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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/21 22:44
Subject: Re: [K-list] health <.rant>
From: Kathy Bates

On 2000/06/21 22:44, Kathy Bates posted thus to the K-list:

ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:

> Isadora, I am truly sorry that you had to run this gauntlet.

El, it would have been fine *she* not turned it into a "if you don't
have insurance you're irresponsible...if you say rude things you're
unenlightened...you're not in good shape spiritually"...judgment parade,
as she did.

> Since then, Isadora's posts have been a dizzying defense maneuver against
> nonstop gang attacks on her husband's profession. Her loyalty and love for
> him (and for what she regards as his legitimate social contribution) have
> kept her remarkably strong throughout this siege. I've rarely seen anyone
> hold up as well as she has under this kind of lynch mob list frenzy. What
> seems to be infuriating her adversaries even more is her refusal to break
> down and cry or fly into a rage or to cave in and admit to her opponents that
> her husband is a lowlife scum sucker and she is depraved, fear-mongering
> blight on humanity.

Geez. She calls me a bad person, then runs and hides and you call this
"a dizzying defense"...



> But the hounds still want her blood. Welcome to New Age fundamentalism,
> where tolerance for differences in beliefs is as plainly evident as in the
> Bible Belt. Yep, now the hounds are hot on my trail, whoooo weeeeee!

No, I, for one, (hound, me) don't want blood. Hers, nor anyone's. I
simply was stating that I have had quite enough of the sort of
fear-based thinking that she was espousing. If you'd like to turn it
into something quite more melodramatic, go right ahead.

Is it wrong for me to say I've had enough of that sort of thinking?

> Not everyone believes that persecuting the fearful will make the world a
> better place.

For your information, I was not "persecuting the fearful" I was
expressing my opinion.

> Not everyone believes that fear is the worst thing you can
> provoke.

Good...really!...but for me, fear is a biggy. That was what I was
telling Isadora. That I have worked for years to get *out* of a
fear-based mindset, and that I do not agree with her worries, fears,
concerns and judgments.

> Ok, hounds, do your best to devour me too. Or, just for laughs, restore my
> faith in humanity and don't yield to the temptation.

Whatever, El. Line up for the flogging...sounds like you would probably
enjoy it.





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