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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/07 20:40
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: Starchild/Atlantean Soulmate
From: v

On 2000/06/07 20:40, v posted thus to the K-list:

Hey now!
   I'm in Alaska, & I received Kent's original post. I did find it very
presumptuous as well as unrealistic. I mean, you don't just join a
discussion list claiming all those pie-in-the-sky titles, & advertising
for your soulmate. Basically it was unsubstantiated personal spam.
   Susan's reply was perfectly appropriate when you realize that some or
many people DID receive the original post.

Jasper wrote:
> ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
> >
> > Some of the posts to the list aren't coming through for me... the only way I
> > know this is when someone replies to one I never got, like Susan's response
> > to the one from Kent. Original post from Kent never came through here.
> No this is because Kent did not send it to the K-list. It was Susan who
> moved
> the _private_ discussion to the list. Deliberately breaking rule #1 on
> netetiquette and
> and the same time 'asking' Kent to write to the list as she seems fit as
> how it should be.
> Susan, your post to Kent really pissed me off. He was asking a serious
> question
> and it was real in his world. But as i saw it, he was thinking only he
> was a starchild or divine. Sorry, Kent we all are ;) You are not special
> in that way.
> No reason to reply to him so pompously and full of Ego, masquarading it
> with
> in 'jest' and 'funny' while to me it is just a coverup for your
> insecurity.
> I liked your honesty though about advicing him to drop his image of the
> 'perfect soulmate'.
> > I
> > noticed this happening a few weeks ago with some other posts (again, I only
> > knew about them because others replied to them and their posts came through).
> > At the time, I thought maybe I had just spaced out and forgot I'd seen the
> > posts, but this time I went back and checked. Nada. Is anyone else having
> > trouble with this?
> Maybe it is because the reply is automatically set to the sender and not
> the
> K-list. Maybe people are taking private posts to the lists.



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