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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/13 10:14
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: cancer and prognosis ( Angelique)
From: Ckress

On 2000/06/13 10:14, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 06/13/2000 6:38:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
meeradjiATnospamhome.com writes:

 I'm sure Paul and everybody else on the lists knows very well that
everything is happening as it should and Paul not asking for sympathy doesn't
mean he wouldn't like - and need- all love and support he can get. And i'm
not anybody's champion, but just wondering about the discrepency between
theory and practice here.
 How far away from the love connection in your heart somebody has to be to
answer Paul's mail which was so full of sorrow, pain and love with some links
and some scientific results? I know i'm judging here and perhaps i'm wrong
and my interpretation is too emotional .....
 Words are powerful, words are weapons, words are eternal energies. These
mails are read by several hundred people and for many of them we, the
writers, are giving an example and an orientation. I just couldn't let this
kind of energy stand there uncommented. David's words felt cynical to me and
heartless. >>

Dear Mia,

My first, emotional response, when reading the 2 emails warning of the
futility of prostate surgery for cancer was much the same as yours. I
thought, Oh God, if I were in Paul's situation and reading this stuff, I'd
start vomiting. My second response, which came very soon afterward,
especially to David's informative post, was that if I were in Paul's
situation and someone provided this info for me, I would be so grateful!
This is something I would want to know before I just entrusted my body and my
future quality of life to a doctor. The medical establishment often fails to
inform patients of the risks and real limitations of their standard
protocols. No one was telling Paul he has no chance to survive. They were
giving him info about the treatments traditional medicine has to offer cancer
patients. David's post wasn't simply doom and gloom; he provided a link to
one of the most scientifically responsible and knowledgeable alternative
health resources available -- the Life Extension Foundation. This is a
really good group that provides up to date, worldwide research and
alternative treatments for all kinds of health conditions, including cancer.
To me, David's post was an expression of genuine concern and proffered
assistance to Paul in a very pragmatic way. Paul is facing some hellaciously
difficult decisions now, and I think he needs all the different kinds of
support and info he can get. I'm sure he can speak for himself on all of
this, but for the record, I was very glad for David's post. I knew a lot of
the stuff he said already, and I showed his post to my husband, who
appreciated it too.




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