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Recieved: 2000/02/21 12:41
Subject: [K-list] More Wounded Healers
From: Ckress

On 2000/02/21 12:41, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

From: ckressATnospamaol.com

There was an article in the Sunday San Francisco Examiner about a local
priest -- Father Richard Bain -- who is credited with miracle healings of
everything from epilepsy to Alzheimer's and cancer. Father Bain became so
disenchanted with Catholicism early in his life, feeling the church was
repressive and medieval, that for years he was an atheist. But a series of
events drew him back to the seminary (which he had left at the age of 19).
It was during this time that he first tried to help a woman with arthritis
and felt heat coming through his hand. As he kept at it, he discovered
"everyone I prayed over got healed." Even so, for the first five or six
years he questioned his gift: "I'd say this is crazy, I don't have a gift for
healing. I guess it was because I'm a skeptic." Now, after 20 years of
doing this work, he accepts that he is an instrument for divine healings.

When I read of the "heat coming through his hand" during his first healing
attempt, I thought, hmmmm, could be Kundalini. Then I came to a brief
paragraph in the article which said: "Yet when it comes to his own health,
Bain seems powerless. He suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and from
tinnitus, a debilitating ringing in the ears." This made me suspect even
more strongly that his K has risen. (In Christian terminology, awakened K =
being filled with the Holy Spirit). Constant ringing in the ears is a fairly
common K symptom, as are chronic fatigue type symptoms. (The general public
is unaware that CFS has a broader range of symptoms than merely feeling
tired; it can be quite painful.)

Here again is the wounded healer archetype evinced by so many mystics, saints
and holy people across all traditions. This "wounding" is frequently
associated with prolonged and severe K symptoms. Father Bain, like many
others endowed with remarkable spiritual gifts, appears to be yet another
demonstration that K can be hellacious on the body. Sometimes, finding one's
true spiritual calling and utilizing one's gifts can result in personal
physical healing, but in other cases, the K-illnesses and pains continue
regardless. Father Bain seems to be a case in point. I just wanted to put
this out as another example demonstrating that if you're still having
K-problems, it doesn't necessarily mean you're resisting the process,
fighting the Spirit or screwing up in some way.


If anyone is interested, Father Bain has a website at www.parishmissions.com


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