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Recieved: 2000/03/19 18:23
Subject: [K-list] Astrology stuff
From: Ckress

On 2000/03/19 18:23, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

From: ckressATnospamaol.com

Where is everybody? All out worshipping the full moon/equinox double whammy?

 I know this isn't an astrology list, but a weird thing is happening with my
Saturn opposed Mercury transit which may be of general interest. For those
who don't speak astrologese, Saturn represents age, authority, restraint,
responsibility and structure. Mercury is youthfulness, wit, intelligence and
spontaneity. It is paradoxically both the genius and the fool of the zodiac.
 Some of the best comedians have strong Gemini/Mercury aspects in their
charts. (Although Whoopi Goldberg, who I adore, is a Scorpio with a chart
very similar to mine...)

An opposition transit (like Saturn opposed Mercury) pits two different energy
gestalts or archetypes against each other. Generally, the individual
identifies with one side and feels up against the other through external
circumstances. But they can also switch back and forth, which is what has
been happening to me. When I posted my "Cremation of the Fraud Meister"
parody, I was Mercury thumbing its nose at Saturn: "Enough already of
pretentious, pompous quasi-intellectual poop. Let's get down and get funky!"

Then I shifted into Saturn, which is why this post has all the levity of a
lead balloon. Humorless Saturn isn't impressed with Mercury's form of
"brilliance," which it sees as a cheap way to get laughs and cheers from the
crowd. Saturn is concerned with ethics and propriety and says, "Real cute,
El, but you hurt somebody. Proud of that, are you?" (Even though "somebody"
claimed not to be hurt, the posted Dalai Lama guidelines said otherwise to

What switched me to Saturn was when most of the group sided with Mercury. If
everyone had responded on a Saturnian wavelength ("El, that was
against-the-rules flame war material. Put a lid on it!"), I probably would
have remained wildly Mercury. This switching sides isn't deliberate on my
part. Geez, Mercury is a lot more fun. Saturn is a stern taskmaster who
makes you stay inside sweating over your homework while all the other kids
are out playing.

I find astrology fascinating in the way it depicts dynamics of the psyche as
well as being uncannily accurate in pinpointing times when specific types of
experiences and events are most likely to occur. I don't consult my chart
every day before I decide whether or not to inhale, but I've learned to check
out my transits every so often to see what may be on the horizon for me. I
never know until the transits hit exactly how they will play out. For
instance, I had no idea I was going to be shifting back and forth between
Saturn and Mercury in a sort of split-personality until it started happening,
but I knew I'd probably be dealing with some kind of confrontational issues.

Anyone facing a Saturn/Mercury opposition (or square) would be pushed to find
more balance between these two poles. Since both Mercury and Saturn are both
strong in my nature, I get pulled back and forth, siding with one, then the
other. Someone more exclusively Saturnian or Mercurian would be inclined
instead to butt heads with the other side through conflict with another
person. (To which my Mercury interjects: "El, listen up. The 3 people on
list who are still reading this psychological-esoterrorism are starting to
feel dizzy. Spare them, I beg of you. Abort this post. DO NOT, repeat, NOT
send it. Step away from your keyboard NOW.")

To which Saturn ponderously and defensively responds (Saturn is always
getting defensive, that's it's domain too): "It's not polite to interrupt and
stop trying to order me around. This may all be too complex to follow for
someone with the attention span of a gerbil, but I personally find it
intriguing the way the psyche works through alternating archetypes (i.e.,
patterns of thoughts/feelings and inner and outer forces) in a process of
ongoing, cyclic integration and self-development."

Now Mercury is rolling around on the floor and crying out, "Lighten up, for
godsake. Go take some Prozac. And for the record, that gerbil quip was a
Mercury rippoff. Saturn is never that good with sarcasm."

I can see this is gonna be an internal wrestling match for some time. Since
I may not be able to keep it entirely to myself (i.e., avoid posting to the
list during this nifty phase), my Saturn wants to say: "I apologize in
advance for any brash and irreverent remarks that may be made by Mercury."

To which Mercury replies, "Go soak yer head, Pops."




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