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On 2000/02/22 15:12, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

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In a message dated 02/21/2000 7:17:57 PM Pacific Standard Time,
morlightATnospammhonline.net writes:

<< Hi El,
   As I have written before, one must be careful. Angels can fry the
 nerves,unknowinglying and unintentionally. Also, to consider,,,,,this is
 not just a man, Fr, Bain. He is acting as conduit. Shakti Kundalini,
 yes, of course, but there are Other Powers at work here.
 + Maureen >>

YES! And more than the nerves can be effected. In Japan, shakti-Kundalini
is called "Seiki." (All the quotes below are from Bradford Keeney's book,
"Shaking Out the Spirits".) While on a spiritual pilgrimage around the
world, Bradford Keeney met one of the greatest Japanese Seiki masters, Mrs.
Ikuko Osumi. She was renowned as a powerful healer who had cured many
patients -- "the old and powerful families of Japan, as well as distinguished
artists, religious leaders and politicians from all over the world had been
her clients." (p.137) In addition to using Seiki/Shakti for healing, she
gave it to carefully selected people to awaken their K. Typically, she would
take a year to prepare the person to receive the Seiki for K awakening.

Her method of delivering Seiki/Shakti seems unique in that she draws it from
the atmosphere rather than from herself, which she says has the effect of
doubling or tripling the natural life force energy. Giving Seiki to awaken
another's K is so stressful on her body that she can't do it more often than
once every 5 months. The first time she ever gave it to someone, ALL HER

The first Westerner to ever receive her Seiki/K-awakening was a professor of
English named Burton Foreman. He tells of his experience:
"I sat there shocked. I shall never forget that moment when, quite suddenly,
I felt something come down from above me... from the direction of the
ceiling, down into my head! something was entering my head in the back where
the hair-whorl is located.

"I thought: 'My God! This is it!' It was like a light electric shock, yet
one that moved slowly down the back of my neck and into my spinal column. I
felt frightened for the first time. Whatever it was was inside me and moving
down my back. I could feel it moving, not too fast, yet moving slowly down.
I can say this about it. It was something with a purpose.

"But then what followed was even more surprising and unexpected. I saw Osumi
and her two disciples appear at my right side and stand looking at me
expectantly. The moving sensation in my body reached the very bottom limits
of my spinal cord -- the tail bone, and I knew that that was its destination.
 I was then suddenly, totally unexpectedly, thrown forwards on my stool in a
violent thrust surging up from my tail bone. The upward surge threw me
completely off the stool!" (p. 141)

Foreman goes on to describe the experience in more detail. At the end, he
says that Osumi-sensei cried "Congratulations... You have received Seiki. It
is in you for life. Cherish it." (p. 142)

Regarding Maureen's comment that "there are Other Powers at work here," in
the Afterword section to Keeney's story of his amazing shamanic-K journey, he
"... I again felt overwhelmed by the burden associated with knowing what the
spirits have revealed. I also feared the consequences this book would have
on my family life. In a moment of desperation I cried out to the Creator,
'I'm not sure I can live with this responsibility. I am doing what you have
asked. You must help me endure and show you are with us.' In an instant my
wife, Marian, and I saw a particular sacred object sitting on a dresser. I
had never removed it from my medicine bundle. We began weeping over the
shock of its appearance. In the next moment I began to doubt that it had
happened, wondering whether someone had done this to us by trickery. In that
second of doubt a tiny black clay pot appeared next to the other sacred
object. It had been given to me by my Grandfather when I was a child...

"When we saw the pot we wept again. I cried out to the Great Spirit, 'Please
stop. You do not have to show us any more. I am completely yours. I will
not hold back. Tell us what we are to do.'"

Keeney concludes by saying: "I know, without a doubt, that miracles take
place and that the world is filled with mysteries. I invite you to abandon
any fear of the light and begin a life celebrating the bringing forth of the
Great Spirit into all that we may become."

By the way, of all the K-autobiographies I've read, I found "Shaking Out the
Spirits" the most riveting, intense, magical, beautiful and astonishing. I
highly recommend it to anyone on a shamanic path.



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