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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/12/16 03:33
Subject: Re: [K-list] Levels of Consciousness
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 1999/12/16 03:33, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

At 03:42 PM 12/14/99 , CKRESSATnospamaol.com wrote:
>Angelique's chakra-tour of the suchness of water was superb.

  LOL!! Thankyou! I have intended to write that essay for some time, but I
have procrastinated approaching it because it is so difficult for me to
stay anchored in only one level long enough to be clear in my description
of that level.. usually it's all happening at once and I don't try to keep

  I really have minimal control over it, it is as Goddess Wills.. The
amount of focus it takes for me to slow down the shuttling beween and
encompassing of levels to focus on the unique properties of each one is
exhausting, and since most levels are not verbal, I have to get the
perspective, then go to the level that translates it to words to type then
going back and check the words for resonance against the level.. which is
how I ended up in eyes open catationia till druid came, after checking that
the glass was *not*... LOL!!

  Even so, I looked at water thru the third eye and fell in love with it
into heart-unity without even realizing I'd slipped down 2 levels.. LOL!!
Probably someone for whom the levels still feel separate could do a better
job of it..
  When communicating with others, I look at what there is from all levels,
then anchor on thier level, to explain it in words and I trust Shakti to
tell the rest.. which might look confusing some days because some levels
contradict each other.. it doesn't confuse me too much coz I encompass the
contradictions without trying to figger them out.
   The confusion of communication with regard to the differing perspectives
is what is at the heart of the conflict between you and Wim, tho.. you know
from your Samadhi that there are levels of existence that trancend
suffering.. but you are right it's not much good telling so, to someone who
hasn't been there, especially if they are suffering.. they will just think
you are an insensitive asshole.
   At the same time, tho, it is not always helpful to meet someone where
they are at.. from the level where suffering is an illusion, it appears as
a definable energy structure in the body, that can usually be cleared,
unless its purpose is incomplete.
> I could see it
>being made into an animation-documentary of spiritual awakening.
    hmmm.. it is already.. it's a movie called "2001: a Space Odysey" :)

> (Film
>makers, where are you? We need some kind of video-media coverage of the K

  Actually, rhapsodizing to Maureen last week inspired me to make 2
animated gifs.. actually, one is an anim of the grounding visualization
and one is an unfinished work-in-progress slideshow of a creation mythology
with a map of the mind that owes much to Jung.. :)

>Speaking of water, for the first several years after my K awakened, water
>a magical, sparkly quality for me -- a zingy, effervescence in my mouth. I
>wondered if I was perceiving the life force in the water through my tongue?
      Yes.. the giggles I described when I drank it... :)

>Another thing I've experienced since early on with K -- and which several
>other people told me has happened to them -- is an inordinate need for
> I drink it all day long, about 2 gallons a day. Anyone else have this
     Well, I tend to be a dry fiery sort, so I am usually a little
dehydrated, and if I am doing a lot of energy work it really does seem like
I burn water.. nothing like 2 gallons, tho.. but then, I bless the water
before I drink it, so it tends to be used by more body a bit more


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