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Recieved: 2000/05/05 17:55
Subject: [K-list] Guardian Power (was Laser eyes)
From: Ckress01

On 2000/05/05 17:55, Ckress01 posted thus to the K-list:

Danielle told of a "raw type strange power" that emits from her eyes and
flashes out to protect her when she is under attack. Her concern that this
power might hurt someone makes it evident that she is centered in her heart
and has no desire to harm anyone. Shamans and heart-centered sorcerers are
often protected by Power/Spirit and are vehicles of immense and sometimes
retaliative power, even when this is not their conscious intent. It doesn't
have anything to do with what one believes. I've had this power pouring
through/around me for most of my adult life, and it took me a long time to
understand what was happening. Eventually I noticed a pattern in certain
events and, although I personally felt and believed I was powerless regarding
these experiences, I've come to realize that Power/Spirit operates through me
in a typical shamanic way.

I haven't had the laser eyes phenomenon, but I've repeatedly observed Power
zap people who have violated or cheated me in some way. I didn't know about
most of these "zaps" until months or years after they occurred. An early
example was after my 1st husband and I had moved from a hovel of an apartment
building where we had been treated abusively by the landlord-owner. We were
later told by friends who remained in the area (we had left the state) that
soon after we moved, the fire dept. had condemned the apt. building and
ordered it demolished. At the time, I never suspected that it had anything
to do with me or with Power associated with me...

Fast forward a few years. My husband and I and our 2 small children were
forced to move from a rented house we all loved when the owner sold it out
from under us. That was hard, but the rip-off came when she withheld part of
our security deposit even though we left the house in sterling condition. We
had done repairs and repainted the entire interior at our own expense so that
it was much nicer when we vacated than when we had moved in.

Power did a strange thing with that one. I don't know how it effected the
original house owner who cheated us on our deposit refund, since I never had
contact with her again. But I learned from my old neighbors that from that
point on, the house had been "cursed." The people who bought it had thieves
break into it so many times that after a couple years they sold the house to
get out of there. The same thing happened to every other person who bought
the house thereafter. The last I heard, this pattern had continued for over
10 years straight.

A very similar thing happened with another apartment I rented as a single
mother. First, the landlady tried to illegally hike my rent up to twice what
I was paying, then, when I moved, she tried to illegally withhold my security
deposit. A similar pattern followed jobs where I'd been treated like crap.
After I left one such job, one of my old co-workers told me that management
hadn't been able to hire anyone to replace me and finally had to restructure
my old job into 3 different positions and hire 3 people to do it. Even with
that, the turnover was crazy and the new people filling my then 3-job
position kept quitting. On top of that, my old boss got demoted and sent
into exile in another dept. and not long after I quit, one of my co-workers
had gone ballistic and had terrorized the whole staff for several weeks,
making threats on people's lives. Really weird stuff.

None of these incidents benefitted me in any way and until I noticed the
pattern, I never thought they had anything to do with me at all. I'd been
angry at being cheated on my security deposit refunds but I hadn't
consciously harbored any ill will toward my landladies. I resented being
overworked and grossly underpaid in the job I quit and was not surprised that
no one else had been willing to work as hard as I had for such lousy pay.
But I was surprised that they couldn't even keep 3 people hired to do my old
work, and the other fallout at the office was even more strange.

A few years ago, the top official in a large spiritually-oriented
organization did some offensive stuff to me and I was really put off by him.
A year later, I learned that his organization, which had been in existence
for almost 20 years, had completely collapsed. A doctor who refused me
needed medical help when I was having a painful illness later disappeared
from my HMO. Where she went or what happened behind the scenes, I have no

There have been a lot more incidents like this, but you get the gist. Some
people have told me that they like to fantasize bad things happening to
people they have issues with. I try to resist any temptation to do this. I
consider it black magic, with potentially dire repercussions for the person
doing the imagining -- and through their intent, psychically inflicting
misfortune on others. When somebody attacks me or rips me off, I see it as
their karma without feeling vindictive or dwelling on it. Since I've become
aware of the Power-retaliation factor, I've tried to detach or find some way
of countering my anger when someone screws with me, both by praying for
myself and for them, and by earnest attempt to forgive them. But it seems
that the initial feeling of violation has such a charge that it still sets
the retaliative Power in motion.

Or maybe something else is happening. I'm not sure if my feeling of being
violated/cheated is the catalyst, or if it is simply other people's
dishonorable or outright malign behavior. If I were totally clear and
detached, would Power still go after those whose agendas are disrespectful to
me? I don't know; I'm certainly not there yet. But I've heard of much the
same thing happening with people who seem a lot more evolved than me.

Maybe the karmic principle of "what goes around comes around" gets sped up
around people with a lot of shakti. In one incident of this nature, a
jealous and malevolent saddhu deliberately gave a saint poisoned food. The
saint ate it with no ill effects. But within minutes after the saint
swallowed the food, the saddhu, who hadn't eaten any of it, keeled over dead.
 Did the saint know the food was poisoned and feel anger, which resulted in
the saddhu's death? Or was this entirely the working of Power/Spirit which
in a sort of aikido fashion protected the saint and punished the saddhu?
Very mysterious stuff...




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