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Recieved: 2000/06/11 00:54
Subject: Re: [K-list] stifled
From: v

On 2000/06/11 00:54, v posted thus to the K-list:

David Bozzi wrote:
> Very astute post, El.
> ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
> >ck: Being in a loving relationship will give you joy and aggravation . It will
> > depress you and amuse you and elate you and leave you unfulfilled and
> > simultaneously overflow your heart with greater blessings than you knew were
> > possible, all in a maddening, paradoxical, very human way.
>db: The volatility arises from the belief that some being in human form can
> deliver peace. As long as there is the belief anything 'out there'
> yields peace, emotional volatility persists.(with or without the
> particular form one attempts to extract peace from)
> If one engages in deep, honest, inquiry we discover that all we really
> want is love.

   yes, by benefit of being born into a cruel & unfeeling world, it is
some testimony of "love" that we have lived this long.
   In the animal world, is it "love" that impels the mother sow to
suckle her piglets? The bitch to nurse her puppies? The bull or the dad
dog to protect their children?
   Or are we talking degrees of emotion here? "survival of the fittest"
until we get up the food chain to the apes & the human beings?
> But we like pretty packages and as long as we insist that love be neatly
> contained in some kind of person, drug, or experience, it shall continue
> to elude.

   There's always been that elusive "love" - all we need is love - the
Beatles. Love as some reward for self-denial which will tie our world
together. Love as the fabric of ethereal bliss of which all matter is
composed on a molecular level.
> We'd like to package Love because we become mired in the insane belief
> that Love is something we 'get' or 'have' rather than something that we
> are.

   well, there are different categories of "love". There's brotherly
love, there's agape - love of our personalized deities of god/goddess,
there's self-love - narcissism, & then there's the very human lust &
compassion of eros. I should say there's very human lust &/OR compassion
of eros, they don't seem to come hand in hand.
   SO, which love is it that we just *are*? It cannot be something we
get or have externally, if we already *are* it, could it be?
   Like, in my case, this guy - when I am nearby him I just get weak in
the knees & fairly swoon. When I am away from him, I think why I cry is
because I saw him & experienced such passion & yet it seems so futile.
And the triggers of the past betrayals of everyone I ever loved,
starting with my parents.
   So, I agree in a way that we all *are* just love, but am taking it on
   Like Linus in Peanuts said, "I love mankind, it's PEOPLE I can't
   Which kind of love are we inside in our souls? Or, does the kind of
love differ - our souls are agape, our hearts are compassion, our sex
organs are lust...just guessing here.
   The above divisory units DO reflect the teachings about the chakras,
I notice.
   SO can someone put it simply, in layman's terms, which love it is
that we *are* inside?



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