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Recieved: 2000/02/19 06:32
Subject: Re: [K-list] K Dream: What's to come?
From: Ckress

On 2000/02/19 06:32, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

From: CKRESSATnospamaol.com

Hi Jerry,

Don't know if I should be sending this to you privately or to the list, but
since you posted your dream, I'll reply as a post too. Dreams are so
personal and multifaceted in their symbols that any outsider's view is bound
to be at least somewhat myopic, but I'll take a shot at interpreting yours.

I feel your dream is giving you a sort of synopsis of your life process.

<< I found myself lying in bed in a small, seedy hotel room in India. >>

>From what you've shared of your personal history, I suspect that India
represents spirituality to you. May symbolize your birth/incarnation. This
part of the dream seems to convey a sense of despondency, of being in a
shabby situation. ("Ugh, back in a body on this plane!")

<< I got out of bed to get a bowl of cream of wheat (my favorite comfort food
for k stomach problems), but I couldn't hold it and dropped it on the floor.

You want nourishment/fulfillment/sustenance ("cream of wheat"), but there is
a sense of loss here.

<< Some men were at the door -- for some strange reason, they were trying to
deliver an ebony piano to my room --one that in fact looked strangely like my
own. (I was once an avid classical pianist until tendonitis forced me to give
it up years ago, causing me to take up yoga.) Soon after I turned them away >>

The loss is repeated here, in the form of the piano you had to give up

<< I suddenly saw my old sufi friend Shahabudin who had first guided me to
India long ago. I haven't been able to bring myself to contact him since his
pranayama exercises started my headaches 7 yrs ago. As soon as our eyes met,
I went to him and fell into his arms in a long, silence embrace. >>

And again, someone you identify as an agent of more losses (of your
deteriorated health and all that has cost you). So there are three symbols
of loss in a row, but each tells something about your progression. The first
loss seems beyond your control, the second is intentional (you turn the men
away), the third leads to a reconciliation, where you are able to open your
heart to someone who seems to have precipitated losses in your life. I would
take this to mean that your early losses felt fated in some way. Then the
later losses were the result of a "turning away" -- a decision, a voluntary
sacrifice or detachment from things. And finally the losses and sacrifices
are accepted -- even embraced -- as what life had in store for you. I use
"in store" because of what happens next in the dream:

<< Then I left him and from the street saw a small grocery store which I
decided to go into to buy more cream of wheat. But when I entered the store,
there was only a swami sitting in the rear of what was not a store after
all... He acknowledged me but didn't invite me to approach him, which I don't
think I wanted to do anyway. I clasped my hands together and bowed from a
distance, which he again acknowledged, and I turned to leave. >>

Here you are searching for nourishment/fulfillment again, but instead find
yourself face to face with the swami. I feel a sense of disappointment here.
 The mutual acknowledgment seems respectful but distant, lacking warmth and
without a "cream of wheat" sort of comfort and sustenance. That you leave at
this point says, "Well, this isn't really what I came for, I have to continue
on elsewhere."

<< But when I walked back outside I realized that what I thought had been an
empty yard was now filled with hundreds of cobras. I stood there, looking for
a clear passageway back to the street, but they were everywhere with hardly
any space between them. I felt a surge of panic. I couldn't go back in to
the swami. >>

What could the swarming cobras mean, LOL? (I've had numerous of these
poisonous-snakes-everywhere dreams too.) Could be you're smack in the
heartland of Kundalini. Once you get this far in your journey, there's no
turning back. The swami may be an outward guru figure. The dream says you
won't be able to take refuge in someone like this once you reach the more
intense levels of K-development. At this stage of the game, you're totally
at the mercy of Kundalini-ma. Now you're really in a scary predicament. And
what will happen to you? Your story tells you that too:

<< Then I awakened... and ready for my cream of wheat. >>

You awakened? Ah... I also see multiple meanings in the cream of wheat:

1. wheat = that which is truly authentic and valuable ("separating the wheat
from the chaff")

2. cream = the finest, the very best ("cream of the crop")

3. awakening ready for your cream of wheat = coming full circle, finally
receiving what you lost when you dropped your bowl (the bowl, the vessel, is

4. The cream of wheat you're seeking is actually YOU too -- your inner
essence, which includes meanings 1. (authentic) and 2. (the finest), and also
is an ordinary, nothing special sort of food (= offering to life). A
COMFORTING offering. I.e., you are a comforter, a compassionate soul. And
when you awaken to your true self, you will find comfort.

So overall the dream tells you where you've been, where you are (watch your
step, a freaky place, eh?), and where you're going. Could be summarized as
"It's been a long strange trip and getting weirder and scarier by the moment,
but everything will turn out ok."

All's well that ends well, right? Yeah, if you're at the end. In the
meanwhile, I'd advise you to walk softly and carry a big vial of anti-venom
at all times, LOL.


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