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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/07/03 13:20
Subject: Re: [K-list] move along
From: Ckress

On 2000/07/03 13:20, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 07/02/2000 6:38:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
lobsterATnospambritishlibrary.net writes:

 Dear Friends, Jag, El,
 Honesty, openess, 'revealing ourselves' *may* be another form of masking.
 Some people turn the mask inside out. They remove the outward mask and yet
 mask how this feels to them . . .
 This is the mark of pseudo-spirituality . . .>>

El: How does it feel to remove an "outward mask"? Wet, itchy, springtime
fresh? Pray tell what feeling authenticates proper mask removal? And how
many inward masks are under the outward mask? I've tallied 7230 of my own so
far, but I lose count easily...
El wrote (which has now been repeated to the list nearly 7230 times):
 > Never
 > to amaze me how many people think that ending their post with "Love" or
 > "Blessings" or some such sweetness and light "I'm a good person" jargon
 > cancel out a kick-somebody-in-their-teeth message.
 Lobster wrote:
<< It quite often does, however it may cause resentment and inner rejection.

El: To me it is akin to smiling pleasantly while stabbing someone, or
spitting in someone's face, then telling them, "Have a nice day." Seems
somewhat lacking in sincerity to me. What is "inner rejection"? Like what
happens to a failed liver transplant? This is really dangerous! We should
post a list warning that anyone with a transplanted organ should avoid this
list, lest they experience inner rejection after someone socks it to them in
a post that ends with "Love", "Blessings," ad nauseum... especially because
many will forget to add the magic <> cancellation.
<< The mark of self-athenticity is of being true to yourself. IF you are
 genuine then be genuine. If you are false or unpleasant why expose others to
 this - so you will feel OK? Unless you can utilise different aspects of your
 persona for a natural progression in yourself and others why expose others
 to what may do them harm - or is that OK? >>

El: Being true to myself sometimes come across unpleasantly, depending on
the receiver. It may even seem false by someone else's standards. The
paradox is that in a sense, we're all genuinely ourselves no matter how we
are, which includes being self-deluded, dishonest, bullshit blathering
psuedo-facsimiles of anti-spiritual nonreality. For me, being true to myself
mostly consists of letting go of any idea of who I think I should be and to
the best of my ability, letting my heart be my guide. I have no idea what
I'm going to say or do from one moment to the next; I surprise myself all the
time. And I'm always learning more about "me," about "us," about life,
and... (Dare I say it? Here, it's such a controversial, convoluted word and
everybody thinks they have a monopoly on what it means. Oh, why not? I've
already got both feet in the fire.)... ta da: Spirituality!
<< Yes you are a Saint - that is your real nature - the rest is ego. >>

El: No way Jose'. You can be a saint if you want to. I'm increasingly
happy and content to just be me, no superlatives, qualifiers or enhancements

Love, blessings <>
Shri Elananda




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