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Recieved: 2000/06/22 09:14
Subject: Re: [K-list] health <.rant>
From: Ckress

On 2000/06/22 09:14, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 06/21/2000 11:19:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
serpentATnospamdomin8rex.com writes:

<< My comment was impulsive, but for me it dead ended till you mentioned
 it "disturbed" you. So I explained what disturbance within me, had caused
 me to make the comment. Actually, not just me. Freda the Canary in a
 coalmine lives with me these days, and she fled the house and had to take a
 walk when Isadora's comment about americans solving things with guns came
 out. It DISTURBED her..
It appeared to me that Isadora totally validated my comment by spamming
 us with all of her husband's best insurance pitches.. >>

When opinions and judgments have the majority support, it's not "spamming,"
but one person expressing a dissenting opinion/judgment is? I saw it all as
spamming -- everybody jumping in with their hard sell pitch for the Really
True Truth, LOL.
<< There is a difference between fear as a healthy navigation system, and
 promoting fear based beliefs, like the accusations that Isadora made, that
 we are all bad people who will upset our parents and go bankrupt if we
 don't buy insurance.>>

She was repeatedly told that her husband and she were bad people because of
his line of work. She and he were accused of everything from being the ghost
of someone's mean grandmother to perpetrating the high cost of medical care
and corporate greed to making the world unsafe for all living and unborn
souls through propagating fear. Yet how dare she make counter accusations!
Just goes to show what a unspiritual person she really is, right?
<< She dismissed all other perspectives as "superstitous thinking".
 I have been where she is at, and I understand where she is coming
 from.. I also know, experientially, that it is not truth. I wish I could
 have reached her, because I know it is painful to live in fear.. But I
 understand that opening to our observations would have threatened the
 source of her daily bread.. >>

And her perspective was dismissed as fear-mongering. Opening to her
observations would have threatened other people's religious dogma... Step on
somebody's religious beliefs and it's war, not just here, but all around the
world. Look at Ireland, look at the middle East.
 << About 10 years ago, when I was selling encyclopedias a recruiter from a
 major insurance firm spent a lot of energy trying to persuade me to sell
 insurance. It was a good offer, I would have made a lot more money.. I
 asked Goddess if I should take the job, and She showed me who I would
 become, if I did. What it would do to me, how it would have affected me to
 have to earn my daily bread by promoting fear based beliefs. Isadora is a
 perfect reflection of that vision. By the grace of Goddess, I did not sell
 insurance, Blessed be!! >>

Yeah, and you've been nearly reduced to tears on list when people with a
holier-than-thou attitude kept trying to tear you down because of your chosen
profession as a dominatrix. The only thing that kept you from abandoning the
group was lots of support coming your way from other, less judgmental list
members. No one on list was giving Isadora much public support.
<< So, anyone who makes a comment is a bloodthirsty dog who is out for
 blood, in your judgment?>>

Depends on the nature of the "comment." There are ways of sharing our own
truths and perspectives without having to villainize one another (and there
were a few people who did just that with the "fear vs the fearless" debate,
but not many). To me, this whole thing has been a long exercise in
self-righteous indignation, starting with Mia going off on David and
Percyval, carrying through to your initial stab at Isadora, followed by a
general mob frenzy. Now I'm in on it too.

We're all beating on our chests in moral outrage and pointing fingers at
others with contempt. Of course, the nature of the game is that we each
protest, "No, I'm not doing that! Only the people who disagree with me are
doing that. I have God/Goddess/Truth/Justice on MY side. The other person
is behaving like a total shithead."

Why are so many of us doing this? Solar flares, full moon and Solstice fall
out? Yeah, but why does it take this particular form? Why did it catalyze
ongoing brawls in the guise of "I'm more sensitive and caring than you" or
"I'm more pure and evolved than you"? What's behind that? The easy
catch-all answer is "ego," but more specifically, I suspect it is a huge
hunger we each feel for love and recognition. But we don't know how to stand
naked in our own unique gifts, our own unique preciousness, our own unique
perfection because doing so would also make our flaws visible, and we're not
ok with that. We think we have to appear flawless to receive appreciation
for our beauty and our gifts, so we try to divert attention from our
imperfections by loudly citing the imperfections we perceive in others. "See
how smart and good and wonderful I am, I'm not messed-up like THAT other
person who isn't anything like me."

We all do it. Consciously or unconsciously, we often compete with each other
for our little ration of love and positive response and validation. All of
us, gang. I've seen no exceptions (read: "saints") here, at least not among
those of us fool enough (and brave enough) to prattle on through posts to the
list. Bottom line: I think it's a matter of collective love-starvation. And
hungry critters tend to get snappy and bite.




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