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Recieved: 2000/06/21 22:59
Subject: Re: [K-list] health <.rant>
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2000/06/21 22:59, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

At 08:21 PM 6/21/00 -0400, ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
>Not everyone believes that persecuting the fearful will make the world a
>better place. Not everyone believes that fear is the worst thing you can
>provoke. And a few of us heretics actually believe that under some
>circumstances, fear and wariness are healthy responses.

 My comment was impulsive, but for me it dead ended till you mentioned
it "disturbed" you. So I explained what disturbance within me, had caused
me to make the comment. Actually, not just me. Freda the Canary in a
coalmine lives with me these days, and she fled the house and had to take a
walk when Isadora's comment about americans solving things with guns came
out. It DISTURBED her..
   It appeared to me that Isadora totally validated my comment by spamming
us with all of her husband's best insurance pitches..

There is a difference between fear as a healthy navigation system, and
promoting fear based beliefs, like the accusations that Isadora made, that
we are all bad people who will upset our parents and go bankrupt if we
don't buy insurance.

   She dismissed all other perspectives as "superstitous thinking".
I have been where she is at, and I understand where she is coming
from.. I also know, experientially, that it is not truth. I wish I could
have reached her, because I know it is painful to live in fear.. But I
understand that opening to our observations would have threatened the
source of her daily bread..
She offers governent free insurance programs as validation.. but there
are no sales people selling goverment policies.

About 10 years ago, when I was selling encyclopedias a recruiter from a
major insurance firm spent a lot of energy trying to persuade me to sell
insurance. It was a good offer, I would have made a lot more money.. I
asked Goddess if I should take the job, and She showed me who I would
become, if I did. What it would do to me, how it would have affected me to
have to earn my daily bread by promoting fear based beliefs. Isadora is a
perfect reflection of that vision. By the grace of Goddess, I did not sell
insurance, Blessed be!!
   I also quit selling books, because that was a fear based pitch, too..
buy encyclopaedias or your children will get a bad education and won't get
into college..
I became a starving artist instead, who had no insurance and needed
none. I didn't have Health care for most of those years either, because I
didn't have the tax forms to prove I was poor enough to need it.

>Ok, hounds, do your best to devour me too. Or, just for laughs, restore my
>faith in humanity and don't yield to the temptation.
So, anyone who makes a comment is a bloodthirsty dog who is out for
blood, in your judgment? We should all zip our lips and keep silent to
validate your faith in humanity? Now who is censoring the list? Sigh.
This is humanity, El. Humans being human doing human things. Love them
anyways, even if they/we don't measure up to your idealism. Especially when
we don't, that is when the love is most needed.
   I know you like to always take the side of the underdog, even if you
don't agree with them, but nobody intended to drive Isadora away. You seem
to want to set her up as martyr to the bloodthirsty, and I don't buy that
either. Aside from Kathy losing her temper, I thought it was a pretty
civilized discussion. My rants on this topic, are still in my outbox..
unsent. I censored myself.. as I often do..
However, I'm not sorry Isadora left.. folks here are working at
releasing Karmic baggage of fear based beliefs, we don't need somebody
trying to reinforce them. Rather, I wonder why she joined the list in the
first place, if she thinks a choice of faith is "superstitous thinking".
Does not compute.

 I give thanks to Goddess for all the people who rejected me my whole
life long.. they kept me moving till I found a place where I belong. If not
for them, I would still be trying to whittle my square peggeddness to fit
their round pigeonholes in a desperate bid for approval.
   If fear can be a valuable navigation system, then ditto for rejection...


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