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Recieved: 2000/05/31 12:05
Subject: Re: [K-list] snakes again and dreams
From: Ckress

On 2000/05/31 12:05, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 05/31/2000 3:33:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
meeradjiATnospamhome.com writes:

<< especially during the years before my awakening i had many many snake
 dreams. The strange thing was: consciously i LOVE snakes, always did, a
 snake was my first pet and whenever i met a snake later i was happy
 happy happy to see her. they always were very close to me. In my dreams
 though i was terrified of them. >>

I thought Mia's interpretation of some of the elements of Susan's dream was
quite perceptive. I too had pet snakes since childhood (small garter snakes)
and later a beautiful pink boa I raised from a 9 inch long baby to a seven
foot and still growing teen when I gave it to my boyfriend, who had always
admired it. Several months before my K erupted full force, I dreamed that I
found a big box in my garage which I opened to see that it was full of snakes
which had been entrusted to my care, but which I'd forgotten about. I knew
that some of the snakes were venomous and potentially dangerous, but I
realized they all were starving and I felt compassion for them. So I tried
to find them some food, but couldn't. I went back to their box, cut my
finger with a knife, and let each of them drink my blood. I've had lots of
snake dreams since then...
 <<My own dream of last night was not that pleasant. I dreamed i had a dove
 as a pet....a wonderful fragile and bright animal. She lived with us ,
 but wasn't locked into a cage. She normally sat on my shoulder or was
 close by. Then we had to travel into the world. It seemed to me the
 places we were going to were more rude and foreign. Suddenly the dove
 disappeared and i saw two pigeons chasing her. I was worried , but
 thought, it's her own species, they wouldn't harm her , but when she
 came back i saw blood in her feathers and started cleaning her and
 putting remedies on her wounds. The wounds were small and i was relieved
 first and it looked to me that she was sort of okay when suddenly i
 looked into her face and saw, they had picked out both of her eyes.
 I was so shocked , i still cried when i woke up. >>

Mia, I wonder if this dream relates to the story you told us in an earlier
post about the betrayals that led to a financial disaster in your life? I
know you didn't ask for an interpretation, so I may be rolling in on this
like a tank... or maybe not. I'm sure you know that the dove represents
pure spirit. Christians use it as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, but
originally it was a symbol of the Goddess. Traveling into the world may
represent incarnation, when most of us experience a sense of separation from
our pristine spiritual essence ("the dove disappeared"). Pigeons may
symbolize worldly beings, like humans.

In lieu of what you've gone through in your life, interesting that in your
dream you had the thought: "it's her own species, they wouldn't harm her." A
lot of trust expressed here! Same species = like oneself and by extension,
liking ones that are your own kind. There seems to be a belief expressed
here that if you are, as the adage goes, "harmless as a dove" and you are
among people who like you that you'll be safe and won't get hurt. But the
dream says that's not quite the way things work on this plane.

Your dream seems to say that once you have crossed over into this "rude and
foreign" world, things are no longer bright and free (the dove wasn't locked
in a cage) and peaceful. Other beings harass and for no apparent reason
attack and wound us, and in that wounding, we lose our joyous vision of life
(the dove's eyes are picked out). The dream seems to indicate, among other
things, a traumatic loss of innocence.

There is also an archetypal phenomena of the blind "seer throughout world
legends. It occurs in modern times as well. Some of the most powerful
clairvoyants are blind. It seems that blindness sometimes functions as an
inner focusing tool, blocking the distractions of outer world visual info so
one is better able to see inwardly, though the lens of the soul. Our wounds
of pain and limitation in the world can serve as initiation experiences which
we eventually are able to embrace as sacred gifts. This is something you
already voiced in your previous post. Your dream may be offering you clues
about the nature of your initiation gift. Perhaps it is the ability to
penetrate outer appearances and see what lies deep below the surface?



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