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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/03/28 17:20
Subject: Re: [K-list] Mirroring
From: Ckress

On 2000/03/28 17:20, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

From: ckressATnospamaol.com

Round two.

El wrote:
<< Which beliefs are the true ones?>>

Syena wrote:
<<Seems rather simple to me...Both are right and both are wrong... Truth by
definition is an absolute..stands alone.. So whatever floats your boat is
your experience.>>

Like everything is up and everything is down? Touche' by observation is an
attribute... sits together... So whatever sinks your ship is your destiny?
Wow, profound!

El wrote:

Syena wrote:
<< His mom probably thought different. But then she probably came from a
place of seeing his perfection and not his faults. From a place of
unconditional love. If you expect to be bored, everything will always
eventually bore you to tears.>>

Oh, I get it. If you have a doting mother who agrees with whatever you
believe about yourself, you've got solid backup, and the rest of the world
has an attitude problem.

El wrote:
<< Is this because you're continually staring into the sun?>>

Syena wrote:
<< Well I certainly hope so...only it is an inner one. The sun not only
illuminates itself, but everything in its path.>>

So you're pretty much totally illuminated, right? Now that you mention it,
you do sort of stand out as the most evolved person on the planet.

Syena wrote:
<< Well...since I'm a certified therapist, I kinda know that about denial,>>

You're a CERTIFIED therapist? Hot damn, I had no idea I was addressing a
Professional! No doubt upon your coronation -- uh, I mean, certification --
you received the full spectrum of vaccinations to make you immune to all
psychological disorders.

Syena wrote:
<< but the other aspect sounds like opinion to me.>>

I was expressing a mere opinion? Oh god, no. I was sure it must have been
an immutable law of the universe. But I guess only you are qualified to know
about that, seeing as you have a monopoly on "channelled" greatness.

Syena wrote:
<< Is that the "your truth is not my truth" syndrome?>>

Is that what they call it in your psych classes? Out here in the real world,
it's known as disagreement. I bet you even have a drug for it, don't cha?
"Client displays your-truth-is-not-my-truth syndrome -- I recommend heavy
sedation with Xanax followed by therapeutic cattle prodding to assist
truth-readjustment process."

By the way, what kind of syndrome was that meltdown diarrhea version of your
post you sent to the list?

El wrote:
<< Cultivating a "beginner's mind" means [blah blah blah]>>

Syena wrote:
<< Yes...I've read "Joy's way"...page 32 etc. also.>>

How can I break this to you gently? "Beginner's mind" is a Zen Buddhist
concept which has been around a lot longer than your copy of "Joy's way."
But I am impressed by your photographic memory of the page numbers and text
of your library books.

Syena wrote:
<< Polarized is a label...New Age Fundamentalism is a label...Our beliefs
that a wall is solid is a label. Our belief that we are separate is a label.>>

Is that all you could come up with? Oh well, don't strain yourself. Anyway,
Syena, you sure got me there. That's what we're doing, aren't we, pasting
labels on each others' labels. Are we having fun yet?

Ok, your turn to incinerate me with flames, Syena. You can even have the
last blast... I've come down with the flu, so I'm outa here for awhile to
rest up.



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