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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/24 10:36
Subject: Re: [K-list] critters, hounds, pigs, asses.
From: Ckress

On 2000/06/24 10:36, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 06/24/2000 1:20:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
aurasphereATnospamhome.com writes:

<< I wrote:
 >Is there something wrong with animals too here?>>

Wim, I'm keeping this up because even when I've ignored some of your latest
series of posts, you keep summoning me by name in every one. You just can't
let it go until you're satisfied that I've cried "Uncle!" (i.e., that I
concede that you're my superior), and it ain't gonna happen.

Do you notice that when I parody anyone else but you, you're right there
cheering me on, but when it comes to yourself, your sense of humor falls off?
 I find laughing at myself even more fun than laughing at others. But hardly
anyone wants to play "let's laugh at ourselves." It's serious play, too -- a
greatly underrated discipline for releasing self-importance.

<< The power to stand up for ONESELF makes one *the most powerful*>>

Like most of what you say, I disagree with this statement entirely. Standing
up for oneself is valuable, but it doesn't make anyone "the most powerful"
--nobody is the most powerful -- and I don't think it's the most important
spiritual strength. People with a lot of humility may not stand up for
themselves at all, yet be highly spiritually developed in other ways.
<< That is what I try to say, it is not? "Stand up for yourself, diminish and
annul the
 fear instilling tactics of power mongers and abusers.">>

You spout a lot of self-contradictory stuff, Wim. Your huge beef with me
seems to be that I stand up for myself with you.
 <<Let me mention what you write about how your mother was with you:>>

My autobiographical piece was my way of demonstrating how complex the human
psyche is, and how simply advising optimism or any other outlook doesn't
solve everything. We're each a uniquely prismatic mix of all kinds of traits
and shades of black, white and gray.
 <<You may not see that, you may be too much in the middle of it,
 but.... could it not be that others who have more genuine (not weird) love
 for you than you can imagine may be on the right track.>>

Bingo, you hit the nail on the head. Yes, Wim, you're sure that you're on
the "right track," therefore someone like me, who isn't tracking along with
you, must be on the wrong track. However, I'm certain that I am on the
actual right track, and you, my dear, are mostly out to lunch.

Both of us leave fairly large footprints all over the list, so anyone who has
been here for any length of time has witnessed both of us sing and dance
enough to get the gist of our respective "tracks." You label your track
"Love" and try to claim a patent on it, so you get all bent out of shape
whenever I presume to speak of, or act from, or know diddly squat about Love.
 Any observations I make about love, and my expression of love for myself or
anyone else, doesn't fit the Wim-specified-model. So to you this means I'm
dead wrong, thus must receive more of your instruction on how to love, who to
love, when and where to love, with copious redefinitions of love from the
exclusive Wim-dictionary. And surely everyone on list by me can see that you
are the perfect authority on Love. (But really, they can all see that I'm
the ultimate Love authority, and you're an impostor.)

Shall we take a poll? How many people think that Wim is flaming Love on
wheels? How many people KNOW that I am Love's genuine appointed
representative? How many think both of us are full of it and wish we would
shut up? How many couldn't care less? And here's the trick question: How
many prefer not to get involved and decline to vote in this poll?

OK, Wim, let's see what the audience decides. And we're both hams for the
audience, aren't we? Otherwise, we would be conducting our never-ending
debate off list.

Still standing (in a truly outstanding way),



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