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Recieved: 2000/06/22 11:42
Subject: Re: [K-list] health <.rant>
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2000/06/22 11:42, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

At 12:14 PM 6/22/00 -0400, ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
>When opinions and judgments have the majority support, it's not "spamming,"
>but one person expressing a dissenting opinion/judgment is? I saw it all as
>spamming -- everybody jumping in with their hard sell pitch for the Really
>True Truth, LOL.

   This is the Kundalini list, El. Everybody who becomes awakened
eventually has to give up the lower chakra survival fears. Part of the
process.. you know this.
   Most of the people who offered her an alternate perspective were polite
about it, it was a discussion and this is a discussion list.

What do you want, El? You seem to wobble back and forth between wanting
anyone with feelings to keep their mouth zipped, so nobody gets hurt.. and
encouraging emotional expression. This week you are complaining because
people have feelings, last week you were inviting emotional expression.. It
reminds me of an "interrogator game". You invite people to express
themselves emotionally, then make judgments and wring your hands in disgust
at human nature, when they do.

   An X-Files espisode recently, Mulder found a Genii, and wished for
"Peace on Earth"... everybody on the planet disappeared, except him. He
forgot the "Goodwill toward men" part..
   Genii made fun of him, "What do you expect, you want to change a few
million years of human behavior, with a wish?"
  He had to use his second wish to bring everybody back.. he figgered he'd
draw up a perfect contract for peace on Earth and an end to all human
suffering. Scully came in and said.. "yeah, but what if the striving and
the suffering and learning to love anyways, is the whole point of life?"

>She was repeatedly told that her husband and she were bad people because of
>his line of work.
I don't think anyone said she is a bad person. She did call us a few
names, tho..

> Yet how dare she make counter accusations!
>Just goes to show what a unspiritual person she really is, right?
Nobody stopped her from posting, El. She decided the list was too
unspiritual for her, and she left it.

>And her perspective was dismissed as fear-mongering. Opening to her
>observations would have threatened other people's religious dogma... Step
>somebody's religious beliefs and it's war, not just here, but all around the
>world. Look at Ireland, look at the middle East.
El, I really hope your day gets better..

>Yeah, and you've been nearly reduced to tears on list when people with a
>holier-than-thou attitude kept trying to tear you down because of your
>profession as a dominatrix. The only thing that kept you from abandoning
>group was lots of support coming your way from other, less judgmental list
>members. No one on list was giving Isadora much public support.
Several people gave her public support.. in any case, I have never fled
a list because people disagreed with me.. this list or any other. I have
defended my career, because I believe in what I am doing.

>Depends on the nature of the "comment." There are ways of sharing our own
>truths and perspectives without having to villainize one another (and there
>were a few people who did just that with the "fear vs the fearless" debate,
>but not many).
  No, not many..
   So you are out to change basic human nature, El? What are you wanting
out of this? Peace love and harmony? Humans are not always harmonious, we
are territorial herd creatures trying to get along as best we can..

   Considering how this group reacts to certain issues.. like food,.. and
considering yesterday was solstice, I'd like to congratulate the group for
it's self-restraint. You are looking at the cup half empty, but I am seeing
the cup half-full. Most of the posts were polite and well thought out..
only one person lost her temper, and it was not too contagious.

> To me, this whole thing has been a long exercise in
>self-righteous indignation, starting with Mia going off on David and
>Percyval, carrying through to your initial stab at Isadora, followed by a
>general mob frenzy. Now I'm in on it too.
Are we having fun, yet?

>Why are so many of us doing this? Solar flares, full moon and Solstice fall
>out? Yeah, but why does it take this particular form? Why did it catalyze
>ongoing brawls in the guise of "I'm more sensitive and caring than you" or
>"I'm more pure and evolved than you"? What's behind that? The easy
>catch-all answer is "ego," but more specifically, I suspect it is a huge
>hunger we each feel for love and recognition.

Hmm.. shrug.. well, that's what ego is, a mask we create because
society tells us we need to act differently than we feel, to get love and
approval.. Approval is a survival issue, in herd creatures. We need each
other, that's how Goddess set up the game.

   I tend to think that this particular variety has to do with planetary
changes.. simply because of the nature of the odd information I've been
getting all spring. After New Years there was tension between genders, with
the Calendar changing over to the fem.. this thread is showing a growing
division between the upper and lower chakra universe..
   The stable sane part of me doesn't believe in the New Age stuff about
the Earth splitting into paralell dimensions but the wildly creative part
of me is setting up the paradigms of this summer's annual evolutionary
insanity... and it seems to be part of the script.
   Remember the summer of "The oldest serpent?" This year is shaping up to
be the summer of the "Orion Queen", as best I can guess.
I have been resisting it for months, but that wasn't working, what you
resist, persists.. so I have surrendered to following where it leads, see
what Goddess has in mind. That seems to be working better..
   She does this to me every summer, sends me off on some wierd quest into
an alternate reality.. I always get huge growth from it, so I have learned
to surrender to the process.. My sanity belongs to Goddess, and sometimes
She likes to play hide and seek with it. Mercifully, these last few years
I get to keep a window of detachment so I can watch myself going coo-coo
for cocoa puffs knowing it is a temporary condition.
What really blows my mind, is that it has started, so soon... oy.

 I'll be setting up a private list to get support for *some* aspects of
my current process, this time.. Because last time I touched on the topics
of the info I've got incoming at present, you went berserk with judgments..
I didn't mind, that was part of your process, but I'd rather not upset you
again.. or the list.. I love you.

> But we don't know how to stand
>naked in our own unique gifts, our own unique preciousness, our own unique
>perfection because doing so would also make our flaws visible, and we're not
>ok with that.
I dunno what "We" are up to, but I expect to spend this summer making a
complete idiot of myself by flying off on some new facet of cosmic
uniqueness.. High status slipping on a banana peel is funny-forever.. coz
it is so very human..

> We think we have to appear flawless to receive appreciation
>for our beauty and our gifts, so we try to divert attention from our
>imperfections by loudly citing the imperfections we perceive in others.
>how smart and good and wonderful I am, I'm not messed-up like THAT other
>person who isn't anything like me."
   Well, I agree that people do that sometimes, but that is not what I
saw, happening here. Scuse me while I polish up my rose tinted glasses and
take a drink from the glass half-full..

>We all do it. Consciously or unconsciously, we often compete with each
>for our little ration of love and positive response and validation. All of
>us, gang.
  Yes.. it is beautiful.. every plant competing for it's place in the
sun... to be nourished. That is Nature.. what if the striving is the

> Bottom line: I think it's a matter of collective love-starvation. And
>hungry critters tend to get snappy and bite.
 I love you El..
  Scarcity consciousness.. applied to love? I think, that it's not that
there is not enough love to go around, but some of it is tough love..
bitter and hard to swallow.
 So, how do you propose we feed the world??
 Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Officially the most beautiful city in the world.
 :D ;) :0 :) ;P ;) :D ;) 8D :)
 I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery
 than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.
~ Harry Emerson Fosdick




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