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To: K-list
Recieved: 2000/01/28 21:21
Subject: [K-list] Fullness, Avatars, Alone, whew!
From: Ckress

On 2000/01/28 21:21, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

From: CKRESSATnospamaol.com

Harsha wrote:

<< In True Aloneness, there is Wholeness, as the mind that is to be
frightened by the Aloneness (as it sees its identity in diversity) has
disappeared. >>

In the initial stage when my small mind was disappearing into the
Source/Self/Void, I was frightened. Then, as I merged into the One
Consciousness dreaming all of creation (not just the earth but all planes,
all realms), a profound sadness came with the realization that everyone had
no real existence. This was the devastation part -- remembering that they
were all in effect a hyper-special-effects puppet show of the Mind. As I
moved deeper into the "Wholeness" and realized that creation was the solution
to the sadness/Aloneness, I was overwhelmed with the most rhapsodic, almost
unbearably intense love toward every iota of creation. (Chronological terms
are necessary here to describe this, but the experience was one of timeless

I didn't apply the word "Void" to the experience until many years later when
I read it described with this word in some Eastern texts. The word seemed to
fit, and later still I met a woman who had the experience and called it
"God-in-the-Void," so that stuck with me. Before that, I had only known one
person who also had the experience, and we both had called it "I am all that
there is."

Christopher Wynter wrote:

<< for beyond the void is the no-thing
which is abundantly full of all forms of opposites with which to play
 and all experiences of life ...

but this is avoided by most
because of the human nature of attachment
and the conditioned unworthiness and martyrdom
 with which we have been brought up.

The void is merely a gateway ..
 the denial of the fullness of potential >>

We must have been in different voids, LOL! The only thing "denied" in the
one I experienced was duality/separation. "Conditioned" anything doesn't
apply to the Source/Self level. How can the One Consciousness be martyred or
unworthy? This would necessitate the presence of "other," which isn't there.

"Abundantly full of all forms of opposites with which to play and all
experiences of life" describes creation/creativity.
If anything is indeed "beyond" the Void/Self -- let's call the "beyond" stuff
"Zoogabunga" (which most of us know nothing about), that would mean that the
ONE isn't One. Something else is out there beyond it -- which means there is
not ONE, but TWO (or more???)

Christopher wrote: "but this is avoided by most." No kidding! None of the
sacred literature or teachings I've ever come across breathe a mention of the
TWO. Well, that would be in total contradiction to the One Self/I AM
awakening... but then, that's in contradiction to ordinary reality
perception, so why not? An infinite number of higher levels, each totally
contradicting the one previous. LOL!!


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