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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/17 18:10
Subject: Re: [K-list] Censorship
From: Paul Perner

On 2000/06/17 18:10, Paul Perner posted thus to the K-list:

ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:

> What happened to the bold, brave, freedom-crusading Mia who sent us the post
> below some while back?
> Confused,
> El
> In a message dated 06/07/2000 5:16:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> meeradjiATnospamhome.com writes:
> << I cannot stand sunshine and blue sky all day every day. It's not "true".
> And i really hope, this will NOT pass.
> I think, THAT EXACTLY is the "true Spirt", honest, direct, emotional,
> subjective,
> wild, uncensored.

Dear Friends, I think what Mia reacted to this morning was more to the F word
itself... Go back to to Percyvals post and take out the word and it has a whole
different tone. "Fuck" is a very brutal word (Percyval, I'm totally with you
regarding your post, bare with me a moment here) and for some it has the same
power punch as, let's say, a Swastika does.

 In the late 70's - early 80's I was in the punk rock scene and a few years ago I
did lighting and props for a couple porn flicks. My next door neighbors runs a
booming XXX internet business... and employs a dear friend of mine. In short, I'm
no stranger to the f word and I'm a supporter of free expression (for the sake of
the local economy, if nothing else). I personally don't care for the word. I'm
tired of it. When it's shouted out aggressively (not sex or humor) a lot of times
it precludes some nasty domestic violence, road rage or a few bullet holes in
some one's chest.... then I have to put up with blocked off streets and a noisy
helicopter circling over head for a half hour.

 Words, words, words...

 In this world of free communication which I so dearly love, expressive language
involves a certain occupational hazard... an assumed risk.

 Your right, Mystress, it's the full moon so close to the Solstice.

 I love you all.

 It's the weekend. Be careful out there and have a good time!



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