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Recieved: 1999/12/14 09:03
Subject: Re: [K-list] Levels of Consciousness
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 1999/12/14 09:03, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

At 08:40 PM 12/13/99 , CKRESSATnospamaol.com wrote:
>Gee, since I love to see my own words in print, thought I'd post more stuff
>to the list (joke, sort of...)
     I am glad of it.. :) The things you write are very interesting.
   I have been off working on my Tantra course.. I had been stalled on it
but rhapsodising to Maureen got me jump-started again. :)
  Taking a time-out..
>My experiences of altered consciousness have revealed to me some of the
>spectrum of reality levels.
      I really like your analogy.

>Apparently, most people find their way to the elevator through meditation.
>just sort of get beamed up. Just going about my business, when
>presto-chango, I'm "not in Kansas anymore" (Wizard of Oz).
     For me it was a bit of both. Unexcpected experinces coming of
spontanoeus meditative states, and magical digging in my own head, via
forms as diverse as NLP and mushrooms.

>When you've only experienced the basement world, you're a spiritual
> And don't listen to those people condemning your ego; they don't know what
>they're talking about. (Remember, I may be an idiot but I got the test
>question right.)
    Yes, that's true. One needs healthy self esteem, at the beginning and
that tends to be positive reinforcement, love and light, not dart boards.
Once they have broken thru to higher levels the source of self esteem has
changed. It's being met inside and there is stability to allow challenges.

> Once you've been on the elevator a few times, you retain
>memory of every other level you've experienced, no matter which "floor"
>you're on. Each level has its own set of characteristics which are
>universally recognizable to anyone else who has been there.
   The eternal question of newbies: what phase of K. am I at? Can best be
answered, by observing the fruits.. what are the issues they are wrestling
with in their life, at present, and what chakra do those issues stem from?
Even so, not everybody's chakas open in the same order.

>It seems that the ultimate spiritual freedom/attainment is being able to
>at will from level to level.
   Hmm.. or be dragged to any level as Goddess wills, then they call it
  A story: For many years, I lost my ability to do pendulum dowsing.
Whenever I would try it, I would get many conflicting signals till I gave
up. Finally Goddess sent John Living, who used to be on the list, to come
for tea. What we finally discovered, was that it is my habit to look at any
question from many "levels" while I was asking the pendulum about it and
forming my questions.
   Each level is a chakra that sees the world differently, thru that
chakras eye, and uses different signals. So I would ask one question from
one level, and the next question from another level, and it was so much
second nature to me, I never considered that it was not normal.
  I remember once, years ago when I was doing a lot of self hypnosis, I
counted 7 "levels" to my thinking. My mind is much quieter no, but let me
see if I can remember what they all were: one was the soundtrack, if I had
music in my head. One was the critic, that one is mostly silent now. One
was the linear thread of my thoughts in words.. talking to myself.. useful,
for a writer to have a first person internal narrator. Another level was
the mental images that came with or without the thoughts in words, and
another level was the formless impression of thought before it became
words.. like when it is on the tip of your tongue. That level felt
emotional, how my emotions responded to the thoughts as they came and went,
provoking the next thought. There was another level underlying and above
all that, that seemed to be like the playground of the thoughts themselves.
 Like the silence in the space before the thought appeared. The pregnant
pause. I associate that level now, with the "Witness state".. the Watcher.
God's eye view. that's where I live, now, when my mind is silent. Zen of
  At the time, I went, "Oh, that's interesting", to see that there was kind
of a comittee of levels of thinking debating inside of me, and presumed it
was normal but most people didn't notice.
   I have done that with a lot of things in my life, shrugged off an
observation figgering it was so normal as to be not worth mentioning, and
later discovered it was not normal at all. So I wonder about things...
  5 years later over email, I happened to mention the 7 levels of thinking
to someone and he seemed very impressed, and said "Wow, you must be really
hooked in!", which made me wonder if perhaps it was not so normal, but he
did not explain himself.
  It made me curious and I observed my thoughts some more, and noticed that
the levels had gotten more specific, and I seemed to be shuttling thru a
series of perspectives on every issue, encompassing them all in a matter of
seconds, some of them completely contradictory.
   Kind of taking "the exception proves the rule" to heart in a Zen way, by
automatically looking at the opposite of every perspective and only keeping
it if both polarities were true.. then looking at the middle ground, then
opening to impressions, what my body thinks of it.. visions, gut reactions
and input from Spirit... An internal dynamic of using the compression of
polarities as a springboard to a higher perspective of intuitive "knowing",
instead of "thinking"...

  So, I observed this for a little while, and it seemed to work darn well
so I didn't give it another thought till many months later when I was with
John, trying to figger out why the pendulum wouldn't stick to a fixed set
of signals. It was sometime after that, that I figgered out that the levels
are associated with chakras and the mental dance pattern going on in my
head when I was curious about something, was me looking at things thru
different chakras "eyes", in order to get a full perspective.
    Re-inventing the wheel, I know.:)
   But the nice thing about it, is it makes me come up with different ways
to teach it.. patching bits together like a hacker.
   Simply imagine the elevator is in your spine, and the "floors" are
colored like a rainbow. Take any object, like a glass of water half full,
;) and look at it thru the lens of each chakra, by imagining your
consciousness travelling in the elevator, and getting out and looking at
the view from different floors.
  Looking at the glass of water from the red floor of the root chakra,
there are not verbal impressions, only binary instinct. Yes/no. If I am
thirsty I will drink the water without thinking, if I am not I won't notice
  Move up one level, to the orange floor and the water takes on some
asthetic qualities.. is it good water, and whose water is it? Discernment
and ownership boundaries.
  Go into the power chakra yellow-gold, and there is a still a duality.
Free will vs. Divine will. "Thankyou Goddess for this water which is a gift
of life and strength", or "nyah nyah, I have water and you don't!" It is
predicted that the wars of the next century, will be fought over water.
   The opened heart will first look around to see if anyone else is
thirsty.. the heart wants to give.
    The throat chakra has a mystical relationship with water, that is
difficult to describe. Water itself is symbolic of spiritual energy, and
the chakras in the mouth and throat change the energetic nature of food to
make it more compatable to the body energy. I bless the water, and it's
flavor grows sweeter.

   If I look at water thru my third eye, I get information. What it's like
to be a cloud, or a glacier, or a mountain stream.. the deeper I look, the
more information I get.. some water molecules are very old, they have
circled the world for centuries, picking up vibrational impressions..
collectively, the consciousness is water-deva, the spirit of water. From
the third eye, I have ceased to see water for it's uses or my thirst and
instead am entering into a relationship with it's consciousness. The water
is a manifestation of Goddess into matter, and thru this we are unified
already, and we love each other and joyfully celebrate our marriage. The
water confesses to it's Divinity... it is made of Light...
    a lower chakra speaks up to ironically comment a joking insight, that
the water's confession explains why doing healing dehydrates me so much.. I
really *do* burn water and turn it back into light. I thank the
Goddess/water/body for the insight.. and for having a body that takes care
of practical things and keeps me grounded when I am off flying in a cloud
of cosmic bliss.
  I remember that I got the water, to drink it as well as to write about
it. It giggles with joy in my mouth.
   Everything has consciousness, and that takes one into seeing water thru
the crown chakra: There is no glass, there is no water, there is only being..

  Goddess provides druid sleepy eyed from just waking up, to bring me back
from my catatonia of I AM, and I realize my body is tired, I was meditating
with my eyes open staring at the screen, so my eyes are tired, I have a
slight headache and I've lost 3 hours while writing this post.. time does
wierd things, in the upper chakras. Of course, these are only the examples
of the 7 major chakras, there are other chakras with unique perspectives,
as well.
  Blessings.. :)


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