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Recieved: 2000/01/14 22:16
Subject: Re: [K-list] Interesting Perspective
From: Jenell

On 2000/01/14 22:16, Jenell posted thus to the K-list:

Oh my gosh! The ability to alter brain waves so as to read on EEG as
deep sleep while awake, I demonstrated, over 20 yrs ago, much to the
consternation of the tech trying to run the EEG, that kept telling me to
wake up, not go to sleep, upon which I did it while looking right at her
and TALKING to her to proove i WASN'T going to sleep! It was when i do
what i've most my life called my 'going away' thing. i have used it
since a child, for times when I have to be here, but dont want to be
here. i am awake, aware, but non reactive to much that is happening to
me. Works great in a dentist's chair, or when enduring severe pain. Also
great for staying calm in traffic jams, or otherwise when you have to
just pass time, like when they tell you to lay still while they run a
boring EEG test, it makes time seem to go faster, like something of a
mental 'time warp' effect. I just tune out and go away for the duration
needed, while keeping a pretty much unemotional conscious awareness here
at the same time.


ckressATnospamaol.com wrote:
> I received an email from a Sufi teacher pertaining to Kundalini which I found
> very interesting. Also the Delta
> waves
> > in my EEG were very high, higher than in deep sleep. These waves are the
> > slowest of all brain waves and when produced consciously are another
> > indicator of Samadhi.

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