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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/05/09 20:17
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entity Clearing
From: Ckress

On 2000/05/09 20:17, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Hiya Angelique!

I was going to be humble and let your last posted reply to me slide, then I
realized, hey, I don't have any humility! So why hold back?

Angelique wrote:

<< 50 blocks noth of me there are heroin addicts who are deliberately seeking
HIV needles, because being HIV positive will get them a bigger welfare

Cut off anyone that desperate from welfare and they won't be 50 blocks away,
they'll be smashing down your door to get your cash and valuables. England
apparently has solved the problem by setting up legal centers where heroin is
freely distributed to registered addicts. From a documentary I saw, many
addicts who continue using heroin on this program are able to lead productive
and relatively healthy lives.

Angelique wrote:

<< but, overall, welfare destroys self esteem and creates as many problems as
it solves.>>

And nothing builds self-esteem like a life of malnutrition and homelessness,

Angelique wrote:

<< Who are you really so angry at, El? You are projecting a lot of stuff onto
me, that is quite different than what I said. Why is that?>>

When I was a child, a rogue moose trampled over my little tricycle and
totally trashed it. I never fully recovered from the trauma. I associate
moose with Canada, thus the projected anger. I'm working on inner dialogues
with the moose, and making good progress. The moose told me it mutilated my
bike because when it was a wee calf, it got the scare of it's life when a
hyperactive frog jumped on its face. From the moose's perspective, little
kids resemble hyperactive frogs, thus the act of projected anger. I'm
counseling the moose to do inner dialogues with the frog so we can all get to
the bottom of this. It may take a lot of patience on my part, because from
what the moose has told me so far, the frog sounds like a whiny victim type
and we all know how nauseating that can be.




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