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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/17 10:13
Subject: Re: [K-list] health (TH)
From: Ckress

On 2000/06/17 10:13, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 06/17/2000 8:59:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
meeradjiATnospamhome.com writes:

 El, why is it that people give you the shit on the list and send you the
thanks .
 privately? I don't get the logic of this strange phenomenon.>>

Not everyone gives me shit; I get support on list too (like the rest of your
post here, Mia, and Percyval's and Augustin's today -- thanks, loyal fans!).
Mia, it seems odd to me that you should seek a logical reason when you're so
attuned to feelings. A lot of lurkers don't want to openly get involved in
the fray and be subjected to the emotional stress of defending their position
to other list members. This is especially difficult for those who are
already physically stressed by illness.
 <<just a short word to you Percyval:
 i appreciate what you meant to say, but your way of saying it hurt me . I
got the words you wanted to direct to Wim right into my solar plexus. Please
be aware of the energy words are transporting and as soon as you send them
out everybody who reads them is hit by the energy, not only Wim.>>

I don't think Percyval was aiming his strong ##%$&!! remark just at Wim.
Personally, I found his expletive refreshingly direct, honest and emphatic.
Keeping a lid on anger doesn't diminish it on the feeling level for me; I
still get hit in the solar plexus when there is seething energy in someone's
post. I say, let it rip (but not to make a habit of it; that gets old fast).
 Maybe we should all put "Mia-Beware" warnings on posts that lack fuzzy
warmth. Or have a rating code in the subject headings. For instance, "HCF"
could warn that the post contains "hard, cold facts." "AL" could warn of
"adult language." "TH" could stand for "Tasteless Humor."



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