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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/05/25 11:34
Subject: [K-list] Tribute to Angelique and assorted ramblings
From: Ckress

On 2000/05/25 11:34, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

A lurker has solemly informed me that smoking causes a leaky aura. Aha! So
that explains why for those 8 months in '96 when I wasn't smoking, there was
total world peace, but the day I lit up again, the whole planet went to hell.
 That always mystified me, but now I've made the connection. In another post
awhile back, someone thanked Hitler for being so evil he made the rest of us
look good by comparison (well, something like that, I'm paraphrasing a bit).
Not only was Hitler a vegetarian, he was a nonsmoker! So clearly it was my
leaky aura that caused the atrocities of the 3rd Reich, not Hitler's. Don't
thank him, thank me!

One of the things I love about Angelique (here's the tribute part mentioned
in my subject line to win points from Mystress) is her wildly playful
creativity and her ability to not take everything deadly seriously. This
combo is the foundation of a fertile sense of humor. When she lets it roll,
her wit can be hilarious. But as list Ma, she can't always indulge in that
and sometimes is forced to be dom-drill-sargeant.

My ex-husband and I led a multi-media theatre troupe; he took the role of the
"heavy" leader which I balanced with occasional comic relief. Our troupe
was composed of very artistically talented nonconformists, so they chafed at
being told what to do. But without some firm leadership, everybody was going
off in their own direction and the group could never pull it together to
actually produce anything that could be performed on stage. In an early
rehearsal meeting, my ex announced: "If you want to make any changes to the
script, you have to get it cleared through me or El. Otherwise, no matter
how much you or anyone else likes your idea, it's OUT. El and I are the
final authority." As soon as he said that, you could feel the tension
mounting in the room, so I quickly added, "I'm open to bribes." Everyone
burst out laughing and we got on with the rehearsal without any confrontation.

Another thing I learned from my solo performances at poetry readings is that
no matter how well prepared you are, something unexpected always happens and
something usually goes wrong. So we always told the troupe: "Stick to the
script but expect the unexpected. Once you're on stage, no matter what
happens, act like it's part of the show and just keep going." That little
gem of advice probably did more than anything else to keep the shows from
being disasters.

In one memorable event in front of an audience of about 400 people, I was on
stage doing a skit with another performer. I said my line, then a heckler
from the audience yelled out an insult at my skit partner. My partner
totally broke out of the skit, turned to face the heckler, and at the top of
his lungs let fly with a string of profanity. The whole audience was shocked
into silence. Now I'm standing there in the middle of what was supposed to
be our skit, and it's my turn to give my scripted reply to my partner, who is
looking at me in a sheepish kind of way, as if to say "Sorry I blew the show
but I just couldn't restrain myself." The audience is staring at us, waiting
for us to do something. So, as if all of it had been planned, I wailed at
him with mock envy, "You get all the best lines!" The audience cracked up
and we fell right back into the skit and finished it with no further




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