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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/07/04 18:57
Subject: [K-list] Re: Moving Out
From: Maureen Heffernan

On 2000/07/04 18:57, Maureen Heffernan posted thus to the K-list:

ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:

> Now that I could really use a friend to stand
> on list beside me, where are the all people who through the years have told
> me how much they appreciated my posts? (A few have given me private support
> this time too, but I needed them on-list most of all.)

  You Rang ??
Sorry, I was sitting in silent admiration of you.
I'll make this short and "sweet" because honestly I'm just too busy to
put energy into this.
 > Isadora
> said her husband sold insurance.
  After reading allllll the posts about it I sat back and thought gee
common sense time.The human body naturally gets up a good immune system
just in case any germs,cuts or whatever might hurt it.Nature's
insurance. Regardless that one might walk around saying I will never get
  So it wasn't even really about insurance. Like the common sense post I
sent off list about ^the forbidden topic^ of a particular guy who was
"adjusting the K of young males". I wrote of some common sense then
saying that one can adjust K across a room and that masturbation of them
was ,,just that.
   So, my common sense might be percieved as stupidity but I am from the
USA where there is freedom of speech. (Happy and Proud 4th of July.)
Isadora, Tony, El,and others. It's usually not about the topic being
discussed. It's this list. It has a particular flavour. It is a
gathering of certain people.....to work out a certain something. Often
it appears to take so little to bring out so much. Notice that? Not K
flares,,it has happened when it is not summer or whatever. But that's
where they should be, I quess.Sacred K works on other stuff. Each
collection of souls on a list does. My common sense told me back
whenever, when I got the PHHhhtttt from someone to take a hike.So I
write nothing of what is important to me anymore. There are many other
souls for that. And I don't have to do battle. What for?
  I might throw in a succint line or two if is very important for me to
do so,,,,,,
1= El, you got my vote long ago.
2= Since I am "in the Heart" now, I give to each of you a peace and good
luck working it out.
+ Maureen
P.S. I can defend myself about being "in the Heart", for I have written
of it on the SK list. It's in the archives. Honest. Step AWAY from the



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