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Recieved: 2000/03/20 21:52
Subject: Re: [K-list] Astrology stuff
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2000/03/20 21:52, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

From: Mystress Angelique Serpent <serpentATnospamdomin8rex.com>

At 06:16 PM 3/20/00 -0500, ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
>From: ckressATnospamaol.com
>Angelique wrote:
><< El, you are adorable. :) >>
>Hold that thought -- you may want to revise it after this post...
No need for revision..:)

>Angelique wrote:
><< New moon is tomorrow.>>
>Uh, unless tomorrow is April 4th, one of us is on a different planet. Look
>at the sky tonight and tell me if that isn't a full moon (was exact at 11:44
>p.m. 3/19, according to my calendar.)
  Whups! my calendar shows full moons as black circles and new moons as
empty circles.. confuses the heck out of me..

>Strange. I perceive Barr as more locked into a masculine gestalt.
  Well, after all those years playing the suburban Mom...

> Whoopi
>has incredible versatility in her masculine/feminine expressions. You must
>not have seen her portrayal of an impoverished, abused and subjugated woman
>who finally comes into her own power through the loving support of another
>woman in "The Color Purple."
 Yeah, it was brilliant.. I was thinking of how she keeps getting roles
written for men, like in "Jumping Jack Flash".

>Angelique wrote:
><< You are usually very serious, and laughter heals. >>
>Well, I've been doing satire and parodies since I was ten.
 Well, it's brilliant.. let it flow..:)

>Having a service-oriented nature doesn't blind me to the intelligence of the
>Tao! But I'm part of the Tao -- the perfect order of the universe -- too.
>I'm under no delusion that the world or anything in it needs me to "fix"
  Whups! Sorry! I was talking about myself..;) ;P I already know that
anything I write about another is a reflection of me, that's what makes it
so much fun!! Not nearly so funny as your sarcasm, tho....

> A
>woman I know, having gone through a four and half year intense Kundalini
>awakening with no clue of what was happening to her, announced emphatically,
>"No one should have to go through this alone." I think she's right. Let's
>reach out to one another, so we can go through it together."
  I agree totally.. viva, le K-list!

> When it stopped being
>personally sustaining for me and was turning into me slaving away only for
>the sake of the others, I knew it was time to quit. The current double
>#44/45 is the final issue of ST (although all the back issues are still
>available while they last).
  Good! Let's publish them into an anthology book..:)

> NO WAY I could do it, and for the
>first time, I got really angry that I was being asked to do this. Now I
>don't consent to let anyone take advantage of me in that way.
  Yes, I had to learn it the hard way, too.. darn catholic school!!

>Yeah, but "a whole lot more fun" isn't the only criteria for wholeness and
>balance. What you see as "hypersensitive judgments of morality," I regard
>having a conscience.
Conscience? What's that? Is it like having a conscoiusness? I've got
one of those, I think.. it's around here, someplace.. or is it short for
science convention?

> Nobody else's philosophy, no matter
>how much it works for them, can counter the small voice in my heart that
>says, "El, be kind. Be as gentle and kind as you can to yourself and to all
>other beings."
   Well, I won't argue with somebody's heart voice..:)

> Part of being gentle and kind to myself is occasionally
>giving my naughty side licence to get up and strut its stuff because it
>expression too.
  It is adorable..:)

> Actually, for a Scorp, tying things into inscrutable knots is more along
>lines of an obsessive-compulsive disorder than masochism. Your
>everything-is-solved-now formula sounds terrific in theory but isn't so easy
>to put into practice, dear Omnipotent One.
 Why not?

> We who struggle under the
>illusion of time, space, human frailty and astrology (Saturn transits remain
>strongly in effect for at least a year, sob-groan) tend to progress at less
>than Sag-lightning speed. Forgive us our snail-plodding pace, Oh Great
>Velocity Queen.
  You keep saying stuff like that, you will give me an orgasm.. :)

>By the way, who are you quoting when you say that suffering is "good for
  You. You wrote a post recently saying that hard lives are good for
the soul. Teegee responded to disagree with it more eloquently that I could.

>Well, obviously you haven't understood what I think about that, Oh
>Less-than-Totally Omnicient One.
  Eh, total omniscence gets dull.. no room for suprise parties.. :)

>Angelique wrote:
><< Your soul already knows everything, and is everything, outside of time,
>Yeah, but we have pretty lousy memories, don't we?
  ROTFLOL!! yep..:)

>Angelique wrote:
><< What you wrote is just the reason your ego tells itself.>>
>Just about everything any of us is writing/saying/thinking is what our egos
>tell themselves.
 yes.. funny, isn't it?

> You want to talk to someone egoless, you're on the wrong
>list. Probably you're even looking to the wrong species. Try listening
to a
>tree or a butterfly. Much less ego and more pure soul there. Humans are
>rather annoying, ego-wise. Too bad you fail to see the perfection in their
>egoism. (I fail to see it too, but I have my hypersensitive morality for an
>excuse, where you, unfortunately, are more accountable since you've got
>everything clear. What a burden that must be.)
   You really are adorable.. totally loveable like Lucifer. Mercurial
sarcasm is so very beautiful. I love it. I'd rather hear the laughter of
the gods than birdsong. Music to my ears. Bravo!! Thou art Goddess!! More,

>What you are referring to above, I believe, is when I disagreed
>with your decree that Tony should be lynched and roasted over a barbecue pit
>for K-list dinner.
 Naw, Tony wouldn't make much of a meal.. junk food, fried pork rinds.
This goes back further.. to your plans to roast Domchi, I think.. ancient
history... I recall hinting at a lobster-bake once, also.. melted butter..

> On the one hand, everything is perfect as it is. On the
>other hand, those who protest or intervene when the flow of things seems
>headed in a downward spiral are part of the perfection too. They aren't
>somehow outside the wholeness of the universe.
Wise radiant Goddess, I hang on your every word..:)

>Angelique wrote:
><< I love you, El.. :) I'd love to clear the blockages, but you won't let
>anybody near them. You protect them like a prize pig.>>
>Oh, mercy, don't take my blockages. I need my blockages, Mystress! I use
>them to insulate our windows in winter...
 ROTFLOL!!! Thankyou. Go, mercury!! Rock on...

> You can clean up my backyard if
>you're really ambitious, though it's in even worse shape than my blockages.
Nah, I'd better work on my own backyard.. :)

>You can even have my flotsom collection if you're weird enough to want it.
  Sure, I'll set up a museum for it in the Kundalini sanctuary.. :)

>But I must ask that you stay away from my wreckage and ruins. I'm filming
>them for a documentary piece called "A Wasted Life: The Shame and the Pity."
  Ah so.. an HBO special? Discovery channel? History channel!!!

>And whatever you do, please, please, pulllleeeezzeee don't step on my blue
>suede shoes. They're even more precious than my prize pig because ELVIS
>WORE THEM. The King himself.
OK, but if you like, you can try my crotch-high black leather stiletto
boots, on for size..:) Walk a mile in them, see how that feels..:)
  Then you can tell me, coz I don't walk in them at all, if I can help it..
I even had a slave carry me back to the car, after a fetish party, once. I
pose for pictures to feed my narcissism and take them off right after.

>Ouuuhhhhh cough gasp choke.... oh gawd, look what you made me do now. I
>coughed up a blockage, eeuuuwwww.
   Nah, probably it's amithra, oh incredibly adorable Goddess of
Mercurial wit!.. :) I love you..:) I'm so glad you are here.

 Mystress Angelique Serpent, http://www.domin8rex.com
  Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Officially the most beautiful city in the world.
8) :D ;) :0 :) ;P ;) :D |* ;) 8D :)
 <<<< I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery
 <<<< than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.
 <<<< -- Harry Emerson Fosdick




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