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Recieved: 2000/06/05 12:11
Subject: Re: [K-list] Occult Experiment
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2000/06/05 12:11, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

>In a message dated 06/03/2000 9:12:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>mrkstavishATnospamaol.com writes:
><< No, you are to produce the perfum from the power of your mind alone. I
> sorry if I wasn't clear on that point.>>>>
At 12:14 PM 6/4/00 -0400, ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
>Mia and some others have expressed concern that your methods seem lacking in
>love, Mark. I, however, feel that they have not yet realized what a
>brilliant comedian you are. You yourself may not yet be aware of it,
>especially since you haven't quite mastered the art of transmuting elements
>of absurdity into manifest hilarity. But fear not, I can pick up the slack
>by giving you some pointers.
 Pay attention, Mark.. the Master speaks! :) Comedy is the most
Powerful alchemy. :)
   I was not going to respond to this thread..
   I read Mark's experiement when he posted it a few days ago, and went,
"oh, kewl" and it made me think of the story of the Floral Siddhi in
"Autobiography of a Yogi"..so I knew it was possible, but I could not
think of any reason why I would want to do a ritual like that or spend time
chanting a mantra.. so it flowed thru without much consideration.
  Later, I got up from my computer and went into the kitchen to
discover the smell of decaying garbage that had been there earlier was
replaced by a wonderful scent of fresh blooming stargazer lilies.. my
favorite. I breathed it deeply and thanked Goddess, and realized it was the
flower siddhi but I didn't give it much thought. It was only a few minutes
ago, in meditation having read the posts as they came in, that it occured
to me to consider the appearance of the scent as any kind of confirmation
or "proof" of any kind of special powers.
O Watta Assiam! :) :) LOL!! (<-pay attention to these important
comedy tricks)

   I think the lack of love that is being felt from some members, is the
simple truth that it is the ego that wants proof of power, and these kinds
of rituals are ego-based. That is why they require effort. If it is as
Goddess wills, then it is effortless as the scent of lilies appearing in my

   I agree with you, that "By the fruits are they known", but there is a
difference between the Tarot card of 1: the Magician, and the tarot card of
0: the Holy Fool. The Magician uses focus of thought energy to produce
results, and the Fool does nothing and Goddess Provides.

  Goddess has a sense of humor. Just after I wrote that sentence, druid
returned home with Freda. As I walked thru the basement to unlock the
garage door, I noticed the distinct sweet smell of ripe bananas.. It was
beautiful and I inhaled it deeply, thanking Goddess and amused at the
illogical scent. I knew there had been no bananas in that basement for many
months and usually that hallway smells like druid. We unloaded the truck
and as I walked back thru the hall it smelled like nothing, and I jokingly
wondered where the bananas were.. My eye fell on a tiny candy banana that
had fallen on the floor... my favorite flavor of Runts. I was amused at
   8 hours later I come back to the computer to finish the post, and get
the punch line of the joke. "By the fruits are they known". O Very funny,
Goddess. I wondered why it was a fruit this time instead of a flower.. O
Watta Assiam!
  I like this new mantra.
   Bananas, eh? Figgers.. By the fruits are they known-.. bananas. Very
good joke by Goddess.
   I didn't do a thing.
   Well, ya want stories. there they are. On the path of the Magician, it
can be faith building to excercise your focus into manifestation. On the
path of the Fool, it happens with a stray thought and an added joke of
Infinite creativity making fun at your pride.

A Wiccan friend told me a story of a Zen Master. I cannot remember the
names in the stories, but the stories are great.
The most powerful Magician in China Mastered his Art, and made it to
the top of the ranks thru years of hard work and study. When he was at the
peak of his power, he sent his acolyte with a challenge to the Monk who
was famous as the most Enlightened Master of all of China.
The messenger came with a flourish of trumpets, and gave his rehearsed
speech extolling the power and might of his Master, the Magician, telling
of how he could make lightening and control the winds, all of his Master's
most amazing exploits. At the end of it the messenger drew himself up and
said "My Master issues this challenge: What can you do?
The most Enlightened Master in all of China looked at him for a moment,
then responded slowly: "Tell your Master, I eat when I'm hungry, I sleep
when I'm tired, and I shit when I need to".

   I've kind of stopped noticing a lot of the stuff that happens around
here, it's not till I have company visiting and noticing that I am more
aware of some of the little miracles Goddess provides. I used to tell
stories of them but gradually I realized some folks simply didn't believe
me.. which seemed odd to me.. why would I lie? Silly.
   So, Freda was thinking of writing a post of her observation of
not-normal events at my house, but she figgered people wouldn't believe
her, either. Maybe she will tell you some stories... like how food does not
go bad in my house,.. if I want to eat it.
A stray handful of synchronicities and paranormal events at my house in
the last week: Kathy came to visit, she brought an entity. It turned out to
be a bent Faerie, once I tuned into it. It had been giving her pranks for
over a week.
   I went to change the sheets on my bed, and found a pair of scissors had
appeared, on the mattress under the tucked in sheets and underpad just
below my pillow. I know they were not there before, because they were right
where I sleep. I knew there was some superstition about sleeping with a
knife or scissors under my pillow, so it was some kind of message, but I
could not remember what.
   Finally the next day curiosity won and I did a web-search. Found out you
sleep with a knife under your pillow to ward off bad faeries.. ROTFLOL!!
   So the good Faeries are installing scissors under my pillow for me, to
ward off the Bad Faeries? Very cute. Adds up to "Goddess has it handled".
I remembered where I'd read it the first time: in a Froud book of Good
Faeries/bad Faeries El sent me. :)
 Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Officially the most beautiful city in the world.
 :D ;) :0 :) ;P ;) :D ;) 8D :)
 I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery
 than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.
~ Harry Emerson Fosdick




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