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Recieved: 2000/03/27 17:50
Subject: Re: [K-list] Mirroring
From: Ckress

On 2000/03/27 17:50, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

From: ckressATnospamaol.com

First, wanted to say that I loved the poem Syena posted ("Oneness and

Syena wrote:

<< If you see "dark forces" they are an aspect of you.>>

I agree. Everything is a part of me; I am a part of everything in a sort of
cosmic hologram.

Syena wrote:

>> You are what you believe.>>

There is a real case in psychiatric literature of a man who was absolutely
convinced he was a HAT!! So according to New Age fundamentalist teachings,
that is what he was, right? If I believe that I am totally worthless, am I?
If I believe that I'm always right about everything, does that make me always
right about everything? What if others believe I'm an arrogant egomaniac?
Which beliefs are the true ones?

The world is overrun with people with the wildest crackpot beliefs about
themselves. Unfounded beliefs are prolific. I guess you've never been
caught in a social situation with someone who believed they were a great
story teller and proved it by droning on soporifically until everyone else's
ears bled. Lucky you.

Syena wrote:

<< I no longer see dark forces.>>

Is this because you're continually staring into the sun? If so, you'll see
dark forces fairly soon when you go blind. I'm not saying that simply in
jest. The more you polarize yourself, the more you build up a tension that
will eventually burst into the opposite polarity. Yin or yang in excess
change into their opposite.

There is a well-known psychological self-defense maneuver called "denial."
It's used by people who refuse to see the truth in a painful situation or who
won't admit to their problems, like alcoholics who insist they don't have a
drinking problem. Where psychology regards this as a reality-distorting
strategy that can have very detrimental consequences, New Age fundamentalism
encourages it as a fine spiritual tool.

Syena wrote:

<< drop all beliefs and you will be instantly enlightened >>

Cultivating a "beginner's mind" means loosening hold (or better still,
letting go) of beliefs and allowing yourself to "not know" and simply be
present to whatever experiences arise. This doesn't guarantee enlightenment,
but it develops awareness.

Beliefs of any sort cloud awareness. You don't pay attention to what is
happening if you're already pasted labels on everything. That's why Julie
thought I was a man. She probably mistook me for male in one of my early
posts and, believing that I was a guy, failed to notice all the people who
have spoken of me as "she" or "her" in the years she's been reading these
posts! Her belief slammed her perceptual door shut, case closed. (There was
another woman in the early days of the list who always addressed me as "Ed"
even though everyone else was calling me "El." She was also real big on
Bask-in-the-light, your-beliefs-create-reality and she imagined herself to be
a paragon of awareness, LOL.) I've learned that people are congruent. If
they are consistently missing the small details, they are missing the bigger
picture too.

Syena wrote:

<< and just fully accept that you already do know. All else is the mind
masterbating the ego...>>

The first time I ever heard a variation of this expression was after my
God/Self awakening, when I made the mistake of trying to talk about it with a
Meher Baba devotee. He got really defensive and told me that I was "mentally
masturbating." At the time, I thought that was a bizarrely worded insult.

This morning I received a private email from a man whose K has recently risen
and he was, with obvious embarrassment, describing the "orgasmic" feelings
and sexual arousal he experienced with it. So I'll write back and assure him
that this is quite normal for K energies and not something he needs be
worried about.

So on the one hand, we know that K energies can have an arousal/orgasmic
quality, yet on the other, we use a word which describes giving oneself
orgasms as some really nasty, perverse, anti-spiritual thing! I would really
like to know what "mental masturbating" or "masturbating the ego" means.
Deriving pleasure from your thoughts or feeling good about yourself? That
sounds like a positive thing to me. In fact, isn't all this light, light,
nothing-but-light stuff about making yourself feel good all the time and
shielding yourself from any discomfort or displeasure? If that were really
possible, I'd probably be whirling myself into orgasmic-bliss nonstop and
never doing anything else. (Which harkens back to my previous post about a
total paradise world populated entirely by self-absorbed souls.)




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