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Recieved: 2000/06/03 12:07
Subject: [K-list] Feeling Spiel
From: Ckress

On 2000/06/03 12:07, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 06/02/2000 11:45:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
aurasphereATnospamhome.com writes:

<< 1. Physically, get your diet right, get your spine right, breath right,
 in freedom.
 2. Creatively, play life, start loving softly and gently as 12 year olds
 again... the discovery of love sensually, physically and emotionally.
 3. Volitionally, recover your mental clarity and free your will by dropping
 your dependence on intellectual knowledge and doctrinal behaviour.
 4. Emotionally, center yourself by first understanding that through the
 heart run three axes:
 up-down: heaven and earth,
 left-right: male and female (mother, father),
 backwards-forwards: past and future,
 Where the x, y and z axes cross, or actually from where those axes
 O-riginate is YOU, HERE, NOW. That is being in the present, CENTERED,
 5. Vocationally, one has to find one's function in this space/time realm
 from that central origin. There is no escape from functioning, one might as
 well surrender to it.
 6. Intellectually / inspirationally, realize your dreams, live life
 intelligently... read between its (time)lines... play and live between the
 expectations of rules and laws...
 7. Integratedly... loive (sic) such that there is no separation between
 anything... everything is related every one thing is every other thing. One
 is indeed all.>>

Wim, your formula is interesting and unique but I have some problems with it
(surprise, surprise, LOL). #1 is a bit simplistic and vague. What does it
mean to get these things "right"? My spine has had a S-curve from double
scoliosis since I was 14. My dietary needs and tolerances keep undergoing
drastic alterations; it's not a static thing. And what does "move in
freedom" mean to a quadriplegic or someone with cerebral palsy? Does it mean
to indulge your every impulse and damn the consequences? Scratch your crotch
vigorously during a job interview? Spit on the cop who pulls you over for a
traffic violation? Oh yeah, that will keep you really healthy...

Another peculiarity in your system is that #4 seems to contradict #3. To me,
being emotionally present to life requires emotional fluidity. Trying to
access and free feelings through what is essentially an intellectual exercise
seems counterproductive. Analogous to telling someone that they should learn
fluent French in order to be able to swim. There may be French champion
swimmers, but wouldn't it be better to suggest that someone who wants to swim
start off by immersing themselves in water? Emotions are directly
experiential. Applying intellectual constructs to them is a way of pushing
them aside, translating them into ideas rather than living them firsthand.

"Up-down" and "backwards-forwards" evokes no feeling in me. From an
emotional standpoint, these descriptions are like a sign on the conference
door that reads: "Good Ol' Boys Patriarchal Business." My feelings are
standing outside the room and protesting, "Hey, you claim to be discussing me
but you won't even let me in. I'm not mute -- let me speak for myself!"
Example of words spoken from the emotions: "Speak from your heart, and
whatever comes out will be holy..." This resonates from heart to heart. The
intellect doesn't know things from this level, but our hearts feel the truth
of it.

This may seem like nitpicking just for the sake of argument and maybe there's
a bit of that going on, but I also see it as a much larger issue of the
global imbalance of the human psyche. Thousands of years ago, we
collectively began to shut down our instinctual, emotional awareness to
concentrate on developing our intellects. Now the intellect is in dire need
of reconnecting with the feeling realms. But this can't be done by drawing
up some blueprint of "heaven/earth, male/female" conjugation. That's still
entirely in the domain of the intellect. While the intellect categorizes
itself as masculine and emotion as feminine, emotions don't experience
themselves as having a gender.

We are so collectively repressed that we're starved for communications of
feeling of any sort. This is why the lists get so electrified by flame wars.
 It's not that we're simply fascinated by slug fests, but that anger and hurt
feelings are at least authentic expressions of emotion. I say "expressions
of emotion" rather than "releases of emotion" because "release" implies
something trapped that needs to be eliminated. We still harbor a collective
notion that feelings are some kind of psychological urine we need to
discharge lest, by holding them in, we become toxic. I see emotion as more
akin to blood -- always circulating, and bringing color and vitality to our

Have you ever noticed that when a gifted actor is portraying someone giving
an impassioned speech about something they really care about, they radiate an
outpouring of emotion? Yet when a "normal" person delivers a speech about
something they really care about, they usually sound like they're reading
from a phone directory? This isn't because emotions are an act, but because
actors have had to unlearn cultural emotional repression in order to convey
the feelings most of us deaden behind our social masks.

Rah rah, sis-boom-bah: let's rally for emotions! Come on gang, get off your
collective duff and contribute to this worthy cause. Feel something! Do it
now! Everyone post something to the list with genuine feeling -- any kind of
emotion at all. I double dare ya! Come on, all together, let's sing along:

El, certified advocate and therapist to the devil




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