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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/22 13:30
Subject: [K-list] Rantin' & Raven for Health
From: Paul Perner

On 2000/06/22 13:30, Paul Perner posted thus to the K-list:

After the dust had settled from a huge debate
on love, fear and private insurance,
ckressATnospamaol.com wrote: (in response to Wim)

> And despite the fact that we are both pompous asses staring at each other in
> the mirror, we are redeemed by an underlying affection for each other.
> Your favorite foe,
> El

 When I first subscribed to this list, I logged in right in the middle of tiff
that involved El, Susan, Mystress and a couple others. I was shocked!
 Why was I so shocked and dumbfounded? I was shocked with love and delight and
dumbfounded has to why more people in this world don't have the strong,
colorful personalities that one finds in the K community. I read the posts and
thought, 'When all the shooting stops, how could these amazing people do
anything but love each other?'

 I've meet a number of emergent folks, but I've only meet one who's had a
spontaneous awakening (talked with him at the beach... he was a Urantia Book
reader who said he had "adjuster contact,"... he described electrical
sensations, body changes, a tremendous high and a new life that followed.
Interesting. A different approach to K ... now back to our sentence) anyway, so
after meeting this one fellow two years ago, I trudged along all by my lonesome,
poor loveless self until I came across this strange machine. On it was a button
with a label that read, "Magic switch to enter Kundalini Gateway - Price of
admission: Your clothes."

 And so I shed my duds before I stepped through. I noticed that a person can
enter fully dressed, but the disrobing is soon done for them, like it or not,
and the culture shock can be a bit too much for some. Yes, the crown as got to
go... and the rest... all the way down to that silly little fig leaf.

 I've been on the 'puter too long.

  Buckets of love to you all,


 (the ranting raven)



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