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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/12 14:31
Subject: Re: [K-list] stifled
From: David Bozzi

On 2000/06/12 14:31, David Bozzi posted thus to the K-list:

ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:

> To me, spiritual growth isn't a matter of throwing things out but of
> discovering the interconnectedness and relative value of everything.

In a literal sense we don't get rid of anything. The blocks and beliefs that
slice and dice are seen to be unreal. They never were.

> Check under your bed, David. The monster is still there, awaiting an invitation
> to venture into the light of awareness and be integrated into your life.

I did not get rid of anything. True. It was never there to be gotten rid of.
(see poem and enjoy: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Coffeehouse/3908/monsters.htm) : )

> Yes, it can be seen as selfish to need someone... and it can be seen as
> selfish to need no one. Depends on your vantage point.

Love can be seen to be evil...

> David wrote:
> << But growth does not end with the personal.
> There is a deeper understanding and experience that reveals we are
> everyone.>>
> This is a confusion of oneness and unity through diversity. At the level
> where there is a "we" there is multiplicity and individual uniqueness.

I use the pronoun 'we' not in the sense of multiplicity. It's difficult to
describe what I refer to with words, but I use 'we' because it suggests total
inclusiveness. I do not use the word in the traditional sense that perpetuates 'different'

> We have basic similarities but we aren't everyone!

Depends who we are.

> David wrote: "For some, what you refer to as a 'lifetime' is but the blink of
> an I."
> Okay, let's get real here.

Whose reality channel are we watching?

> If you're eighty or ninety years old, or dying
> from a terminal illness, your lifetime probably does seem like the blink of
> an eye/I.

Are you absolutely certain? Can you testify to the experience of all of us?
Is this the only circumstance when timelessness can be experienced?

> Otherwise, it's a philosophical abstraction which seems to me

I can see how one can perceive what I refer to as an abstraction.
We do this all our lives.

> like a cheap shot way to dismiss Isadora's high regard for a devoted long term
> love relationship.

Nothing was dismissed.

> "Need" has become a pejorative way of saying "natural
> interdependence".

I have been referring to the confusion of our own identity.
Nothing more.

> David wrote: "Neediness is fear."
> But kittens are neediness
> incarnate. Is their neediness fear-based and unacceptable too?

The illusion of fear can only be seen as illusion once it is embraced.

> Or say it's your own elderly, sick, disabled mother.
> Gonna tell her to evolve past her neediness into an unlimited understanding
> like yours?

I could do far worse. I could cater to illusion.

> Or do you put aside your ideals and help her out?

: )

> Who said anything about filling infinite holes?

This is the psychology of neediness.

> Why does any one aspect of life have
> to fulfill your every longing to be precious and complete in itself?

Ask the Neediness that.

> And what's wrong with having unfilled holes? Why the urgency to plug yourself
> up?

Again, ask your Neediness...

> Isadora wrote:
> <<> I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. If it didn't work, we
> > wouldn't have 6 billion people on the planet. Maybe it works a little too
> > well! : D>>
> David wrote: "The human species is indeed in need of either enlightenment or a
> predator."
> Love or acceptance not a viable option, eh?

Love your hardness and take your bitterness out for a walk. Cradle it like
a tender newborn and you may find your anger has grown into something beautiful.

> Change/convert or feed 'em to the lions! Sounds like the rally cry for the
> Inquisition.

Does it? Or are you reacting? This is not a new pattern is it...

> Geez, when we take a vote to elect a new Ruler of the universe,
> I ain't casting mine for YOU, that's for sure.

I wouldn't vote for a promiscuous man either.



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