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Recieved: 2000/06/04 12:30
Subject: Re: [K-list] Will this do, El?
From: Ckress

On 2000/06/04 12:30, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 06/04/2000 5:11:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
pythonissaATnospammadasafish.com writes:

<< I've been watching a blasted tree. Literally, blasted by the elements. A
particularly strong blast of wind, perhaps. It was a big tree. Once it must
have been very tall, reaching for the sky, as a tree should. As is it's
nature, throwing up it's branches towards the sun. Did it reach too high? Who
knows? It was toppled. Did it slowly lean further and further until it came
to rest? Or did it happen suddenly? One moment upright, the next brought low.
It's still alive. It was not uprooted. Damaged, but not enough to kill it.
It's still growing - sideways. It's trunk now a low arch across the grass by
the river bank. Two branches now have parts deep in water. Have they become
like the naturally hidden parts? Have they changed their nature or their
function? One branch touches the Earth on the otherside of the river. I can
see this plainly because spring is late and the leaves too small to obscure
the shape of the distorted, bent tree. It exists quietly in May sunlight.
Frustrated in it's tree nature. As I watch I imagine all the creatures that
have walked, scampered, crawled, across what to them was a bridge. Did they
recognise the bridge's fallen treeness? Does the tree grieve that all the
effort it put into reaching for the sky is doomed to lie close to the Earth?
Or, does it realise it's disability to be a tree serves a purpose? Or is it
just enough that the little piece of conciousness that I carry is aware?

Thank you for posting this, Lynda. When something captures our attention
like this, it's a "story" that is somehow shared -- it has personal
significance to us. If you enter into it as if you are that tree, can you
feel yourself growing "very tall, reaching for the sky" as you "should"? Do
you feel that you "should" be lofty-minded and have very high aspirations?
Or do you criticize yourself for this, and think that you are an overly
ambitious tree? ("Did it reach too high?")

Can you feel yourself toppling, still alive but "growing sideways"? In what
way does this resemble your life? How do you feel that your growth has taken
the wrong direction?

Can you feel yourself arching over so that you create a bridge for other
beings to cross the river safely? How are you serving in this way? How have
your "distorted, bent" experiences (or the results of those experiences)
enabled you to help others make an easier journey? Do you feel that what it
has cost you to be able to help others goes unrecognized by them? ("Did they
recognize the bridge's fallen treeness?") Or do you feel others overestimate
you, not realizing that you are in some way "fallen"?

I see three processes going on in the tree story. One is the tragedy of the
great tree toppling over, which makes it feel both grief and frustrated in
realizing its true nature. The second process is the service that the tree
is able to give as a direct result of its fall. To me, this second process
has a Boddhisatva tone: one who delays her own liberation to endure a more
lowly, "blasted" existence in order to ease passage for the others. Do you
know you are that Boddhisatva?

The third process is the least conscious (because it has the least emphasis
in the story). This is all the creatures walking, crawling and scampering
across the tree-bridge. I see this as your creative ability to turn adverse
conditions in your life into something meaningful and positive. This is a
process that has just begun to unfold: you are "imagining all the creatures"
at this point. Your full creative potential hasn't manifest yet.




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