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Recieved: 2000/05/08 12:04
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entity Clearing
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2000/05/08 12:04, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

At 09:42 AM 5/8/00 -0400, ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
>Being Native American or dead doesn't automatically make anyone wise. But
>earthbound ghosts aren't the only souls that make contact with the living.
>Going into the light doesn't mean disappearing forever or losing all ability
>to influence, guide or spiritually interfere with the affairs of the living.
  Exactly.. but it does mean that they are in contact with the light
and have access to a wider perspective and higher wisdom. Spirits who
cannot go into the light are not worthy guides. If they go into the light,
then they can regain the memories of all the old ways that are forgotten by
the descendants, and bring them back to share.

>And the reason for astronomical suicide rate is? Ancestor-ghosts with an
>attitude problem? So by shipping the cranky ancestors to that far away
>Cosmic Reservation, all their earthly progeny are saved! And then they can
>trade their obsolete traditions for better modern stuff (like New Age
>Paganism) and make a killing in the casinos and live long self-absorbed
>like socially privileged Euro-white folks?
   Nice soapbox, El, why are you aiming it at me?

   I did say it was a brief post off the top of my head, and it was
directed to someone who asked me for help with specific problems of having
Native DNA and adapting to life in the USA. I'm sure he already knows first
hand about the other problems facing natives and those of mixed heritage.
This thread is about clearing entities, and having a pack on hungry ghosts
on your ass desn't make the rest any easier to cope with.

   Everybody knows about all those problems, and barring the domesday
catastrophes often predicted by white New Agers and natives alike, the old
ways are gone gone gone. I'm not saying white society is better.. but it
is what IS.
The natives are living as whites, and I haven't met too many who really
want to go back to the days before guns, 4x4s and central heating... altho
they do want to continue hunting whales and have been known to practice
logging in their own territories.

   Here in BC there are huge billion dollar reparations going on to try to
give the natives a chance to recover and adapt. To adapt is human, and
adapting is harder for cultures that practice ancestor worship, because
ghosts do not have a clear picture of time passing. They live in the past.
   Throughout history there have been humans oppressing humans and cultures
being wiped out. For that matter, here in north America they are starting
to discover 9000 year old skeletons of.. white folks! There is a cave in
Texas with ancient writings in the alphabet of Ogham, used by the ancient
druids, that predate Native occupation. The Aztecs welcomed the
Conquistadors as White Gods because their own history said so. There is
evidence of very early Norse occupation in Newfoundland, and evidence that
the Natives killed them all.

   You are not likely to hear much about these discoveries, because native
politics try to shush them up lest they interfere with their cherished
treaty negotiations. They want to keep calling themselves "First Nations"
and they really don't want to see the increasing scientific evidence that
they were not first, at all.
   The Celts were in North America before the current native populations,
but they were wiped out by them. Karma is a funny wheel. What goes around
comes around, even if nobody remembers the history.

   I suspect, the decentralized tribal organization that US democracy was
insoired by, did not originally come from the Natives.. I suspect they got
it from the Celts who came before them. It was originally how the Celtic
tribes were organized, and it made the Celts vulnerable to the Romans just
as the Natives were vulnerable to the Whites. Karma is a wheel.

>(I think they should have the casinos if they want them, by the way.)
Yeah, and lotteries are sometimes referred to as "stupidity tax" and
other times referred to as "poverty tax". Poor people who cannot afford it
spend 98% more on lottery tickets than rich folks who can. Casinos create
ghettos, and gambling is addictive. Give natives self government, and they
create casinos.. it's stupid!

>Yeah, the nerve of them little buggers to try to drive you away! They did
>the same thing when the missionaries came around. For obviously racist
>reasons, they seem to mistrust white people who have no respect for the Old
>Ways, and they cling to the stupid notion that the ancient covenant they
>with Native Americans is sacred and shouldn't be violated.
 Very good, El.. just one problem. The natives are living like the
white folks, and the ghosts are going after their own people. Most white
folks cannot hear them, they don't have the psychic sensitivity, and so
they are not affected by the curses and entities some of these old Shamen
left behind in their anger. What goes around comes around, and it is their
own descendents who are feeling the effects.

   The ghosts I sent off to the light during my visit to Vancouver Island
were a nasty bunch who were upsetting my Native host's children, giving him
bouts of depression and he was grateful to have them gone. He had been
giving them offerings and respect, asking them nicely to be kind to the
children.. it wasn't working. These ghosts were stuck in the past,
insisting they owned the land. That is not what Is. The land belongs to
Goddess, for the needs of the living.

I was not the one to persuade them to go into the light, they were not
gonna listen to me.. I called their own ancestors back from the light to
persuade them that they didn't belong here anymore, and I had to do it 3x
to go far enough back in their own history to find ancestors who understood
that the land belongs to the living, and it was right to return to the All,
to the Great Mind, after death. They didn't want to, they were
materialistic ghosts.

   I could have simply grabbed them and stuffed them into a white light
hole. I have the power to do it, but I didn't. Instead I called upon their
own ancestors to respectfully ask them to go. I was surprised how far back
in time I had to go, to find Ancestors who understood the importance of
leaving the land to the living, and respecting the free will choices of the
individual descendents to live as they think best.

   My host had a big shiny 4x4 and a nicer house than I do, and he was a
scholar of worldwide Shamanism. One of the few natives in Canada to take
advantage of the free University education offered to all Natives. He was
living a white lifestyle that was better than mine, and had the nerve to
cry victim. It kind of pissed me off, altho I was respectful in pointing
out to him how he disempowered himself by holding that paradigm.
  You must realize, the Canadian history of native relations and the US
history are very different. Yes, there were residential schools in BC, and
the Goverment is spending billions to repair the damage. There was not an
extermination policy, as in the US. American independence did that, Canada
is still part of the Commonwealth.
   There is a famous story of how Sitting Bull and his tribes were escorted
to Canada by huge numbers of US Cavalry.. they were met at the border by
one Mountie, who led them the rest of the way. They didn't stay because
Canada was too cold.. not because they were being ill-treated.

Good thing you
>were there to blast them into astral exile. The last thing the world needs
>is to keep alive any vestige of a heart-centered, earth-loving,
>ecologically-activist ancient religion.
Uh -huh, and up there you just finished telling me that going into the
light is not necessarily permanent. It's not exile, it's "Purification".
That's not my word, it is the Native word for the current evolutionary

   Being a light portal for absurd numbers of Native Ghosts was not my
idea, I was approached by other native ghosts.. An international group of
Ascended Shamen who had gone into the light and come back. They approached
me because they wanted me to help out with it. Why didn't they approach a
Native person instead? I have no idea.
   Ask *them* why they want the ancestors transmuted? Maybe because the
anscestors do more harm than good.
 Becoming a Priestess of an ancient Mayan Rain God was not my idea
either. Why did Chacmool pick a white Priestess? I dunno, but he did. Maybe
there are some Mexican Priestesses of chacmool, but presumably if there
were, then they would be acting to make Chichen Itza a sacred site, not one
that is crawling with disrespectful tourists. Chac has directed me to
aquire his idol, and move it to a sacred spot.. and when the Mansion has
manifested, I will.
In the meantime, statistics show that Shamanic sickness kills 1/3 of
those who are chosen, and a piece of rock that was empowered by blood
sacrifice for hundreds of years has no business being in a place where the
unwary can get zapped by it.
Ask yourself, how many people Chac has killed since Chichen Itza became
a popular tourist spot. The numbers will shock you. The natives are doing
nothing about it, it takes a white grrl like me to honor the power of the
old ways. Go figger. Wasn't my idea.
   However, given that I am a Priestess of "old ways" that long predate the
ghosts I was clearing, it's pretty arrogant of you to accuse me of

 I know I will be very involved in Native reparations in the future,
coz Goddess told me so, and frankly I'm not too crazy about the idea. I
have sympathy with their plight, and I see the beauty in "all my
relations"... but native politics are horrible. Within the reservations,
they repress each other even worse than they are oppressed by white folks,
and blame it all on the Whites. White devils made me do it, yadda yadda.

   Charity is not the answer, charity creates victims and dependance. Some
of the stuff you quoted, below, is typical victim whining. Blame the white
folks, let them be the fall guy, while they complain about the welfare
system. That is not the path to empowerment.

It reminds me of that Monty Python sketch in the "Life of Brian" where
the Hebrew Rebels want to throw out the Romans because "what did they ever
do for us?".. One rebel says, well, they built roads.. and aqueducts.. and
medical care.. and.. a whole list of stuff. So the rebels decide they want
to throw out the Romans, but keep all the stuff the Romans brought them.
Same story with the Natives, except it's not funny.

 On some reservations locally, the natives tend to burn their houses
down every few years, because they know the Government will build them a
new one. That is hardly a conservation oriented attitude.

There is a really shiny pretty image of the Noble Native that is
political. It's not necessarily real. Chief Seattle is often quoted,
locally as a long dead spiritual leader, but guess what? He was a white guy
who liked to play Indian. Locally, the Haida liked to enslave the Salish,
before the white folks came. The Aztecs and the Mayans were fond of human
sacrifice. The Iriquois were cannibals.
  I'm not a white supremacist, sorry if I sound like one.. but I've had
enough experience of Natives, and Native Spirituality, to refuse to see
them thru the rosy colored glasses of New Age politics.
   Sorry you seem to be having a bad day, El.. sorry you had to aim it
at me.. but tell me, for all your politics and propaganda, what are YOU
doing to help the natives recover?
Maybe clearing a zillion annoying ghosts doesn't seem like much to you,
but I am doing what I can, with the talents that I have.



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