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From: Kundalini

On 2000/01/10 04:31, Kundalini posted thus to the K-list:

-- Topica Digest --

Re: Digest for kundaliniATnospamtopica.com, issue 19
By fluteATnospamcreate.org

Re: Cold K
By peacedog_94ATnospamhotmail.com

Wim's tongue mudra
By mumblecatATnospamangelfire.com

 I survived Y2K (sort of)
By ckressATnospamaol.com

RE: Digest for kundaliniATnospamtopica.com, issue 19
By christ_yogiATnospamhotmail.com

Re: Wim's tongue mudra
By aurasphereATnospamhome.com

Re: I survived Y2K (sort of)
By aurasphereATnospamhome.com

Shared writing
By anglfthrATnospamiamerica.net

Re: New Year's Poll
By h2jacksonATnospamprodigy.net


Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 08:14:43 -0600
From: Carolyn Maloney <fluteATnospamcreate.org>
Subject: Re: Digest for kundaliniATnospamtopica.com, issue 19

Chinese New Year and the year of the Dragon starts on February 5th.
This is also a significant eclipse of Aqurius Moon and Acqurius Sun..
Great time for meditation and reflection. Throwing or releasing thing
that are not in your best and highest good.

In chinese "Kung He fa Choi"


Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 11:52:29 PST
From: "tom skarda" <peacedog_94ATnospamhotmail.com>
Subject: Re: [K-list] Cold K

Hi folks,
   As to running cold Glenn Morris mentions this in his books. This has to
do with running excess yin energy instead of yang. If you visualize ida and
pinagala along with the central channel while in meditation you should see
that the blue line, I can can never remember which is ida and which is
pingala, will be running more energy. While doing the micro or macro cosmic
orbit concentrate on the red line more. In fact if you can pulse additional
energy through the red line to help balance your energy.
   Apparently two ways exist to raise k energy. The most common approach
uses hot or fire energy, tantra is an example of this, and is why most
people in our condition tend to run warm or hot. Recently checking out B. K.
Fanzis' web site I discovered that another approach exiists using water or
cool energy. Not being familiar with his system I can only guess that most
of his students tend to run cool or cold energy the majority of the time. If
anyone else out there is familiar with his system please comment.

>From: winter mute <mumblecatATnospamangelfire.com>
>Reply-To: mumblecatATnospamangelfire.com
>To: kundaliniATnospamtopica.com
>Subject: [K-list] Cold K
>Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 08:56:07 -0800
>On Mon, 03 Jan 2000 03:45:50 Fran Frankfort wrote:
> >I am getting cold icy energy.
> >The last few days it has been
> >alternating with hot but its kinda got me spooked.....any insight would
> >appreciated.
>Hi Fran,
>My guess (and that's only a partially
>educated guess, mind you ;) ) is that the
>cold feeling is caused by energy going up
>the cooling channel instead of the middle
>= susumna channel, which is the best
>It sounds like you've been having energy
>going up the heating channel as well as the
>cooling channel, and that
>the energy is now alternating b/n the two,
>sometimes making you feel too hot and sometimes
>making you feel too cold.
>Could there be blockages in the throat or the
>heart chakra or adjacent areas ?
>My experience is that if there is a block
>in one chakra, felt as too little energy
>going through it or spinning too slowly
>(as some folks like to put it),
>the energy can't go through this area of the
>channel, and hence has to find another way
>up. It is the often forced into one of
>the side channels, causing excess warmth or cold
>in the physical body.
>Feelings of gentle warmth sort of rubbing the
>flesh or a cooling breeze wafting around the
>head and face wouldn't be too much of a worry,
>this just means the energy is meeting some
>resistance in the physical body and working
>on it, or that new energy is coming in.
>But if it's something more intense
>than that, it may be something you would want
>to try and find the cause of.
>Best of luck on resolving this.
>Trying to alleviate the cold feelings with
>blankets and a hot drink sounds like a good
>idea. Take care of yourself while this
>is going on ! :)
>Best regards,
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Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 20:01:49 0000
From: "winter mute" <mumblecatATnospamangelfire.com>
Subject: Wim's tongue mudra

On Sat, 08 Jan 2000 18:05:43 Wim Borsboom wrote:

>leads towards feelings of:
> .Ecstasy :-)
> .Orgasmic feelings in the upper part of the body and head :-)

LOLOL ! Yes, yes, and yes !

Rapture would be a better word for it, or
total cosmic orgasm.

Kriyas always used to feel orgasmic,
like the whole body was in an orgasm,
but these days it has expanded,
it feels like the
energy of the entire universe throbs in
long slow orgasms and when Kundalini takes over,
you tune into that and the
mind and body just goes with it. LOL !

I have times during the day when it feels as
if the body is in deep communion
with this universal ecstacy and I'm being
shaken in this cosmic orgasm which goes
on and on and on. LOL !

I also find the deeper parts of the self
communicating with the deep parts of other
humans, vibrating their "souls" and trying to
transmit the living ecstacy to them.

Even emotions such as pain, physical and
emotional and fear, loathing, are tinged
with ecstacy. These emotions are all
ornamentations on the original rapture.
They are prayer flags in different colors
ready to be hoisted up on the pole of
uncolored consciousness, proudly and
humbly at the same time.

> .Conscious participation in divine reality and divine activities :-)
> .Acute consciousness of immortality :-)

After the heart stopping night a few weeks ago,
I thought I should be dead.
The experience of the mind vanishing without
fear helps lessen the fear of death...

>Kechari mudra as described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika is an artificial
>(effective, but not recommended by me) way to bring this about by gently and
>over time severing the bit if tissue underneath the tongue, in order for the
>tongue to reach behind and above the soft palate and to bring about results

So that's why the adepts cut the phrena
lingua. I wondered about that, whether it was
to avoid suffocation or what.

>There must be loads of people
>who could be ready for this. That is why I >write about it.

I believe ppl are ready for the mudra when
the tongue has a desire in itself to
stay at the top of the palate behind the
front teeth, when energy can be felt going
into the tongue, making it curl and move or
thicken by
itself, when the throat chakra has "taken over"
from the 2nd chakra, when the throat area
feels like a second genital area,
when the mid channel
can effectively and completely bring
energy from the lower chakras up to the
head chakras in a somewhat steady stream,
when the energy streams upwards and it feels
like entering someone as a man
and being entered by someone as a woman at the
same time...

As I experienced /experience it,
the mudra requires a good amount of
steady energy going into and staying in
the middle of the head.

I suspect one can also use the energy itself
to massage the area underneath the pituitary
gland, direct the energy into the point in the
middle of the head, behind the eyes and
bring about some stimulation there.

There may also be a connection to the retina
from here, at least I have felt energy
going into the eyes... my eye sight has become
almost 20/20.

>After the Kechari Mudra experience, which may happen just once or more often
>(there is no significance as to the quantity of occurrences), bliss becomes
>irreversible as a physical change has taken place in the integrated human
>being. At least, that is my experience and the experience of two of my
>correspondents and from some literature.

LOL ! I think you can include me in there. ;)

Irreversible bliss...
I used to be very fearful of flying,
especially in bad weather when the plane
dips and shakes, to the extent I avoid
going up in an air plane when there's
more wind than a small gale.

Today I was in a small propeller airplane
and although it was superb weather, the
plane started dipping and shaking when hitting
the clouds on the descent.

I started getting fearful (as usual)
but then I could feel the part of the fuselage
next to me vibrating in rythm with the wind
outside. This perceivement sent me into a
feeling of cosmic orgasm which took away
all fear. I also got the impression,
falling in the plane, if it happened, would
be something else than I had been fearing.
In one way it would feel like a rapturous
leap into a lover's arms. :)

I must be mad... :D

The same experience
 of stimulation happened when
looking at the whirls and eddies created by
a strong boat engine in clear green water
I had to look away from these patterns of
moving whirls being created and recreated
by and of itself and of the power of
the boat engine vibrating through the water
as the body wanted to go into kriya movements
upon seeing this.

>I suppose
>what we have here is a total integrated human/divine love, at once from the
>most gross and physical to the most subtle and spiritual realities.

My experience is that a channel b/n the
human and divine, the susumna has opened up.
The channel can be seen as a horizontal tunnel,
instead of a vertical channel,
leading into and contacting infinity.

There was a flash of white light today,
a flash that filled the entire world,
showing the illusory and dream like state of the

>I myself get
>the feeling of the creation of souls or angels. (Well, if that sounds silly,
>but just bear... or laugh with me.)


I hope you create nice souls. ;)

>In the traditional yoga literature I
>believe that the Uddiyana Bandha is a description (though poorly translated
>and understood) of this experience.

What is Uddiyana Bandha ?

>In my experience and that of three other ppl. I
>know (one female), sexual fluids take on a different role in the functioning
>of the male and female body.

That could very well be.

Thanks for the throrough description.

Best regards,



Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 15:27:26 EST
From: CKRESSATnospamaol.com
Subject: I survived Y2K (sort of)

Are we still on topica? I've really been in the ozone for the past couple of
weeks. On Christmas day '99, an infection I'd noticed a few days earlier (on
my upper thigh) had become much more swollen and scary-looking. After
several days of natural remedies failed to improve my condition, I saw an
M.D. From this experience I discovered that I am now allergic to the general
spectrum of antibiotics (penicillins, cephalosporins, erythromycins) that are
considered generally nontoxic (there are others which are so dangerous they
can practically kill you if you look at them -- fat chance I could tolerate
those!). So while everyone else rolled into Y2K without mishap, my bio-clock
rolled back to 1900, pre-advent of antibiotics. A freaky revelation...

I've been knocked out from the infection (if that's what it really was) and
the aftermath of my antibiotic meltdown ever since, although each day I feel
a bit better. Last night the whole episode worked itself into a poem, which
I have posted below.


by El Collie

The swelling on my thigh was inflamed,
"an angry infection" I told myself,
wondering if the expression held true
or was merely cliche'.
Clearly, something is pushing the boundaries,
a miscreant pregnancy like Athena
erupting from the head of Zeus.

Strangely, it didn't hurt until after the doctor
probed and pinched and squeezed so hard
his waxy gloved hands shook from the effort.
Nothing either fair nor foul came forth.
He was puzzled, muttered something about
a possible herniation and prescribed Keflex,
a close cousin of penicillin that stank
like rotting gym socks
and slowly poisoned my whole system --
delayed allergic reaction.
Nausea, aching all over, and most awful
thundering heart racing in my chest for hours
on end, accompanied by a sense of impending doom
(which I reminded myself over and over
was only adrenaline-biochemical pseudo-fear).

I quit all meds but tasted rotten gym socks
and stayed deliriously sick
for another week. Now the inflammation is
nearly gone, but the leg still defiantly swollen.
This baby refuses to be aborted.
My husband worries over me,
glances at me with eyes brimming pain,
his face so utterly holy
and raggedly human,
bleeding love towards me
with radiantly sad eyes.

I complain of how alienated I feel
from everyone but him, my sad-eyed savior
who is glad I'm complaining about the world again;
it means I'm on the mend.
He is reading a biography of Kurosawa.
Kurosawa's films, he tells me,
hinge on the observation that most people
are driven by evil, amorality or stupidity --
and it's hard to say which of the three
generate the most harm.
I wonder aloud if there is something
about being incarnate
that brings out the worst in a soul,
or if the worst souls are the ones
who incarnate.

"What can you expect," he asks, "in Kali Yuga?"

Even the darkness longs to be born somewhere...
like this mystery inception on my leg?
Am I Lileth, mother of demons?
How can I carry this shark-toothed child
who threatens to devour everything I love?
How do I make peace with the flesh
that hosts such wickedness?
Evil, amoral and stupid:
the soul-sickness of my species.
How do I co-exist with that?

My husband glances at me, his eyes
so bright.
This is how:
By the light that outshines the pain:
Holy sadness.


Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 16:53:19 EST
From: "Steven Truex" <christ_yogiATnospamhotmail.com>
Subject: RE: [K-list] Digest for kundaliniATnospamtopica.com, issue 19

please tell me more about the signifance of February 5th and the
year of the Dragon. I know next to nothing about astrology. Although in
the past friends have told me of significant dates/times and these always
seemed to make a strong positive impact on me. That is, when I heeded their
Also I have always wondered do you or anybody else out there think there
could be a 13th sign to the Zodiac? I know it is never represented, but
somehow I think it could be a possibility. I once read someones opinion
that there may have been; it felt right and its stayed with me. Just
>From: Carolyn Maloney <fluteATnospamcreate.org>
>To: kundaliniATnospamtopica.com
>Subject: RE: [K-list] Digest for kundaliniATnospamtopica.com, issue 19
>Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 06:32:05 -0800
>Chinese New Year and the year of the Dragon starts on February 5th.
>This is also a significant eclipse of Aqurius Moon and Acqurius Sun..
>Great time for meditation and reflection. Throwing or releasing thing
>that are not in your best and highest good.
>In chinese "Kung He fa Ch



Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 14:20:56 -0800
From: "Wim Borsboom" <aurasphereATnospamhome.com>
Subject: Re: [K-list] Wim's tongue mudra

Dear Amanda,

I feel like thanking you very much
So here goes...........
And hugging you
So here goes........
And celebrating you in grace and gratitude
So here goes......
And sharing this unexplicable, untellable and inexpressible reality that all
this is
So here goes......

There is so much fear to overcome, and in my case, I had to be so daring,
totally counting on an innate trust that I knew was at the core of my being
but could not feel all the time .
For me all this has been a long lonely struggle.... So different now, my
life is going on so intensively, Michelle, the lady who came to live with me
and Emmy is teaching us so much about enhanced physical aspects of love. It
is so good to be here on earth...and stuff....
Oh gosh, stop the tears of happiness....
Stop ?? No way .....
So here goes......

I will write more about the bandhas in due time.
Yeah, lovely souls and angels.

So much love,


Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 14:24:34 -0800
From: "Wim Borsboom" <aurasphereATnospamhome.com>
Subject: Re: [K-list] I survived Y2K (sort of)

Dear El,
Just a quick get well and stay well message.
Stick with us OK?!!!

Did not read your poem yet. Got to go
Be good



Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 17:38:02 -0600
From: Jenell <anglfthrATnospamiamerica.net>
Subject: Shared writing

Thought others here might find something in some of the inspired
writings I am given to do at times. Here's a recent one I've done, hope
you find it of interest, useful, enjoyable, or at least thought

Know in your heart the truth in this thing, and you shall have entered
into the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven:

That which is a blessing is likewise also a curse. That which is a gift
is also is likewise a burden. Everything that is gain, is also loss. All
that ever was, still is, and all that is, was always. That which one
has, is that which another has not. That which one gains, was elsewhere
taken away. Power and honor and glory to one is weakness and dishonor
and shame to another. The leader make not the followers, but the
followers make the leader. The great make not the small, but the small
make the great. The strong is not mighty over the weak, but weak create
the mighty by their sacrifice of strength. The better is not made by
itself, but by that which is lesser. The poor create the rich. That
which you are, is for that which another is not.

He that is more than becomes more than only through that which is
sacrificed by the one that is less than, and thus does he that is less
than become greater than he that is more than, for that he that is less
than has created he that is more than. Thus is all honor and glory of
the more than due to he that is less than, for he that is less than has
brought he that is more than into being. He that has all can only find
loss, he that has nothing can only find gain.

Nothing new ever begins, nothing old ever ceases, it is merely
rearrangement. That which is gained here, is lost from there. All
existence is in the flow of from/to, of that which is between positive
and negative, between that which is, and that which is not, as is the
electricity, as is the wind, only existing in flow from/to. There is no
beginning, there is no end, there is no here and there is no there,
there is only the journey from/to.

As the polarity shifts, and the reversal, the turn through the looking
glass, is come, where we saw from within, we shall see from without and
that which we saw from without, shall be see from within, that which we
give shall become that which we will receive, that which we have taken
shall become that which is taken from us, that which we are shall become
that which we are not, that which we know shall become that which we do
not know. All is just, for all is consequences. All things exist in
from/to, that which is being filled is from that which is being emptied,
but that which is being emptied was once full and that which is filled
was once empty, and flow continues only when the flow reverses, for
nothing can remain the being filled and nothing can remain the being

That which by the one hand is given, by the other hand is taken away,
and it can only be so, for there is only the flow between.

I would desire to speak more clearly, that which would convey form, that
might be grasped, but there is no form, only forming. Like sand sifting
between my fingers are the words. Like sand sifting between my fingers,
is that which I seek to tell of here. Little squiggles of ink on paper
cannot suffice, sounds of utterance from the mouth cannot speak with
effect, for that which is within cannot comprehend that which it is
within. I seek to find but find that that which is to be found is
seeking. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you,
that which is open cannot be closed, that which is closed cannot be
open, that which is loosed cannot be bound, that which is bound cannot
be loosed. That which is the way, is the way, the journey, and cannot be
a beginning or a destination. Heaven is not another place, but we are
as those who´s eyes are blind, that live in a darkness in which they
cannot perceive or comprehend the appearance of the world around them.
We exist within the heavens, but comprehend it not. As it is to the one
blind who´s eyes receive sight, he at once percieves the vast world
about him, that he knew not before, but it is his sight that has newly
come, not the things he now sees about him, that he did not see before.

When one comprehends incomprehensible, when one grasps unable to grasp,
when one knows unknowable, when one finds unfindable, when one sees
unseeable, hears unhearable, shall one have entered into the kingdom of

Herein is the key that is, but is not, to the door that is, but is not.
The door that is closed, but is open, is within, not without. We do not
enter in through the door, we go out through the door, and the door that
is closed, but is open, is within, not without.



Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 23:28:44 -0500
From: "Hudson N. Jackson II" <h2jacksonATnospamprodigy.net>
Subject: Re: New Year's Poll

-----Original Message-----
From: kundaliniATnospamtopica.com <kundaliniATnospamtopica.com>
To: kundaliniATnospamtopica.com <kundaliniATnospamtopica.com>
Date: Monday, January 3, 2000 9:11 AM
Subject: Digest for kundaliniATnospamtopica.com, issue 12

>Dear List,
>How many of us feel that "love" had a part in their *awakening*. I
leave the
>term vague on purpose. I thought it would be interesting to see the
>of ways in which love is defined and experienced in conjuction with K.
>Yes and No answers are equally welcome, though. And as always, be free
>answer on or off list.

Hopefully, it's not too late to say Happy New Year and participate in
this poll. My computer is now cooperating and can now log on without
any problems (it was an issue regarding upgrading software to connect to
my ISP, and not the Y2K problem itself).

Ahem. Anyways, I never had seen "love" play any role in my awakening at
all. In fact, no emotions were involved in it at all.

However, it has been working its way into my life recently, and it's
definitely tied to kundalini. I can feel signs of that more and more
during the day, although at night I can sometimes sense it.

At night, I quite often squeeze my pillow while either thinking of one
friend who I'm interested in courting or the Virgin Mary. It depends on
the situation and the mood I'm in. Last night, I think, I was hearing -
or maybe imagining - the sounds of some angry person in the background,
someone might have been upset with me. Of course, you know who I was
thinking about there. And after a few minutes, I felt a lot comfort and
stuff, the sounds stopped, and I fell asleep afterwards.

During the day, however, it's a different story. I can't seem to stop
thinking about this one friend of mine, and accompanying that most of
the time is a similar feeling of love. But I'm not really in a serious
relationship yet, so it's made me wonder what's really going on. I do
know that last Friday, when I went to find her in the department store
where she works, my heart kinda sank when I saw another guy talking with
her. . . after a couple of moments, I had the sense that it would be
best to step out into the mall and start window shopping. Luckily, she
didn't see me the first time. About 30 minutes later, I went back in. .
. he was still there, so I stood quietly. . . although I snuck in
quietly and was a ways from the jewelry counter where she was, somehow
she picked up on it and noticed me. Then, they kind of wrapped their
discussion quickly, and he and his friend moved on. Then, I had a
chance to talk to her. And no, he was not a customer; I've seen him in
there before.

Anyways, it's getting increasingly obvious to me that something is going
on inside my own body. . . just thinking of her causes my body to move
in certain ways when I'm alone sometimes, but thinking of some other
woman doesn't do much of anything at all (well, with one exception). I
suspect the reason the kundalini is doing what it's been doing is to
give me some sort of sign, which is becoming quite obvious, if I'm
interpreting my body signals correctly.

Is there a way to get the kundalini to show me better what's going on
with my feelings and also to identify feelings that I'm repressing? I
don't always understand (and usually don't even have the time to
understand) my own body language, so to speak.

- Hudson


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End of kundaliniATnospamtopica.com digest, issue 21


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