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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/12/15 18:19
Subject: [K-list] No suffering, no sweat
From: Ckress

On 1999/12/15 18:19, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

This "suffering is an illusion" strategy is sheer genius. It has unlimited
potential for solving all the world's woes. Here are just a fraction of the
possible extensions of the "no suffering" principle:

Problem: Devastating automobile crash
Solution: There are no automobiles. We actually transport ourselves from
place to place by mental-booster power. Same goes for plane crashes, ship
wrecks and bicycle accidents. They're nothing but headline grabber news
media gimicks (and big in Hollywood scripts which are always lies, lies,

Problem: War
Solution: There is no war. There is only reality, in which pretty much of
nothing ever happens.

Problem: Starvation
Solution: There is no starvation. Food is an illusion the poor dreamed up
to guilt-trip the rich.

Problem: Homelessness
Solution: There is no homelessness. So-called homeless people actually have
invisible homes and should go inside them (which will then make them
invisible too, which is a good thing, as we're tired of having to look at
their sorry asses).

Problem: Ecological crisis
Solution: There is no ecology and there are no crises. Stop wringing your
hands over a future scorched-earth. There is no future, no past and no
present. There is only the Absolute Whatchmacallit which you bleedin' heart
liberals ain't gonna find in some useless rainforest.

Problem: Terminal illness
Solution: There is no illness. Being dead is the same as being alive, which
is to say, a total illusion. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you whining
wimp. Realize that you don't even exist.

Problem: Compulsion to strangle anyone who says that "suffering is an
Solution: Hey, stupid, re-read the solution above. Also, the statement that
"suffering is an illusion" is an illusion. All statements, ideas, thoughts,
feelings and experiences are illusions. The truth is false and what is,
isn't. So quitcherbitchin.



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