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Recieved: 2000/02/23 00:52
Subject: Re: [K-list] Medicinal benefits of nicotine
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2000/02/23 00:52, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

From: Mystress Angelique Serpent <serpentATnospamdomin8rex.com>

At 07:12 PM 2/22/00 -0500, ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
>From: ckressATnospamaol.com
>Hope this isn't turning into the El's weird facts list. Here's some more
>from today's SF examiner from a front page article titled "Scientists
>studying benefits of nicotine."
> There is also evidence that nicotine helps for depression, attention
>disorder (ADD) and schizophrenia.
 Way kewl.. :) Doesn't surpise me, after all the North American Natives
used it as a medicine, as well as a ritual. Nicotine also helps fix

   I get people bugging me about my smoking being "unspiritual" sometimes,
but my guidance has made it very clear, that smoking does not harm me. I
tried to quit, earlier in the year, but a powerful Witch in a rabid
nic-fit, is not somebody you wanna be around.. ;)

  I was speaking to a Witch friend about smoking recently, and he mentioned
an observation he had made, that Witches who smoke, become more powerful
than Witches who don't. Every powerful Witch he knows, smokes except for
one who substitutes overeating. All the rest, seem to hit some kind of
glass cieling. He is trying to quit smoking anyhow, tho.. I wish he'd quit
drinking, instead, but he is Irish.. ;)

  I have a book on Ayathusca Shamen of the amazon, called "The Cosmic
Serpent".. fascinating reading for any Kundalite!!
   The word for Shamen in their language is "Tobacco user".. when he asked
the Shamen about it, they said "the spirits love tobacco".. but he went
further, and the book contains some science about the effect of nicotine on
serotonin and other neurotransmitters.. very postive effects, for Spiritual
work.. I have also found that tobacco seems to have an "internal smudging"
effect, similar to using sage smudges to clear energy.

 So, I'm not in a big hurry to quit smoking, but I am smoking
hand-rolled tobacco without additives, most of the time, and I use a long
glass cigarette holder that gets pretty ugly and brown after a few days..
the holder cools the smoke, which makes itkinder to my throat, and
pecipitates a lot of the tar out before it reaches my lungs... I want to
get an even longer one, but I'll probably have to go to a place that does
scientific glassblowing for laboratories, to get one custom-made. I used to
use a wooden one, but wood smoke is more toxic, than tobacco.. the holder
didn't burn, but it was getting hot smoke going thru it.

 Mystress Angelique Serpent, http://www.domin8rex.com
  Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Officially the most beautiful city in the world.
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