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Recieved: 2000/05/07 17:38
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entity Clearing over the WEB
From: Ckress

On 2000/05/07 17:38, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 05/06/2000 6:19:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
serpentATnospamdomin8rex.com writes:

<< >For months I have been suffering unpleasant symptoms of panic, intense
 >ringing in the ears, mood swings, trembling, shaking,
 Most of those are pretty normal K. symptoms.. except for the panic.. >>

Actually, panic attacks are fairly common with K. Quite a number of people
who subscribed to Shared Transformation newsletter mentioned panic attacks or
episodes of extreme anxiety as part of their K symptoms. In 1984, years
before my K rose fully (i.e., with nonstop sensations of energy circulating)
I had panic attacks due to sudden overwhelming psychic openings. I was
having spontaneous episodes of extreme altered consciousness and experiencing
what I can only describe as psychically falling into the souls of people
around me at work or anywhere, even passing people walking by me on the
street. At the time, I knew some weirdly psychic thing was happening but I
didn't realize it was K-related until after my mega K blow-out in '91, after
which I began doing extensive K research. Had the sudden psychic opening and
altered states occurred in a different setting instead of first hitting me at
work, in an uptight office (my first week on a new job as secretary to the
dean of a university, LOL), I might not have panicked. Trying to appear
"normal" and functional while this was happening to me was almost impossible.
 This went on strongly for several months.

I had a friend who tried to help by visualizing psychic shielding for me.
That was interesting in itself. The first few shields he "sent" me felt
awful -- very heavy, claustrophobic and oppressive. He had a military
background and kept visualizing different kinds of warrior type shields for
me (without telling me he was doing this until later). Finally he said,
"Let's try this instead" and sent me another shield. It felt gently safe and
blissful. When I asked him what he'd done, he said "I just surrounded you
with love." Unfortunately, it didn't stop the panic or the psychic

Another friend who was a psychotherapist suggested a hypnosis session to find
out what was causing my predicament. He hypnotized me to get in touch with
my Higher Self (he was real big on "Higher Self" guidance). When he asked if
I saw my Higher Self, I said no, but I told him that I felt something. When
he asked what I felt, I replied, "My energy body." I didn't know why I
called it that; at that time, neither he nor I had ever heard this term
before. Long afterwards, he told me he'd thought I was delusional and had
only humored me by asking questions about the so-called "energy body". When
I was doing K research years later, I came across an author who spoke of the
"energy body" and said that this was usually imperceptible except when K was
awakened, then one could feel it quite strongly.

I wrote an article about panic attacks in issue #16 of ST telling the
findings of two Australian researchers, Bronywn Fox and Jasmin Arthur-Jones.
They gave a presentation at the 1994 KRN symposium called "The Dancing
Partners: Kundalini and Panic Disorder." Their research, dating from 1980,
disclosed that between a third to three-quarters of diagnosed panic attacks
are attributable to Kundalini. The K-people they studied who had panic
attacks knew nothing of the K process and feared they were going crazy.
These people also reported "feeling rushes of electric, hot prickly or
vibrating energy throughout their bodies, spontaneous OBEs, and experiencing
inner sounds and brilliant inner lights." Also they had a variety of known
K-symptoms such as "depression, shaking, trembling, headaches, lower back
pain, temporary paralysis, neck aches, diarrhea, extreme exhaustion and fear,
abdominal pain, hot flashes, sciatica, night sweats, migrating pains,
unexplainable rashes, sensitivity to light, acute hearing, difficulty
breathing, burning pains in the stomach..."

Most of these "panic attack" patients had never meditated and reported that
their nervous systems were functioning differently than previous to their
first panic attack. A third or more of these same people described powerful
mystical experiences which occurred during or after their panic attacks!

By the way, I'm smoking again. The hypnosis story reminded me of another
hypnotist I saw 20 years ago who said she could hypnotize me to help me quit
smoking. She was into the "Higher Self" guidance too, which at the time
sounded worth a shot to me. That time I did see someone: a guy who looked
sort of like James Dean sprawled casually on a huge throne. The hypnotist
asked if I saw my "Higher Self." I said, "I don't know... I see someone."
She told me to ask him if he was my Higher Self. At that point, I noticed he
was eating a banana, which struck me as really funny. I asked him if he was
my Higher Self and he answered, "Yeah." Then the hypnotist said to ask him
why I smoked. I asked him, and he replied, "How should I know? I'm not the
one whose smoking." I burst out laughing, which seemed to floor the
hypnotist -- apparently, she never met anyone who laughed at their Higher
Self before...




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