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Recieved: 2000/05/10 19:09
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entity Clearing
From: Ckress

On 2000/05/10 19:09, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

The frog has confessed that it was traumatized as a tadpole by a water flea,
thus its projected anger at the moose who happened to have the same name as
the flea: Ralph. The flea was traumatized as an egg by an amoeba, which sort
of resembled a tadpole, thus its projected anger at frogs. The amoeba was
traumatized by a molecule...

But hold on, maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction here. After deep
introspection, I realize that I tend to be angered by statements which
blithely dismiss the ordeals people endure, and trivialize the crushing
effect relentless social and physical deprivation has on people's lives. I
have the same reaction when someone says the holocaust is a myth perpetrated
by sympathy-seeking Jews. Or by politicians who characterize the homeless as
substance abusers and the mentally ill who refuse to take their medication,
with the implication that they all deserve their plight. Studies have shown
that a high percentage of the American homeless are children and people who
have suffered catastrophic injuries/illnesses who became too sick to work.
So they lost their jobs, then their medical coverage, then everything else
they owned. But for godsake don't give them a financial helping hand and
damage their self-esteem.

Maybe I have weak boundaries, which, translated from psychology-speak, means
that when I witness someone being kicked when they're already down, I yell
"OW!" Yet enquiring minds want to know what else is REALLY up with my
empathy and anger. In the words of a wise woman, "Sometimes a banana is just
a banana, Dr. Freud." But some bananas are too ripe, aren't they? We don't
want them on our plate. Anger is a funky banana and demonstrates a spiritual
deficit, for sure. Now apathy is a real spiritual achievement. First you
attain indifference to anyone else's pain, preferably by extolling a
philosophy which regards evil and suffering as unreal (see end note
disclaimer) or as someone's else's bad karma which doesn't concern you.
Eventually you become numb to your own pain and you're all CLEAR, hurray!
Then everything is happy happy joy joy with no rotty bananas to spoil the
party. And if anybody comes along and points out some evil-turd-banana
rotting in the corner, tell them to shut up and go away. All the
transcendent people know that if you don't look at the banana, it isn't
there. Except if you have the misfortune to unexpectedly step on it.

I'm kind of jumping around here, bear with me (or delete, if this is bugging
the hell out of you). In my observation, evil is more likely to arise from
fear and ignorance on the part of the perpetrator than the victim. If the
reverse were true, and being fearless protected everyone from evil, the trust
of little children could never be betrayed by pedophiles and child-murderers.

Regarding the avoidance of fear and anger: In "The Type C Connection,"
authors Lydia Temoshok and Henry Dreher present a large body of evidence from
scientific research and case histories which link the repression of
"negative" emotions to the development of cancer. They don't present these
as the only factor, but as one which seems to exert a definite influence in
the progression and severity of the disease. For the majority of the cancer
patients they studied, the authors write, "anger was the phantom emotion.
They had no memories of anger and were perplexed, amused, or unnerved when
asked to recall one." In a study of women with breast cancer, "Most of the
women with cancer had never or not more than once in their lives lost their
temper in anger." These patients rarely acknowledged feeling fear or
sadness. In addition to this, nearly all the melanoma patients they studied
"maintained a facade of pleasantness even under the most painful or
aggravating circumstances." One of the authors said that "the patients were
among the nicest people I had ever met."

Generally, the whiny victim types who complained and laid out their raw
feelings for all to see had the best recovery outcomes. It seems that
allowing ourselves to vent anger and fear and grief and even (gasp) self-pity
can rev up the immune system and melt down some nasty blockages in the form
of malignant tumors. What is Nature telling us? That since Angelique and I
still smoke cigarettes, we better keep clashing horns now and then to ward
off lung cancer. I'm feeling healthier already. How about you? (There's
also a type "A" rage-aholic behavior link to heart disease. It's
characterized by extremely aggressive and chronically hostile behavior, which
goes to show that emotional balance, not denial, is the key.)

There is a level -- a state of grace -- at which all is genuinely perceived
as perfection, and the good/evil dichotomy is understood to be illusion. But
to really speak from that place is to be so filled with compassion that one's
words bring healing. Words which repress, discredit or mock someone else's
expression of pain are neither healing nor enlightened.

El the mad coyote knee-jerk crusader

End note disclaimer: No offence, Wim (or any other Pisces who are convinced
that anything at all is an illusion. Pisces can't help but see the world as
a surreal sort of dream... Any other sign is faking it.)



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