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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/06/07 14:10
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: Starchild/Atlantean Soulmate
From: Jasper

On 2000/06/07 14:10, Jasper posted thus to the K-list:

ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
> Some of the posts to the list aren't coming through for me... the only way I
> know this is when someone replies to one I never got, like Susan's response
> to the one from Kent. Original post from Kent never came through here.

No this is because Kent did not send it to the K-list. It was Susan who
the _private_ discussion to the list. Deliberately breaking rule #1 on
netetiquette and
and the same time 'asking' Kent to write to the list as she seems fit as
how it should be.

Susan, your post to Kent really pissed me off. He was asking a serious
and it was real in his world. But as i saw it, he was thinking only he
was a starchild or divine. Sorry, Kent we all are ;) You are not special
in that way.
No reason to reply to him so pompously and full of Ego, masquarading it
in 'jest' and 'funny' while to me it is just a coverup for your

I liked your honesty though about advicing him to drop his image of the
'perfect soulmate'.

> I
> noticed this happening a few weeks ago with some other posts (again, I only
> knew about them because others replied to them and their posts came through).
> At the time, I thought maybe I had just spaced out and forgot I'd seen the
> posts, but this time I went back and checked. Nada. Is anyone else having
> trouble with this?
Maybe it is because the reply is automatically set to the sender and not
K-list. Maybe people are taking private posts to the lists.


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