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Recieved: 2000/03/19 21:56
Subject: Re: [K-list] Astrology stuff
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2000/03/19 21:56, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

From: Mystress Angelique Serpent <serpentATnospamdomin8rex.com>

At 08:23 PM 3/19/00 -0500, ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
>From: ckressATnospamaol.com
>Where is everybody? All out worshipping the full moon/equinox double whammy?
 El, you are adorable. :)

> I know this isn't an astrology list,
 Well, personally, I find astrology very useful for tracking the sine
wave of the Serpent. This list goes nutso on the full moon and falls silent
on the new.. whether I am paying attention to the calendar, or not. If
nothing else, astrology gives the ego the "reasons" it needs to stop
worrying about it's orbit, and just surrender to Being.
 New moon is tomorrow.

>but a weird thing is happening with my
>Saturn opposed Mercury transit which may be of general interest. For those
>who don't speak astrologese, Saturn represents age, authority, restraint,
>responsibility and structure. Mercury is youthfulness, wit, intelligence
>spontaneity. It is paradoxically both the genius and the fool of the
Yep, makes sense.. the fool of the Tarot, is the closest to the Divine.
Laughter is the nature of spirit, and so as an improvisor I learned to be
spontaneous, to channel brilliance. Saturn is egoistic, full of "shoulds"
and repressive limiting factors.
   I'm saggitarian, BTW, so it makes sense that on one side I'm the comedic
fool, who breaks social taboos, and on the other I'm List Mystress who
makes everybody follow the rules, or else I spank!!

> Some of the best comedians have strong Gemini/Mercury aspects in their
>charts. (Although Whoopi Goldberg, who I adore, is a Scorpio with a chart
>very similar to mine...)
 She is great.. she gets away with a lot of physical comedy and
swearing that would get other fem comics (like Roseanne Barr) lynched,
because she is very masculine.

>An opposition transit (like Saturn opposed Mercury) pits two different
>gestalts or archetypes against each other. Generally, the individual
>identifies with one side and feels up against the other through external
Yes.. I identify with the fool, who has no rules but following the
little dog barking that is the voice of instinct=Divine Will.. but the
work I've taken on as guardian of bandwidth brings out the saturn, wagging
it's finger with "Thou shalt not!!"

> But they can also switch back and forth, which is what has
>been happening to me. When I posted my "Cremation of the Fraud Meister"
>parody, I was Mercury thumbing its nose at Saturn: "Enough already of
>pretentious, pompous quasi-intellectual poop. Let's get down and get funky!"

I think it was perfect. Christopher is great, and I appreciate his
work.. but he is indeed very pompous, and if he cannot be the righteous
paternal fathergod, he does not respond, at all.. run away run away. I
recognise this in him, coz I do it too... so of course he will pompously
insist it is a reflection of my shit, and not true of him, at all..
   This, in opposition to his insistence that he is always looking for
issues within himself, makes for a comedy of the absurd.

   From my perspective, his fascination with the horrors of the inquisition
and child abuse, has a "Stephen King" feel to it. Like the folks who love
the "Friday the 13th" horror movies. If there was not a part of him that
was utterly fascinated with violence and horror, he'd have burned out on
it, by now. Belief in harm, only exists in the lower chakras..

I wrote to him about it, and he insisted that it was all my stuff, and
he was just reflecting... which made me LOL!!
I used to go round and round with Danijel Turina, playing that game..
for months and years, big horrendous flame wars.. both of us insisting we
were shit free, and all appreance of shit was because we were reflecting
the other person's issues.. two gurus fiercely arguing that all the shit
belongs to the other one, makes for very bizarre comedy of mirrors that is
only funny to the observer-Witness.. spirit.

   My favorite meditation these days, is the Einstien quote I sent Tony..
"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge
is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."

  Reminds me of when Froggy Jacques first joined the list and said that
being Jester to the gods would be a brilliant way to spend life, and I was
delighted by his freedom and set out to persuade him that he is already
enlightened.. :)

  The opposite polarity of the 2 gurus mirror game, is "I am all that Is,
so all shit is mine".. but take that one too seriously, and you'll drown in
   Somewhere in the middle is truth.. the middle path..

   Many years ago, I wrote an essay that said, "The consumption of life is
bound to produce some shit, if it doesn't you are either starving or
dead".. which comes round again, to the "Shit eater" Karmic Vampires of the
Holy Grail" game. Shit is food, to a dung beetle.
Christopher is a dung beetle. :) I mean that in the nicest possible
way, Christopher.. :) Shit is fertilizer for creativity, it makes the
flowers grow.. Energy is energy, it's what you do with it, that counts.

>Then I shifted into Saturn, which is why this post has all the levity of a
>lead balloon. Humorless Saturn isn't impressed with Mercury's form of
>"brilliance," which it sees as a cheap way to get laughs and cheers from the
>crowd. Saturn is concerned with ethics and propriety and says, "Real cute,
>El, but you hurt somebody. Proud of that, are you?" (Even though
>claimed not to be hurt, the posted Dalai Lama guidelines said otherwise to
 Well, "somebody" claims a lot of stuff, and has too big an ego to
admit hurt, but I can hear the Gods laughing their etherial asses off..

>What switched me to Saturn was when most of the group sided with Mercury.
>everyone had responded on a Saturnian wavelength ("El, that was
>against-the-rules flame war material. Put a lid on it!"), I probably would
>have remained wildly Mercury.
I supported it because I think it's good for you. You are usually very
serious, and laughter heals. There is a part of you that spends a lot of
energy rescuing folks and doing what needs to be done.. it is very
responsible and compassionate.. but it does not see perfection in the
struggle of other. It wants to fix things, and no kidding you get tired..
weight of the pain of the world on your shoulders. Seeing you behaving
selfishly was incredibly refreshing.

Do you run "Shared Transformation" because of "what other people need",
or for the joy of doing? There has been a lot of stuff said about
selflessness, but I find greater virtue, in selfishness, because it is
honest. Selfless motives lead to "The road to Hell is paved with Good
intentions". Martyrdom sucks, and nobody wants to be around a martyr, bad
as a nagging mother.. but "follow your bliss" is Divine.

When I took over the K-list, I had to be very sure of my selfish
motives. It was/is a beautiful garden that I had gotten a lot of enjoyment
out of, and I wanted to own it so I could be sure it would continue to
exist, and keep giving me more of what I'd been getting. I knew that I'd
burn out on martyrdom, selflessness would run out, leaving me feeling like
I'd been ripped off. My biggest anger happens when my saggitarian
generosity has been unfairly taken advantage of.

   I knew I'd not be able to continue the committment long-term unless I
was getting well paid in the coin of my own bliss.
My motives had to be selfish, or I would not have the energy to sustain
me, in the long term.

> This switching sides isn't deliberate on my
>part. Geez, Mercury is a lot more fun. Saturn is a stern taskmaster who
>makes you stay inside sweating over your homework while all the other kids
>are out playing.
 Goddess doesn't judge.. you have judged yourself more harshly for that
post, than anybody else did.
For me the inner polarity is Michael, my anima, he with the double
edged sword of righteous judgment, ... and Lucifer, my shadow side, who
relentlessly and sarcastically shows me the "Ugly mirror" duality of my
Heroic "good intentions".
   Lucifer is my best friend, because he has zero compassion for my idiocy
and mocks me mercilessly when I get too stuck on myself, too deep into
judging morality and righteousness... he is the laughter of the gods.. what
an incredible gift. His wit is often very dark and sarcastic, and it snaps
me right out of ego.

   His idea of a funny joke, is to tell me how clever I am, to get people
to pay me to torture them, that way they keep coming back for more, on
their own, and I don't have to dispose of the bodies... OUCH!! .. ROTFLOL!!
   The truth hurts/the truth makes me laugh.

   When I am in a good energy state, I am unified androgyne. When I start
to fall out of it a little, into judgment Michael shows up.. if I fall
further, Lucifer, (whom I call Armand) shows up to give me a tough love
smack upside the head, sarcasm and mockery so I can laugh at myself and
release the crap and ascend again.
>instance, I had no idea I was going to be shifting back and forth between
>Saturn and Mercury in a sort of split-personality until it started
>but I knew I'd probably be dealing with some kind of confrontational issues.
I think it is your own issues you are confronting. I think your
playful, absurdist mockery is completely wonderful. It was resonant with
the Einstein quote. The laughter of the gods is music to my ears.
   Where did that Lobster go? I miss him.. he'd turn Christopher and Tony
inside out and have them for brunch.
   Do ya want some fries with that?

>Anyone facing a Saturn/Mercury opposition (or square) would be pushed to
>more balance between these two poles. Since both Mercury and Saturn are
>strong in my nature, I get pulled back and forth, siding with one, then the
  Where is the middle path? I suspect it is a place that is a whole lot
more fun than the hypersensitive judgments of morality you get into..

> Someone more exclusively Saturnian or Mercurian would be inclined
>instead to butt heads with the other side through conflict with another
>person. (To which my Mercury interjects: "El, listen up. The 3 people on
>list who are still reading this psychological-esoterrorism are starting to
>feel dizzy. Spare them, I beg of you. Abort this post. DO NOT, repeat,
>send it. Step away from your keyboard NOW.")
  ROTFLOL!! I'm not dizzy.. I'm a redhead.

>To which Saturn ponderously and defensively responds (Saturn is always
>getting defensive, that's it's domain too):
 Well, that ought to tell you, Saturn is ego and Mercury is spirit.

>"It's not polite to interrupt and
>stop trying to order me around. This may all be too complex to follow for
>someone with the attention span of a gerbil, but I personally find it
>intriguing the way the psyche works through alternating archetypes (i.e.,
>patterns of thoughts/feelings and inner and outer forces) in a process of
>ongoing, cyclic integration and self-development."
 Yes, completely fascinating to gaze in your navel and see the universe
reflected in the lint.. and it is also fun to chuck it all and go run naked
thru the sprinkler singing "Olly olly oxen free!!".

>Now Mercury is rolling around on the floor and crying out, "Lighten up, for
>godsake. Go take some Prozac. And for the record, that gerbil quip was a
>Mercury rippoff. Saturn is never that good with sarcasm."
  I know.. :) It was a good one.. anyhow, how long is the attention
span of a gerbil? It doesn't have an ego...

>I can see this is gonna be an internal wrestling match for some time.
Sigh. I just spent an hour on the phone with someone who inisted that
surrendering their fears must be a long and difficult process.. even tho
his original ego is already dead, and the stuff he is dealing with now is
karmic crap of struggle he's taken on from other people. I am a tunnel of
light he can jump down any time, if he gets tired of playing "long
suffering hero", but he keeps insisting on making things difficult.
   He kept talking about how he would *try*, to get rid of his limiting
fears.. I finally laughed and quoted Yoda at him. "Try? There is no try..
there is Do, or do not".. stupid chunk of rubber muppet is smarter than he
is.. he laughed at himself when I said this.. so there is hope.

   Thinking that it must be hard and long, <mercury snickers at the ribald
innuendo> is a limiting belief. You *want* it to be a long wrestling match,
coz you enjoy the experience of struggle and you don't want it to end. You
are fascinated by your own macrame projects, tying simple things into knots
gives you a sense of accomplishment.
   Why not just admit you are a maschocist who likes to suffer and
struggle? Saturn is your Dominatrix, and you go back for the spankings and
scoldings over and over coz you like it! Yummy!!
It would be a lot more honest than this martyr-hero routine that has
you suffering because you think it is "good for you".. "spiritual"..
  I understand all that stuff about how you think a lifetime of suffering
is good for the growth of the soul, but I don't buy it.
   Your soul already knows everything, and is everything, outside of time,
infinite. What you wrote is just the reason your ego tells itself.. The
road to hell and good intentions. I have great compassion for your
suffering, it amazes me that you can suffer and be so generous, I'd be
screaming blue murder and threatening suicide.
I also see clearly the blockages that manifest as pain, and they are
tied in with the hypersensitivity that makes you judge me "unspiritual"
when I flame somebody. You don't see the love in it, but that does not mean
it is not there.. love is all that Is.
   I love you, El.. :) I'd love to clear the blockages, but you won't let
anybody near them. You protect them like a prize pig. When someone sends
you Shakti, it pushes on the blockages and makes them hurt.. resistance
causes pain. Goddess is love. So, I won't zap you, but I'd gladly play dung
beetle to take the crap away..
(don't be hurt.. instead, take a look at the resistance... look at what
my saying this brings up in you.. reasons of ego..)

> Since
>I may not be able to keep it entirely to myself (i.e., avoid posting to the
>list during this nifty phase), my Saturn wants to say: "I apologize in
>advance for any brash and irreverent remarks that may be made by Mercury."
>To which Mercury replies, "Go soak yer head, Pops."
Yaaaaay Mercury!!!!
Jessica Rabbit, on why she married silly goofy Roger Rabbit:
"He makes me laugh".

 Mystress Angelique Serpent, http://www.domin8rex.com
  Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Officially the most beautiful city in the world.
8) :D ;) :0 :) ;P ;) :D |* ;) 8D :)
 <<<< I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery
 <<<< than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.
 <<<< -- Harry Emerson Fosdick




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