oddly, and are in need of compassion, not rejection.

    The list Moderators are very experienced with Kundalini, but this should not be taken to mean they are "experts" on Kundalini.

    Kundalini is the energy of limitless manifestation, and everyone's experience of awakening is unique as snowflakes. I don't think anyone can claim to be an *expert* on the Infinite, but there are many Masters of different disciplines (members and moderators) who offer their help and wisdom to those ask.

    Be discerning. Use advice you are given at your own risk. An email list and/or website is not a replacement for qualified medical or psychiatric care.


    mod-squad at

    All mail sent to this address is read by the K-list team of moderators: Mystress, Hillary, Jason, Susan, Stephen.

    Post to this address:
    a) If you have questions about the list, or problems with unsubscribing, etc.
    b) If you would like your post to be forwarded anonymously.
    c) If you are not sure if your post is appropriate.
    d) If another list member is harassing you in private mail.
    e) If you would like your name removed from your posts
    in the previous year's archives. We will not delete the posts themselves.
    f) If you would like to send a cash donation in support of the list and websites.

    Lurking and posting are both equally fine. But please do not feel afraid to post!

    If you have something which you feel would be relevant or interesting, but are hesitant or shy for whatever reason, please send the post to the moderators with a note that you would like it to be posted anonymously. That way, you can participate in the list according to your own comfort level. At the same time, we can benefit from your wisdom and insight! We definitely all need each other, the comfort of shared experience is the greatest benefit of membership in this cyberspace community. The quiet voices sometimes go unnoticed. Let yours be heard.

    The list is publicly archived, so if you do not want your name on your posts, please get a free email account and post under a pseudonym.

    Shakti-Zap on-line


    This is a playful term we use on the list to describe the effect of Kundalini Shakti being transmitted through cyberspace. Where your attention goes, your energy naturally follows. The creative attention some members put into writing is naturally transmitted as Shakti energy by email to the receptive.

    Since the early days of the list, it has been observed that some members notice symptoms of increased Kundalini Shakti energy while reading the list mail. Shakti rides the net! The Shakti of the author clings to the messages and may cause symptoms like feelings of warmth, sweating or emotional release.

    This is not something to be concerned about, in fact most members enjoy the effect and find this informal Shaktipat very beneficial to their process. A very few members find themselves "acting out" as a side effect of the Shakti-zap stirring up their karmic issues, so be aware of this possibility if you find the list mail is triggering you emotionally.

    Useful Sites.

    This list is hosted at its own domain:

    This document can also be found in html format at

    Additional useful information about how to handle the Kundalini process may be found here:

    Extensive links list of Kundalini related web pages:


    Thank you for reading this document.
    Please file it for future reference.

    It is archived in html form on the domain website, along with additional information about the list history, etc.

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    Feel free to submit any questions you might have about what you read here to the K-list moderators, and/or the author (if given). Specify if you would like your message forwarded to the list.
    All posts publically archived with the permission of the people involved.
    Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.
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