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Recieved: 1999/12/18 11:13
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: Suffering as lllusion?
From: Zarko Kecman

On 1999/12/18 11:13, Zarko Kecman posted thus to the K-list:

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Date: Saturday, December 18, 1999 4:41 AM
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: Suffering as lllusion?

>it doesn't mean that we're morons or
>undeserving of compassion if we took on more heroic or more
>tasks than others who may not have chosen to grow as much this time around.

Yes, I understud what you are tolking about El. But, every challeng what you
decide to
accept is your path, your choise. There is nothing more, because, what every
chose, this is your decision.
I am compassion human bein, but not because I told that. This is because, I
somthing about this concept of reality, and this can bring to me only
compassion and love
to others. But if I have compassion to some who was suffering, I will try to
get him up,
not to suffer with him. This is stupid. Is this all what I can do with my
But, someone who don't understud that there is no suffering on Earth, you
can't explain
to him that there is no suffering, because, he belive in suffering.
You know my story dear El. I was in war. I was see a many dead chilndrens
and people
who was die in my arms. I was in that time eat every fourty day. I was
allways wake up,
because I was on first line. I don't like war, and I belive that I didn't
kill anyone. But you
can't understud what is to be in real war. Many of my friends are die on
front of me,
poeople lose his legs and arms from mines. But in that time, God or
something what
give to me a strength to carry on, and that was a thought of me, every
Just keep going. Every morning in hole fulled with water, cold and winter, I
have almost
lose all my health, even now I have a problems with my organism today, but
meditation and
energy of universe was help me.
My parrents didn't have anything in that time to eat.
We didn't have a power of light.
I was hear a bullets around my head.
I was see a great torture, a great fear in people, a great suffering in
people. When mother
see his son, and when she can't recognize hem, becouse his body was burned.
My friend carry out a man who was wounded in head, hes brain is on grass.
That man
speaking from moment to moment 'Don't live me, don't live me.
This is small part of my life and my material experiences. You wish to hear
more. Oh,
there is a lot of that. A great power of non-justice. A great power of
grief, when people are not
a human any more. There is only a manch of beasts and banch of cheeps.
I was see things that you can imagine that exist. Womens raped to the death,
oh, i will
not talk about that any more.
Just to say. I was not suffer even in that bunker. I was just carry on. Just
Everything will pass. The new Earth will be born maybe for 100 years maybe
for 1000 years,
maybe next year. It is dosn't matter. I will just carry on. And open my
heart to everyone single
man on Earth.
For you El, I don't have words. Just my hearth to share.


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