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Recieved: 2000/01/31 07:24
Subject: Re: [K-list] Fullness, Avatars, Alone, whew!
From: Ckress

On 2000/01/31 07:24, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

From: CKRESSATnospamaol.com

Hillary wrote:

<< I've often wondered whether those whose "path" is "inquiry" rather than
"surrender" have different reactions to the energy. It also could be that
those who see "visions" are more apt to be artistic in nature and those who
experience "voices" tend to be more verbal. >>

I seem to be equally surrender-inquiry oriented. Also I'm highly verbal --
has anyone not noticed? :) -- and have a lifelong involvement in the visual
arts. My most intense mystical/spiritual experiences have been on the order
of a radical perceptual/paradigm shift, though I've had comparatively minor
experiences of visions and less often, voices. I won't accept anything on
blind faith, so if a voice tells me something, I really give it the third
degree to check its authenticity and merit... and probably scare most of them
off, LOL! With visions I take a gentler, more curious approach; they
intrigue me more in their symbolic and magical quality.

My 3-wavelength/archetype speculation arose partly from my incessant need to
understand things in a way which is inclusive rather than elitist. Huge
bodies of "teachings" incorporate and encourage a "wrong-making" approach to
our differences, as if life is guaranteed to be homogenous, fair, and
pleasing to all if only we would all get our acts together and
do/be/think/feel/eat/act or follow spiritual practices in the proper way.
It's so built into most systems that the blaming is generally regarded as the
only plausible explanation for why we're not all in a state of utter
happiness, contentment and ease at every moment. So most of us -- either
through this kind of conditioning or through sheer human perversity -- have
an almost irresistible tendency to make others "wrong" or suggest that they
are defective in some way if their experiences and perceptions don't closely
resemble our own (or they don't correspond to our established philosophies).
I have the same knee-jerk tendency, but try to get past it to see if there
might be another way of comprehending what's happening.

The "make wrong" attitudes are so prolific and insidious that even in groups
(or from individuals) earnestly devoted to spiritual exploration, even
supportive or illuminating exchanges often contain some little dig or
put-down in the guise of information/insight. (I.e., If you didn't have my
lofty or favorable experiences, it's because you're blocked, unevolved,
karmically-besmirched, haven't overcome your fear, are entangled in your
attachments, have an ego-problem, etc. etc. etc.) It seems to require
Herculean sensitivity, awareness and restraint not to blurt things that seem
on the surface to be "right" to us, but which inadvertently stick it to
anyone whose experiences don't match our own. One person who is a long time
list contributor who has never seemed to succumb to this temptation, even
when under personal attack, is Harsha. He has my utmost admiration for this.
 Sort of ironic that of us all, Harsha is the least harsh. Just wanted to
acknowledge and thank him for that.


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