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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/03/27 12:22
Subject: [K-list] Relative, absolute and other abstract terms ;)
From: Danijel Turina

On 2000/03/27 12:22, Danijel Turina posted thus to the K-list:

From: Danijel Turina <dturinaATnospamiskon.hr>

At 13:24 2000.03.27 EST, you wrote:
>From: ckressATnospamaol.com
>>I would be more inclined to say that I am One, One Self in all the
>>undivided, beyond division, unity beyond polarity. I wouldn't say that "I
>>you", because in the relative field of existence there is a difference, and
>>that difference has to be acknowledged in order to be outgrown.
>My God/Self experience was in accord with what Danijel says. From that
>perspective, there is no "you", no others, just the One Self dreaming. At
>the level at which we are a "we" or a "I/you", as Danijel says, we each have
>a distinct and unique individuality. But I don't understand his corollary:
>"that difference has to be acknowledged in order to be outgrown." Why does
>it have to be outgrown? In my experience both as a me/El and as
>I/Source/Self (actually, much MORE as I/Source/Self), this doesn't follow at

No, in fact you are right, it doesn't follow - I added something from
another perspective and it probably sounds confusing, please ignore. The
things don't go from multitude to oneness; in fact, they go the opposite
way, from oneness to multitude (things just are, they're not going
anywhere, but I won't say that for the sake of clarity:). The multitude is
the emanation of the Absolute, and the diversity and all the paradoxes are
a natural consequence of expressing the inexpressible. Good/evil,
light/dense, sweet/sour, all these things carry in them a fragment of
emanation of the Absolute, and none of them could ever give a consistent
picture of the real thing. Every individual person crystallizes some of the
qualities of the Absolute, and as the evolution goes, we get many kinds of
evolved beings, who have crystallized themselves in different ways. This
way, we get several good possibilities, and several bad possibilities. An
example: you can have ten good meals, all different, with practically no
similarities, and they're all good. You can, however, have even more bad
ones. :)

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