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From: Ckress

On 2000/06/21 12:06, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 06/20/2000 7:56:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
david.bozziATnospamsnet.net writes:

<< You are speaking from fear.
 I speak from love...>>

True story: In a rural area of India, a tiger had been killing the livestock
of local farmers. They decided the tiger must be destroyed, so they took a
baby goat (known as a "kid") and tied it with a rope around it's neck to a
post stuck in the ground. The kid was to serve as bait for the tiger. Then
several of the farmers with rifles hid high up in the nearby trees to await
the tiger's appearance.

After a number of hours, the tiger picked up the kid's scent and came
stalking it. As it crept up within a few feet of the kid, the kid noticed it
too. Not knowing that the kid couldn't run away, the tiger froze so as not
to startle its prey. Instead of bleating for it's mother or standing very
still to hide itself, the kid trotted right up the tiger and gave it a
curious sniff. The tiger seemed utterly baffled by this behavior and
remained in a crouched, frozen position.

Then the kid licked the tiger's face. The farmers had raised their rifles
and were ready to blast away the tiger when it abruptly straightened up from
its crouch. It backed up a bit and seemed to be trying to reorient itself,
then simply walked away. The farmers who were ready to shoot were so
astonished by this whole sequence of events that they dropped their gun
barrels and allowed the tiger to leave.

To me, the little goat-kid personifies guileless trust and love. When you
are in the place where not only are you fearless, but without hesitation you
affectionately lick the face of the tiger who's come to kill you, Love speaks
through you. If you are sure you are in that place in your daily life, most
likely you're a million miles from it. Where there is bravado, where there
is conceit, where there is condescension, where there is the slightest sense
of "I am better than you," there is not love. Yet in those rare, incredible,
breathtaking moments of grace, when love truly speaks, it not only "protects"
us; it disarms everyone in its path. Genuine love isn't divisive and it
doesn't pit us against each other. Instead, it unites us in our awe of its
miraculous beauty.




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