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Now this I can relate to. I have felt this and it feels great!

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> In a message dated 06/12/2000 11:44:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> serpentATnospamdomin8rex.com writes:
> << Unconditional love bombs blow up stuff, but being that feels like
> nothing. Just peace and wisdom. People who are addicted to feeling the
> human drama of love + need, or love + fear don't get that. It's not till
> they get absolutely pissed off at the whole romantic idea of 2 x 2 like
> Noah's Ark and chuck it out the window that they understand that what
> were feeling was not love at all, but co-dependence and need.>>
> You speak of the love/fear/need combo and of the feel-nothing witness
> but there is also intoxicating joy-reverence love, and
> love (which I often experience with rivers of tears streaming), and
> compassion love (which I feel like gossamer wings reaching out from my
> to cradle another's wound -- a deep loving caring).
> I've had a number of experiences from different levels which to me were
> unconditional love. I definitely felt a radiance-rapture-cherishing
> of emotion. The "unconditional" was not an absence of feeling on my part,
> but an absence of boundaries to the loving. Everything and everyone
> to me as immeasurably beautiful and holy and flawless. Beautiful,
> perfection -- a complete joy to behold. Have you felt this too?
> El


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