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Recieved: 2000/02/22 17:47
Subject: Re: [SacredKundalini] Re: [K-list] More Wounded Healers
From: Maureen Heffernan

On 2000/02/22 17:47, Maureen Heffernan posted thus to the K-list:

From: Maureen Heffernan <morlightATnospammhonline.net>

ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:

> YES! And more than the nerves can be effected. In Japan, shakti-Kundalini
> is called "Seiki."
> Her method of delivering Seiki/Shakti seems unique in that she draws it from
> the atmosphere rather than from herself, which she says has the effect of
> doubling or tripling the natural life force energy.

  This is what I have been experimenting with and trying to understand.
I have known distinct and impressive differences between using K ,
Reiki, prana or physically *working* on someone,balancing and working
in the auric field in the Reiki room of my home and then in the Chapel
invoking the Trinity/ GOD/Godess ,Archangel Raphael and experiencing as
you write , "a tripling" effect. Atmospheric changes. Also places or
sections of what I call altered air. Very different,electric, and much

 Giving Seiki to awaken
> another's K is so stressful on her body that she can't do it more often than
> once every 5 months. The first time she ever gave it to someone, ALL HER
  Well, I gave up on the idea of lighting newspapers with my hands
because I can put this to better use. But I don't know about my teeth
falling out. (Whatever is asked.) But I agree that it truly can not be
done often. The nerves are simply incapable of handling such Power.

> I felt something come down from above me... from the direction of the
> ceiling, down into my head! something was entering my head in the back where
> the hair-whorl is located.
  Yup, always into the head. I always interpeted this as the cross. The
vertical, Spirit into matter and the horizontal,,,our arms stretched out
in service. I wrote once of it like lightening into the head,down the
spine and up and out the hands.

> Regarding Maureen's comment that "there are Other Powers at work here," in
> the Afterword section to Keeney's story of his amazing shamanic-K journey, he
> writes:
In a moment of desperation I cried out to the Creator,
> 'I'm not sure I can live with this responsibility.
> "When we saw the pot we wept again. I cried out to the Great Spirit, 'Please
> stop. You do not have to show us any more. I am completely yours.

  Just beautiful! Other Spiritual Forces from on High and Kundalini is
indeed a triple effect.How my heart can relate,as after an encounter
with the Sacred Heart, I wrote of feeling so humble and kept
saying,,,,,"you didn't have to do all that."

> Keeney concludes by saying: "I know, without a doubt, that miracles take
> place and that the world is filled with mysteries. I invite you to abandon
> any fear of the light and begin a life celebrating the bringing forth of the
> Great Spirit into all that we may become."
  Amen. And thank you El for the informative letter. I've invested 5
years now in trying to distinquish and work with these
different,"Forces". Each day, a little more clarity.
Blessings to all,
+ Maureen



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