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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/05/16 14:51
Subject: Re: [K-list] Gardens was re: Fatima
From: Divine Goddess

On 2000/05/16 14:51, Divine Goddess posted thus to the K-list:

 el writes:
  From: ckress <ckressATnospama...>
  Date: Tue May 16, 2000 1:08pm
  Subject: Re: [K-list] Gardens was re: Fatima

In a message dated 05/16/2000 8:38:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
ivine_goddessATnospamh... writes: << That is why my heart is filled with
peace when I view the world. It is why I see only peace and joy and
perfection in my world around me. Yes, I do have see the homeless,
the pain, the wars, the predictions of fear ad nauseaum and my
personal screw ups. But I have no agreement within myself to
maintain those projections. I would not think to interfere in the
learning process of those beings around me. Others have created
schools of learning which are so violent, lonely, destructive,
painful or all of the above but I wont interfere in their journeys.
Why not? >>

  Ahem, how can you claim to "see only peace and joy and
perfection in my world around me" yet be so critically aware that
"Others have created schools of learning which are so violent,
lonely, destructive, painful or all of the above"? Well (shrugs
shoulders)... it's not my job. It's not why I came here to this
planet. It could be your job, but it's not my job, and it has taken
me a long time to get rid of feeling guilty about not having that kind
of job... Interventionists, interferers, crusaders, eh...it's all the
same. And it's not to say they don't provide a good service, it's
just not my job although I use to think it was... What is my job? My
job is to till my own inner garden.>>

*********I write:

You missed the part in the middle:"I have no agreement within myself
to maintain those projections." I can see those projections, I can
see what others create, their result. I do not have to contribute to
their creation or amplify their results. Often that helps maintain
the energy of projection by offerring my energy of helping. What I
attention to...grows.

El writes: When the "beat" poet Allen Ginsberg became involved in
meditation and spiritual pursuits, his social activist friends
thought it was a cop out and insisted he should devote his efforts
toward outwardly benefitting the world. His meditator friends advised
him to drop all the activist stuff and devote himself to developing
his inner spiritual life. But Ginsberg saw no contradiction in
continuing to do both kinds of work for the rest of his life. It
doesn't have to be an either/or choice between concern for the
world "out there" and attending to one's own inner growth. I see the
world as a reflection of me and myself as a reflection of the world.
To me (and I suspect to Ginsberg), anything that touches or calls to
me is part of my garden and everything I do is part of my spiritual

******I write back:

I didnt mean to suggest it was an either/or proposition. I suppose
tending my own garden may have been somewhat of a restrictive
metaphor. It was not meant to imply that I only use meditation. I
don't. In fact, I hardly have any meditation practice at all. I do
expect myself to be mindful, mindful of choices and opportunities for
service that come my way and to choice wisely, with discernment. As I
am sure you do.

For me the journey is the journey, there is no fragmentation of
social, spiritual, economical, philosphical, political or. . .
in whatever is happening. Who I am dictates what I do regardless of
those considerations. And I also find using the word 'journey' as a
word is restrictive because I am already there, perfect.

I do believe in expressing my self in service. My daily life is an
act of service in whatever frame of reference in may be viewed in.
By nature, I am somewhat of a solitary soul because I get such an
intense flux of wide variety of human contact from my daily job as a
help desk representative for the phone conmpany. I find that
maintaining an attitude of service and my ability to maintain an
attitude of 'lightness' and friendliness to those diverse and often
angry people who call can be just as great a discipline as doing
service out in the world at large. Sometimes, I wonder if it is even
harder cos 'no one is watching'.

I think our attitudes about service as just as individual and valid.
You say "I see the world as a reflection of me and myself as a
reflection of the world. " I am in agreement with that. Only I say,
'the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm' and vice versa.

>From your example of service people see one face of compassion and
gives them a model for expression. I can say the same for myself.
Neither model is less or more than the other. I apologize
if I had lead others to believe differently. There were times when I
just got my purpose for being here confused with other people's
purpose for being here.



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