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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/05/08 18:02
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entity Clearing
From: Ckress

On 2000/05/08 18:02, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Angelique wrote:

<< Nice soapbox, El, why are you aiming it at me? >>

Duh, cause you brought it up.

Angelique wrote:

<< Everybody knows about all those problems, and barring the domesday
catastrophes often predicted by white New Agers and natives alike, the old
ways are gone gone gone. I'm not saying white society is better.. but it is
what IS. The natives are living as whites, and I haven't met too many who
really want to go back to the days before guns, 4x4s and central heating...
altho they do want to continue hunting whales and have been known to practice
logging in their own territories.>>

I'll respond to that with the words of a Native American elder, Janet
McCloud: "We had no place to practice freedom of religion. No place where we
could build a fireplace and sweat lodges and worship the Creator in the way
that we felt we needed to connect with Him. We need that connectedness to
feel like living again. To stop feeling suicidal, wanting to kill ourselves
with alcohol and drugs. We had to find that connection again, and we found
in it our ancient ceremonies, which are still as valid today as they were
back them. People say you can't go back and live in a tipi, but the living
laws that we were taught are still with us today."

Angelique wrote:

<< Throughout history there have been humans oppressing humans and cultures
being wiped out. For that matter, here in north America they are starting to
discover 9000 year old skeletons of.. white folks! There is a cave in Texas
with ancient writings in the alphabet of Ogham, used by the ancient druids,
that predate Native occupation. The Aztecs welcomed the Conquistadors as
White Gods because their own history said so. There is evidence of very early
Norse occupation in Newfoundland, and evidence that the Natives killed them
all... The Celts were in North America before the current native
populations, but they were wiped out by them. Karma is a funny wheel. What
goes around comes around, even if nobody remembers the history.>>

Yep, we humans have been going at each other for eons. Wonder who the Celts
knocked off to get such bad karma that they had to be annihilated by the

Angelique wrote:

<< >I think they should have the casinos if they want them, by the way.)
Yeah, and lotteries are sometimes referred to as "stupidity tax" and other
times referred to as "poverty tax". Poor people who cannot afford it spend
98% more on lottery tickets than rich folks who can. Casinos create ghettos,
and gambling is addictive. Give natives self government, and they create
casinos.. it's stupid! >>

Are you against gambling and Casinos for everyone, or just for poor Native
Americans who need to be protected from themselves? (Some Native elders
agree with you on this point.)

Angelique wrote:

<< The ghosts I sent off to the light during my visit to Vancouver Island
were a nasty bunch who were upsetting my Native host's children, giving him
bouts of depression and he was grateful to have them gone. He had been giving
them offerings and respect, asking them nicely to be kind to the children..
it wasn't working. These ghosts were stuck in the past, insisting they owned
the land. That is not what Is. The land belongs to Goddess, for the needs of
the living. >>

Ok, if this is what happened with this ONE family, I can accept that there
might be a few slow-on-the-uptake fundamentalist Native ancestors causing
some havoc. But to go from there to "ancestor worship is an major influence
in the statistics of native suicide rates, worldwide" seems a bit of a leap.

Angelique wrote:

<< Becoming a Priestess of an ancient Mayan Rain God was not my idea either.
Why did Chacmool pick a white Priestess? I dunno, but he did. Maybe there are
some Mexican Priestesses of chacmool, but presumably if there were, then they
would be acting to make Chichen Itza a sacred site, not one that is crawling
with disrespectful tourists. Chac has directed me to aquire his idol, and
move it to a sacred spot.. and when the Mansion has manifested, I will.>>

Quetzacoatl told me that an astral shapeshifter named Rinty has been
impersonating Chacmool and offering his sacred icons to unsuspecting
Westerners. At present, Rinty has directed 484 neo-priests/priestesses (270
of whom live in northern California) to acquire Chac's idol to enshrine in
their mansions or apartments or whatever. You have to be really careful with
this. Rinty looks the same and has the exact same vibration as Chac. The
only difference is that his Mayan dialect has more of a baritone drawl than

Angelique wrote:

<< In the meantime, statistics show that Shamanic sickness kills 1/3 of those
who are chosen>>

Where did you get those statistics? Speaking of which, have you seen the
statistics reporting the tragic fate of 2 out of 3 non-natives who oust
legions of indigenous ancestors? I don't want to scare you, but let's just
say their tragic fate makes Hades seem like a nice vacation spot...

Angelique wrote:

<< and a piece of rock that was empowered by blood sacrifice for hundreds of
years has no business being in a place where the unwary can get zapped by it.
Ask yourself, how many people Chac has killed since Chichen Itza became a
popular tourist spot. The numbers will shock you.>>

I asked myself, and the answer I came up with was "lapis labia," which isn't
a number but did shock me.

Angelique wrote:

<< The natives are doing nothing about it, it takes a white grrl like me to
honor the power of the old ways.>>

I don't know what's up with those lazy natives who lack the chutzpa to stand
up to government militia and chase off $$$-oozing tourists who
disrespectfully schlep all over their sacred sites.

Angelique wrote:

<< I know I will be very involved in Native reparations in the future, coz
Goddess told me so, and frankly I'm not too crazy about the idea.>>

And I know I'll be repainting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in the future
-- probably with a Pleides/Celestine prophesy sort of motif -- cause Rinty
told me so. I think I am crazy about this idea and several others I'm not at
liberty to disclose. Wotan made me swear to keep it secret.

Angelique wrote:

<< I have sympathy with their plight, and I see the beauty in "all my
relations"... but native politics are horrible. Within the reservations, they
repress each other even worse than they are oppressed by white folks, and
blame it all on the Whites. White devils made me do it, yadda yadda.>>

White devils make people do some weird shit. Have you ever seen Jerry
Springer or just about any American daytime TV talk show? Have you ever
worked in an office or environment where there were other people around?
HUMAN politics are horrible; the natives have no monopoly on the
repression/blame game.

Angelique wrote:

<< Charity is not the answer, charity creates victims and dependance. Some of
the stuff you quoted, below, is typical victim whining.>>

By charity, do you mean giving someone money or food or housing? Like with
traditional indigenous life, where everything was shared by the tribe and
nobody went hungry while others wallowed in wealth? Boy, was that a
co-dependent system! If only they hadn't fallen for the whiny victim act of
widows and children and the elderly, they probably wouldn't be in the sorry
condition they are now. If only they had asked someone smarter than their
tradition-bound ancestors for guidance, they might have seen the light. At
least they've got you to straighten all that up for them now.

I'm really glad to hear that charity sucks. I'm tapped out buying stuff for
myself and I don't want to be guilt tripped into contributing my $$ to some
whiny worthy cause. If they don't have bread, let them eat cake.

Angelique wrote:

<< Sorry you seem to be having a bad day, El.. sorry you had to aim it at
me.. but tell me, for all your politics and propaganda, what are YOU doing to
help the natives recover?>>

How embarrassing. I confess I've actually sent $$ to whining victim Native
American organizations who claim to need money to help their people and to
protect and restore wildlands and natural resources. What a chump I've been.
 I should have just asked Rinty to handle it.

Angelique wrote:

<< Maybe clearing a zillion annoying ghosts doesn't seem like much to you,
but I am doing what I can, with the talents that I have.>>

A zillion? Yesterday you said it was only ranging "between 5 and 8 digits."
Yowza, you work fast! Every second you must be booting billions of ghosts,
and geez, they just keep coming. You must feel exhausted, yet miraculously,
you never give up. How proud your parents must be.




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